16 Nov 2018

Multiple Piercings: Yes Or No?

Multiple Piercings: Yes or No on vickiarcher.com

How many earrings are too many?


Earrings are one of my greatest loves, so much so that I own far too many pairs for one person.


This week at the VA office we’ve been debating about the multi-earring trend, and just how many, are too much. This is dependant on whether or not we can actually wear more than one pair. How many piercings we have answered this question.

This topic came to light given the fashion for several ear piercings, usually worn in a stacking style up the entire ear or the multiple lobe piercings, which I’ve particularly taken a fancy too.

This is not a trend limited to a specific age range. How old is too old for multiple piercings? Is there any such thing?

What do we think?


I adore having two lobe piercings. Wearing a simple stud in my second and being able to change whatever is in my first gives me so much freedom. Hoops or more statement styles are my go-to.


A third piercing has been contemplated, but it’s the idea of it being seen as ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’ that has changed my decision. Maybe it would not mirror my clothing style. I am a classic dresser at heart.


Earrings were not something I often saw as a way to accessorize but there are so many gorgeous studs on the market making the choice a little easier.


What are your thoughts on multiple piercings?


Having a few piercings on the ear can sometimes look far edgier than the look we originally wanted, but perhaps it is based on the earrings we are choosing. Studs can be elegant, but chunkier styles can be too much.


This debate can be endless and is almost always down to individual taste and style and that’s exactly what I love about fashion – the freedom.


Tell us how many is too many? Or is one enough?

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I have 2 piercings in one earlobe and one in the other. When I visited my daughter during her first Mother’s Week at college, we both got our belly buttons pierced 😊. It was a bonding moment.


One is enough for me, I love a nod to the very latest trends but there are some I won’t follow. Adore the extra holes and gorgeous additions to my daughters lobes, but it is not for me. Like you one piercing was enough. My darling dentist offered to do it for me when I was much younger and it was a far cry from the painless methods of today.


I think I am far too chicken to add any more… however painless… it’s psychological no doubt on my part… :)


I’m with you Kim. My daughter has two love Plus one ear has two cartilage. Then she went to visit her BF last Christmas and got her Romulus??? Pierced. Or whatever the flap is over her ear canal. I wasn’t happy but in hindsight it’s pretty harmless. For an older woman, I am not a fan, even for two in each ear. Sort of the opposite of classy to me.


I now have only one hole per ear. When I was younger I had two but let the seconds heal over. I have small ear lobes so it didn’t look good on me. Some women look really good with multiples. I have a friend that has them and she wears all pearls or all of one stone at a time. Very attractive. What I don’t like is women with very short hair and all backs of the earrings are showing – ugh. A long time ago I read that it wasn’t good to pierce ears at all because it disturbs the nerves in the ears. Had something to do with Chinese medicine and the bodies meridians. Anyone know anything about that?


I got my first holes when I was 16. Then I got second holes in each year in my 20’s. I wore 2 pairs of coordinating earrings until my 50’s I decided (1) I wanted a different number of holes in 1ear and (2) I DID want to look edgier. So I got a 3rd hole in my left ear. I always keep a gold, turquoise, or diamond stud in that top hole, and then coordinate the 2 other pairs. I love it!


This is an interesting one. As with most fashion – I do believe it’s an individual choice and what one has confidence in wearing. Hair, shoes, leggings or no leggings (other than working out)…..don’t you think it’s all about attitude and confidence? Long hair, short hair, gray or no gray….it’s all about what makes one feel good. Me – I’m a bit edgy (even at 75) – I admit – I’m toning it down a bit now that I’m heading towards the big 8…but, honestly, dressing too conservatively makes me “feel old”. That’s not good! Go for what makes you walk with that spring in your step. I’m off to find a dentist to do the third piercing!!!


I think it depends on the earrings . . . my daughter-in-law has a super cute trio of a stud, then a star and then a half moon in a type of hoop . . . incredibly stylish, cute and adorable.

Marsha Scott

Only 1 in each ear for me. Though I do see younger women/girls wearing more. Not a fan at all, even for the very young. That being said, my son – the commercial photographer – has multiple piercings in one ear. On him, and as an artist, he can do this and we all think it’s great looking. When he’s dressed up and when he’s working. But mom will stay reserved on this issue. This issue, of course, being the ONLY one where I’m reserved !!!


Can’t be without dangles. They are so flattering and make the face of every women
soft. Personally I prefer my Jugendstil pearls hanging on a descreet diamond chain. You can wear it casual and unraveled and they looks always wow. Though I agree with Kim
multiple piercings are tacky.


I have two piercings in each ear. I usually wear a plain silver stud in the second hole, but depending on me main first earring that I want to wear I may go months without wearing the second earring. I like having the option, but two is enough for me, although I love the look of multiple piercings on others.


I think it is–as in most things–all personal taste and style. I am a minimalist when it comes to dressing–like very simple silhouettes and mostly neutrals, but always modern design. I am in my 60s and have two piercings which I almost dress with one pair simple stud diamonds and one pair simple stud pearls. By doing this, I never feel trendy but I do feel modern. But again, all personal taste!

Sandy Jones

I think more than one ear piercing per ear is the way to go. I had my ears repierced to put the hole higher 15 years ago and it took 2 years to heal. I only use the newer one. Don’t want to go through that again. It takes much, much longer to heal as we grow older, being 65 now.

Angela Stewart

Strange things happen to ageing ears – they tend to grow and dangle a bit… I wouldn’t personally wish to draw attention to that – could look like a desperate last gasp at youth which is in itself not terribly gorgeous to view up close and personal.


Do whatever you want. Not for me, just one earing per ear is elegant. Love baroque pearls or diamond studs, chandelier for evening impact. Multiple piercing looks a tad tacky (along with ankle chains). Remember the golden rule – would Audrey have done it?

Michelle à Détroit

There is absolutely nothing in my book that is a “fashion must.” One hole per ear will suffice nicely for me.


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