14 Nov 2018

Let’s Bring Back The Loafer


We’re reuniting with an old friend, the loafer.

We are huge fans of pieces that truly stand the test of time. Whether it’s the trench or the denim jeans, they’re the items we know are a good investment.

Loafers are one of those choices. They have graced the magazines and shops for decades and we can happily say we want them as one of our wardrobe staples.

For the days where trainers aren’t quite appropriate and heels are too much, they’re our shoe hero.

If we had a capsule wardrobe; they would make the call without a doubt.

Smart, slick and a favourite of many, loafers are the ultimate shoes that work in our closets.

No need to bend down to tie laces or the struggle to squeeze your feet in, just a simple slide of the foot and they’re on and ready to take you on your way.

Find loafers in every colour and material. Black leather is my go-to. Nothing beats comfortable shoes and finding a comfortable and fashionable pair is one of life’s greatest perks.

The Loafer Edit


  • Go classic with this pair from Gucci, they work as a mule too so it’s two shoes in one. When I think of a pair of loafers, Gucci always comes to mind. Their iconic gold detail is simple and timeless.

  • These beauties from Sam Edelman do the same job and are a little more affordable.

  • Go velvet with these. We love the colour and they’re super fun for an evening look and incredibly comfortable.

  • Go animal print with these. What’s not to love?

Loafers come back we have missed you.

Come Back, We Have Missed You

sam edelman lior loafer  ||  lior leopard loafers  ||  loretta leopard loafer  ||  black and dark green velvet jordy  ||  emerald velvet lior

gucci gorgeous

black classic  ||  very velvet

images,  inez van lamsweerde and vinoodh matadin, gucci, ‘forever now’ campaign 

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Taste of France

Absolutely. Nothing better with some nice wool trousers, a crisp cotton blouse and a blazer, for a very feminine menswear look. They can be just the touch to dress up jeans, too.
No more heels!

Linda Boardman Kerr

Don’t forget about the iconic Bass Penny Loafer! In black or oxblood it’s affordable, durable, and a true classic!

Ms. Liz

I love loafers! They just seem “so right” for my lifestyle at the moment. They are comfortable but polished for most of my daytime requirements that I have now.

Michelle à Détroit

I love loafers and didn’t know they ever left! Smoking slippers, pennies, thick soled, horsebits- I love them all.


MY husband still has all his GUCCI clothing and shoes from the days he worked there……..
It is Classic and the leather accessories are TIMELESS……..
I’m not so sure ALDO GUCCI would have liked the way the brand has gone now…………

Cala Mitchell

Noooooo loafers! I just don’t feel pretty or cool or anything but masculine. Ballet flats or boots, especially boots and year round, but no loafers. Not crazy about tennies either, unless I am doing something athletic.


Other than a ballet flat Loafers are my absolute favourite shoes! And for the record they don’t fall into the Sensible Shoes category & don’t let anyone try & tell you otherwise. Gucci would be most offended xx


Hi Vicki and sorry for my absence !!! …. I’m a bad blogger !!!!
Loafers are just perfect for this time of year …. the transition from Autumn to Winter I find difficult when it comes to my own fashion …… I love clothes at this time of year don’t you ? Coats, jackets, boots and, of course loafers. I also like brogues which have a similar role in our wardrobes.
Hope you and your family are well ….. I miss the old days of blogging. XXXX


I’ll happily step into these! Oh how gorgeous they look with a pair of jeans. Brilliant.


Loafer love…

I’ve had several but my favorite to this day is the Ferragamo loafer, it looks like the below but both times (!) I bought it, I think it was called Casper?

Anyway I bought one pair in 2006 and at some point they discontinued it. I always rued that I hadn’t bought two pairs as that same shoe still gets very regular wear when the weather turns cold enough for closed toes. I wear it with cropped pants or work-dresses and black tights. I don’t like it with jeans all that much.

About 3-4 years ago they started selling the same style again and I snatched up a second pair, this time the buckle was gold (no silver at the time). That pair I keep in a box and only pull out if I need to look like I’m wearing spiffy new loafers with my outfit. The 2006 pair has been re-heeled twice but is still going strong. I’ve worn it each week, so far, this fall, to work.


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