3 Nov 2018

White Jeans: They Are A Classic

White Jeans: They Are A Classic on vickiarcher.com

faux fur coat similar  ||  white jeans  ||  uk nike international trainers  ||  **us nike skateboarding shoe


White jeans and I are new friends.

Now, we can’t be parted.

Funny how we have a love/hate relationship with pieces of clothing. I have always worn traditional blue, oftentimes black and maybe even grey jeans, but very rarely white ones. What was I thinking? I want to wear them all the time.

The strange thing is I prefer to wear white jeans in autumn and winter. I like a mix of “winter whites” together. The whole texture and tone thing work particularly well with the whites in winter. I wear less white in the summer than I do in winter.  I am pale and feel the brighter shades work better in summer; in winter being pale with the whites is simply another tone joining the club. That’s my logic anyway.

Back to the white jeans.

Ok, I am going to say it.

Halleluja, the high waisted styles are back. Thank goodness. No more having to wear a body suit or long top underneath to hide the underwear and added pounds. A high waist is truly a friend indeed. Everything pops in, is held behind zippers or buttons and no one is any the wiser. I would love to be perfect and not face these fun figure challenges, but it is what it is. Rather than knocking myself out trying to change all the time, I want to appreciate what I have and work with it.

So high-waisted jeans it is.

My white jeans are straight, an ankle length and with a slightly frayed hem; like these.

They are an exercise in perseverance to button up after washing, but so worth it.

This weekend, it’s all winter white for me. xv

All White, Winter White

re-done high waist  ||  7 for all mankind raw hem  ||  ag ankle raw hem

wearing mine with

longline teddy coat in cream  ||  nikes (available in uk)  ||  nikes (similar available in us)

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Linda Boardman Kerr

Vogue’s fashion director Tonne Goodman was featured in an article a couple of years ago and she wears white jeans all the time. Her uniform is usually white jeans, a black turtleneck, loafers (I think) and a Charvet scarf. I adapted that look for myself: white on the bottom, black on top (but sometimes a blue denim shirt). Here’s a link to the article, if you are curious: http://jeanstories.com/the-stories/tonne-goodman-tells-it-straight-leg/
Love white jeans. Mine are Levi’s.

Mary Wayer

Hi Vicki,
Can you tell me about the bracelet you are wearing in these photos? It looks incredible!


THE LOOK WAS POOR………..had a friend over the other day she is rail thin she had them on its as if her body was FIGHTING TO GET OUT OF THEM!YOUR EYE WAS DRAW DOWN THERE!!!!!!IT was NOT A PRETTY SIGHT!GOOD NEWS……….HERE HERE FOR WINTER WHITES!


I’m glad too that the high waisted jeans are back. The low ones were/are really very
unconfortable. White works all year round just depend on the fabric.


I love your look! White and cream/ off white is a lovely combination. A camel turtleneck might be nice too.
I think I will invest in new high waist whites. My summer whites have seen better days! Thanks for the inspiration.


I saw your cute trainers on IG and took my son to the mall today in search of them. No one had them! Then I see this post! Ha! Too bad they’re only available in the UK and out of my size. I ‘ll find something similar. I LOVE your look. It’s so fun and stylish. I love white jeans and need a new pair.


I the picture your jeans look like a looser fit the 7 mankind in your link are skinny. The reviews said they are see through and thin material yours look quite thick which is what I am looking for (57) ugh thanks


Have a look at the Redone, they are what I am wearing :)
Most of the 7 reviews are ok.. I always like that brand, but the Redone are new for me.. and I love them. They are pricier but the fit is fantastic. I like to give a range of price points, so there are options :)


No wonder you are loving the whites for Winter Ms Archer – it’s a super look on you! Really like your hair up especially with that gorgeous straight coat. Equally a navy or black coat (thinking a Stella McCartney ‘Bryce’ coat) would look great too over white jeans but with your hair down.
Great article on Tonne Goodman, thank you Linda, and don’t you love the pic of her in white jeans, black jacket and tan suede loafers – superb. Her attitude to dressing reminded me of our much missed Steve Jobs and his tendency to dress in black jeans and either blk or navy turtleneck jumper because he didn’t have time in the mornings to procrastinate about what to wear. It was a great signature look on him. Reading that was a game changer for me and ever since, I buy good basic pieces that over the years, I have learnt what works and what doesn’t and that has become the basis of my wardrobe.
Loved this ‘put together’ Vicki and I am now very tempted to get a straight, similar to yours, coat or long jkt to mix it up a bit from the navy/blk. Thank you!

vicki montague

Love this photo shoot. Looking amazing – as always. Vicki I have the same question as Mary Wayer – I love your bracelets…where did you find them?


I will write about the bracelets soon :)
I am such a lover of bangles/bracelets… don’t get me started!


VICKI! When I saw your IG photo yesterday, I was hit with a new inspiration. I’m so glad to see your blog post this morning with this gorgeous array of white! You are wearing this well and do you know that I’ve always avoided wearing white jeans, but I DO LOVE THEM! I truly love this look and once again, you are challenging me to rethink a part of my wardrobe. White jeans HERE I COME! P.S., if we ever got a chance to meet, how I’d LOVE to photograph you. You are stunning.


Thank you Anita…
I am a terrible model and loathe having my pics taken. I have to apologise to the girls before we start because I get so cranky.. ha ha… I am always saying hurry up, hurry up… Some of the “never to be seen” are hysterical with my rather unflattering looks :)

Michelle Ă  DĂ©troit

This looks absolutely wonderful on you, Vicki. I love the different shades of white. And….”drumroll, please”, I LOVE the trainers! I like to white jeans all year. In winter, they look great with a camel jacket or cashmere sweater.


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