23 Jan 2019

2019 Beauty Resolutions

This year we’re being practical with our resolutions.

Resolutions. As a new year has just begun, most of us will have made them. Whether we keep them or not, that’s our call.

We’ve all been thinking long and hard about what we’re aiming to do more, or less of this year when it comes to beauty.

Saying them out loud has made us realise these are things we could all try to develop.

Start Practising What We Preach

Here at the VA Studio, we chat beauty and skincare a lot. The good, the bad and the so-so’s, it’s all discussed.

On reflection, we may all be a little guilty of not practising what we preach; regular exfoliation, hair masks and moisturising to name a few. 2019 is about doing and we’ll soon be reaping the benefits.

Make Bodycare Equally As Important As Skincare

This one’s a no brainer yet it’s still something we may forget.

Moisturising straight after washing will keep our skin hydrated and have us glowing from every angle.

Pay More Attention To The Eyes

Face masks are fun, luxurious and relaxing. Some of them can work wonders and this year, we’d like to show a little more attention to the eyes.

Gel patches, creams and masks; there’s plenty out there to make them sparkle.

Supplements For Hair, Nails and Skin

Our skin is incredibly important and sometimes our diet may not be giving it the nutrients it really needs.

We plan on researching the supplements and find the best ones to fill in our diet gaps.

Be More Open Minded

Over time we’ve found it difficult to stray from favourites, but there are wonderful products out there yet to try.

An open mind may us find new favourites.

Doing more research will find us new classics and encourage cautious investments.

Organise The Bathroom Cupboard

Clearing out the cupboards will make our favourite products more accessible and may mean we get the use out of them.

Let’s get organised, and stay organised.

Importance Of Exercise

It may be the last thing we want to do some days but regular exercise is wonderful for the skin.

Looking after our body, and ultimately our minds will give us a natural glow like no other.

Sleep More

Much like exercise, getting at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night will have a similar effect.

We’re all going to try and get more sleep and make this the year of the z’s.

Spend Less Time On Our Devices

Since last year, some phones now give us a daily screen time, which can be astonishing to see just how long we spend looking at our devices.

Similarly to our last resolution, less screen time can mean better sleep and concentration.

Let’s all try this one.

Find More Happiness and Joy

Finally, and perhaps the most important resolution is working on happiness.

Spending more time doing the things we love, with the people we love is the best kind of beauty secret.

Having focus and staying true to ourselves is something we’re all going to inject into our lives, and so we should.

Here at VA, we have huge, exciting plans for the upcoming year and wellness ties in closely with everything we are working on.

Being realistic and making smart targets is an effective way of making sure resolutions become second nature rather than forgotten wishes.

We Will Be Using These In 2019

skll treatment mask  ||  mario badescu classics  ||  sunday riley night oil

peter thomas roth eye patches  ||  this works pillow spray  ||  aromatherapy associates renewing body cream

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I love every single suggestion here. Exercise of the mind and body is crucial for growing and staying young in the mind. As for the body, it’s striking to see the results of commitment to good cuisine and rest! Thank you Vicki and company, for always uplifting your readers!


I am trying to have a mental checklist Anita and keep these front of mind all the time… Some facets of beauty/wellbeing I always find myself ignoring… writing it all down and discussing these is helping… So far so good :)


If you eat well and stay out of the sun, you won’t need a bathroom full of miracle creams & lotions!
What I’d like tom know is this: who has the time to spend scrolling through one’s cell phone? If you use it to keep in touch with work, I get it. If not, at the end of your life are you really going to regret the fact that you didn’t spend more time on Instagram & FB?


Having returned from my second yoga practice this week, I have just picked up my iPad to read emails and yours was the first opened. What a timely email! I’ve showered and used body oil, cleansed and moistured my face and am totally relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep which I always have after yoga. I have a little pot of fruit to nibble on and a chamomile tea whilst I do look at my iPad – weather and news now! I adore the pillow sprays as well and so relaxing to drift off to sleep with. I’m looking forward to some new suggestions for creams and lotions too as I quite like a change from what I always choose.
I hope the yoga is still going well Vicki. Nameste.


Yes! I am so into it and although I struggle with much I feel I have found something I will really maintain. The benefits of the strength and flexibility are major for me as is the quiet reflection during the practice.
I am in the US for two weeks… my first job was to find a studio for classes… that’s so un-me! I usually find every excuse I can muster to avoid my routines.
Not any more ;)


Never has so much money and time been spent on self indulgence and yet insecurity seems at an all time high, suicide rates are up and more people have mental health issues than ever before. Are constant concerns about how we look going to make us happier and more contented? If we use our brains, and get involved with worthwhile things, happiness will shine through and contentment will be our daily companion. Why keep comparing ourselves to other people? Remember, the old saying, be yourself. Everyone else is taken!

Michelle à Détroit

This advice is energizing, and as Anita writes uplifting. It’s left me raring to go, with “Better, NOT younger!” as my battle cry! Now, where is my red lipstick?


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