22 Nov 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving on vickiarcher.com


How can we be more thankful?
I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the way many do but I do love the idea of focusing on thanks. I am afraid we don’t think about the good and fortunate as much as we should; it’s not our fault the world is a precarious place and there is much to be worried about.

Being thankful for all the joy, happiness and bounties we have is a way we can see through the inexplicable we all experience at times.  Thankfulness is a gift or at least the art of being thankful. It is one of those skills we can never be good enough at.

Being thankful in our every day takes practice.

The delicious symbols of turkey and all the trimmings are simply that – a timely reminder to reflect and focus on all that is positive and bright in our lives. Perhaps it is also a time to try and see through the trials and tragedies we may have experienced and find a way to be even grateful for them. I am never as thankful as I should be but I want to try harder and remember to give thanks.

Thankfulness is about acknowledgement; self-acknowledgement and the awareness of others.

Like paying a compliment, bestowing thank you is as great a self-booster for the giver as it is the receiver.

Having our eyes wide open is another way to be thankful. If we don’t see, how on earth can we be grateful? So often I ride through the day thrashing about with what’s really not all that important and forgetting the fabulous. It’s not intentional but it happens.

Open hearts and minds make the thank you an easy leap. Generous and forgiving characters breed a more thankful nature in my experience.

Memories are another way to stay thankful. Memories trigger our emotions in every way and that is not a bad thing. Being reminded of something, whether it is negative or positive, helps us regain our centre and focus. Through memory comes experience and wisdom and  I am so grateful of that.

Most of all I wanted to say I am so indebted to all of you who read and engage with me on a daily basis here at VA. You truly are the best and I wake up every morning in a hurry to create more of what I love to share with you. We have grown together over these years; life has changed direction in many ways and will continue to do so. The content, the talk and the look morph but there is one constant for me, I adore communicating with you, so a very huge and heartfelt thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating and for those of us without a turkey feast to attend, let’s join in the sentiment and be ever more thankful. xv

And on practical matters,

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Thank you dearest Vicki, for your generosity of kindness over the years. From sharing my photos on Instagram and leading others to my site, to responding to my comments and chatting over the fun things that we enjoy in our daily lives. Thank YOU Vicki, for making this cyberspace place a friendly and happy one. Have a day filled with thanks and LOVE!


……and I’m thankful to you Vicki for supplying endless beautiful pictures to illustrate your articles and musings. I think your’s was one of the first sites I subscribed to on arriving to live in Paris from Dublin. Tish Jett, whom I met in the street on one of her “street fashion photoshoots” is also one of the first. I would love to meet you on one of your fleeting visits to Paris if you have the time and interest in doing so. Just a brief cup of something would do it.
Happy Thanksgiving even if, like me, it’s not in your cultural upbringing.

Michelle à Détroit

Happy Thanksgiving to Vicki for her superb guidance and to all of the elegant and knowledgeable women here. I learn so much from all of you!

Kindest regards,

Michelle in Deteoit


Such beautiful & meaningful words from your heart via your pen Vicki. The past few months has given me such a different perspective on life, it shows in my face, others can see it too & their gorgeous compliments absolutely raise me up & for that I’m incredibly grateful xx

Susie Martin

Hi Vicki A little late… As you know, even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here down under, I love the idea of it. I would just like to take the opportunity to again pass on my thanks to you for the joy you bring, for all your wonderful inspiration, beautiful images, helpful tips and advice. You always nail it and make my day!! XX


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