17 Nov 2018

Time For Tartan: And I’m Not Talking About Kilts

Time For Tartan on vickiarcher.com

What do you think about tartan?

I like it but like the leopard print, I don’t wear it all at once. As much as I am a fan of all things Scottish, a little bit of plaid can go a very long way. Unless you ‘re talking about Jamie Fraser in Outlander and he can wear as much Clan print as he likes ;)

Tartan pants are another matter.

I wear these every winter and look for new plaids to add to my wardrobe. As a weekend wardrobe idea, they are an easy one. Bring out the sweaters, the turtlenecks, the man’s size shirt and the blazers or coats; it’s all good. They pair so well with winter white or black – add a long white faux or sleek up with your leather jacket and longline shirt, if it’s not too chilly.

I like tartan pants that aren’t too wide or too long – I’m not tall enough or slim enough to wear very long ones, but I do love a cropped tartan trouser with a flat or a bootie.

Tartan pants and an episode of Outlander; now that’s a great weekend ahead. xv

Plaid Please

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Oh I LOVE the name of that boutique! How bold, how brash but how fun, just like Tartan! I SO LOVE a plaid skirt and I’ll forever associate it with the first day of school. Have a superb weekend, Vicki!

Linda B

I have always loved plaid! At age 16, I managed to “liberate” my mother’s beautiful plaid midi skirt from her closet, that was probably about 20 years old at that point. I wore it for years–why did I eventually give it away? Was it too snug, or just getting moth-eaten? Can’t remember, but I miss it. . .

I actually have had plaid pants on my mind for weeks, including an early morning thought a few hours ago that I should really give myself some time to scout some out today. Thanks for fueling that inspiration!

As for Outlander, I am a HUGE fan. A friend gave me the first book in the series many years ago, and I have devoured each one. I love that the author, Diana Gabaldon, is a native my my state (Arizona). Having visited the Highlands in 1984, I have my own inner pictures of that landscape. One of my retirement goals is to visit the Carolinas to experience that beautiful landscape as well. . .The TV series is quite fun, especially knowing all the backstory and details that they can’t fit in. Yes, Jamie can wear all the plaid he likes–or take it off, right?

Michelle à Détroit

Channeling Ali McGraw in Love Story: My Black Watch plaid Brooks Brothers knee length pleated skirt is a perennial winter favorite. A black turtleneck, black opaque tights, black suede loafers, black cashmere scarf, a pea coat and black beret and zoom zoom, I am out the door! I also have a red tartan newsboy cap that I wear occasionally.


My husband’s grandfather came from Scotland and wore a kilt most of the time as a boy. When we were getting married in Cambridge, G’s best man insisted on having a bespoke kilt made for him in Scotland. He had about 5 tartan patterns to choose from that were authentic to his clan.In the end he chose the dress tartan which had quite a bit of white along with red and green. He looked fabulous and has worn it for special occasions since. Our son wore it for his wedding day so G had to hire one. Almost all our son’s friends wore kilts and the full regalia and there were two pipers Even the little page boy wore a kilt and was so sweet. It was a splendid day and all the tartans looked fabulous.
PS Love Outlander, especially Jamie Fraser.


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