21 Nov 2018

The Cape And The Capulet


I can’t stop dreaming of capes.

I was stuck on a busy tube like a sardine wedged in a tin can. How anyone can look even the slightest bit sophisticated in this scenario is beyond me, it’s crowded, noisy and underground, but one woman did.


She was draped in a beautiful wool cape, falling down over her back and covering her arms, which were hidden in the concealed “sleeves”. Before I had a chance to compliment her, she had dashed off into the city blur.


I adore capes. Their sleek shape and easy-to-wear nature make them an ideal layer for the current cool, but not icy breeze temperatures. I haven’t been able to get on board with the latest trend of coats hanging off the back of the shoulders, it seems pointless and having tried it, I spent most of the time pulling it forwards and trying to keep it on.


Capes give the loose, effortless look minus some of the impracticality.

Why Not Style With Everything?

Capulets, not the Romeo and Juliet kind, are the capes’ little sister. Slightly more cropped in length, they’re incredible with high-waisted pieces and lighter tops. Also brilliant additions for evening, especially the little faux fur numbers.


Both of their seamless styles slip perfectly onto most outfits. My go-to is trousers and a contrast turtleneck and especially a white one with a black cape. Monochrome magic I say. I love how the neck and sleeves pop out and add another dimension.


Worried about the handbag? Vicki wears her crossbody bag underneath. Capes take a little getting used to but once you do they are a smart alternative to a classic coat. Some days it’s all about the weather but sometimes it’s a glorious chance to think about style not dreary weather.


Cosy up in a cape or capulet, you won’t regret it.

Capes + Capulets


kobi halperin zip  ||  sofia cashmere leather trim  ||  kobi halperin wool-blend  ||  st john collared


aidan velvet  ||  eliza j faux fur short  ||  halogen faux fur long

images, valentino,  david baile, 2015




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Funny that you should share this, Vicki, because just yesterday I was thinking that I would LOVE to have a cape! Oh, these are sensational. Since I don’t do online shopping, I’ll have to run over to our new Von Maur department store and see if they have anything like this. You confirmed my dream!


The jacket off the shoulders is another ridiculous trend! I just don’t understand why.
I had a cape I purchased in Florence one rainy, chilly day. It was perfect over my light waterproof coat, giving just the warmth I needed. Once home, I never wore it so I gave it to a friend. I found I was always fiddling with it. One with sleeves makes more sense. A class of any sort would keep it in place and closed against any weather. I might have to rethink the cape, Vicki.


Joanna’s comments about purchasing a cape in Florence reminded me of an article by Carol Edgarian in a magazine in 2011 which I kept. Although the article entitled ACQUIRED TASTE – Where does chic come from? is about personal style, I will briefly quote the section on a cape. “On my first trip to Florence, I saw her. It was a brisk autumn day, my junior semester abroad. She was crossing the street ahead of me, her olive cashmere cape flowing behind her. (There is a photograph). She had a handsome but not beautiful face; it was a face that had seen a few of life’s turns – the lovers and the heartaches, the pull of time – and understood them. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was stunning, composed yet mysterious, as she clipped along in her smart boots, hair slightly tousled, very little makeup, gold earrings hanging like bobs.” The author goes on to say, “When I returned to Paris, I bought myself a cape. In fact, I bought two. The first was a mistake; it scratched. The second was perfect, lined with silk. I spent money I didn’t have. Those capes are gone now; I gave the half-hearted one away, and wore the good one until it tattered. What my Florentine beacon had, of course, was style – that certain something, that seamless interface between the self and the outside world.” The entire article is a delight and I think of it when I where my capes. One just feels so different in a cape.


Lovely memories of the woollen cape that kept me toasty warm in a draughty, cavernous Surgical ward at 3am on Night Duty. Dark navy with red lining it had a label from that well-known Designer House ‘Property of the Royal Adelaide Hospital’. They had to chase me to get it back at the end of my training! xx


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