17 Dec 2018

Running Out Of Time?

time is running out.

Delivery deadlines are looming and the struggle to find the right gift becomes a little too real.

No matter how prepared we are, time goes by so quickly, and when it’s gone there is no fabulous gift guide anywhere that can save us.

At VA, this holiday season, we’ve been looking for practicality when it comes to present shopping, gifts we know will be used.

Be pleased to know, there are many gifts that don’t require wrapping, gifts that focus on an entire experience rather than something material.

They offer memories in a different way to what physical gifts would offer.


Treat your loved ones to their favourite magazine every month; Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, National Geographic or GQ. What about a newspaper subscription?

Subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving and they can look forward to it every month for the next year, or six months, depending on the length of subscription.

Along similar lines, there are also subscriptions for books so every month your recipient will receive a new book in their favourite genre.

Or why not try another kind of subscription, like a monthly beauty box or weekly flowers? We all voted for a monthly bunch here.

Animal Adoption

There are many organisations that offer Animal Adoptions such as WWF where your loved one can adopt their favourite animals such as a Snow Leopard or Rhino and track their progress from their lives thousands of miles away. VA’s nearest and dearest are becoming adoptive parents this Christmas :)

A lot of these organisations will also offer a pack to commemorate the adoption and it feels incredible to know it will also be helping out the organisation to continue their valuable work.

Beauty Treatments

Beauty treatments can be a luxurious treat to anyone; mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters and friends.

The great thing with beauty treatments is there are so many to choose from; massages, manicures, facials and blow dries – the list is endless. VA’s daughter has that covered at RUUBY, London’s digital beauty concierge.

Experience Days

Experience days could be anything. Take your best friend out on day tour in their favourite city – even the city they live in.

Bus tours are heaps of fun, especially sitting on the top deck with views all around.


Classes are a great idea, purely for their versatility. There truly is a class for everyone no matter their taste.

Why not try a gin making class or a calligraphy class?

Cooking classes are really exciting – how about a cupcake class or pasta making. Take a group or join in together.


Why not book tickets for your chosen person to see their favourite band, or tickets to the theatre to see the latest blockbuster?

There’s nothing like a gift that makes an impact.

If you’re stuck for ideas or running out of time this holiday, why not try an experience? Plan a weekend away – far or near home it’s the planning that makes it a special gift. Memories and fun are guaranteed and sometimes offering your time can mean so much more than something physical.

Finding the perfect gift this Christmas never felt easier.

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Vicki: Awesome idea! I love it, sharing time with loved ones is the best gift of all and making memories at the same time, is the best! Thanks Noelle


Dear Vicki,
I enjoyed reading this; so many great ideas! I was wondering if there is a link for the beauty box recommendations; I thought it would be the word “here” in that sentence, but there doesn’t seem to be a corresponding link. I’d love to see what you and your team recommend!


We like Beauty Pie as a subscription service… it’s a great gift. The link is there now… Sorry I am a bit forgetful at the moment :)


Thank you Virginia … we all need a few fantasies to pepper our real lives… but at the end of the day, what we care about most is our families and loved ones. :)

Taste of France

I absolutely love the idea of a newspaper subscription. I just heard about a study on how corruption increases when local newspapers close down. Few things are as important as the press.


Mais quelles bonnes idées ! Je viens d’offrir à mes parents un bon cadeau de dégustation de vin pendant un week-end avec chauffeur, pour tester et rentrer chez soi en toute sécurité.


Happy Christmas, Vicki! How you inspire…thank you for all these years of beauty for the face, body and soul.


Hello Vicki,
Just wanted to know if you know what type of car or name of the car that you are showcasing. I would love to purchase this for my son


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