16 Dec 2020

Beauty Resolutions? I Prefer Beauty “Nurture”

Beauty Resolutions on vickiarcher.com

I’m Not sure about the word resolution.

Resolutions – somewhat hard to stick to after a year like this. Perhaps intention or goal would be more apt? I don’t like the thought of any more added pressure; we have all had plenty of that this year. Or nurture? I think the word nurture is very apt because we all need to nurture us a little bit more right about now. Beauty – in all incarnations of the concept – is an excellent place to start.

What should we focus on?

Yes to trying new products and making our make-up experience more adventurous – that never hurts.

I’m thinking on a deeper level if we want to nurture and find ourselves in a strong and positive place next year. Last night I re-read my words on beauty and I still feel this little book is such a positive reinforcement. Even though the words are written by me and from my heart, I need reminders too.

1. Start Practising What I Preach

I chat beauty and skincare a lot. The good, the bad and the so-so’s, it’s all discussed.

On reflection, I may be guilty of not practising what I preach; regular exfoliation, face masks, hair treatments and moisturising to name a few.

2. Make Bodycare Equally As Important As Skincare

This one’s a no brainer yet it’s still something I am less vigilant about.

Moisturising the body straight after washing will keep our skin hydrated and have us glowing from every angle.

3. Pay More Attention To The Eyes

Face masks are fun, luxurious and relaxing. Some of them can work wonders and it’s time I applied this magic to my eyes.

Gel patches, creams and masks; there’s plenty out there to make them sparkle.

4. Be Rigorous With Supplements For Hair, Nails and Skin

Our skin is incredibly important and sometimes our diet may not be giving it the nutrients it really needs. Probably no fault of our own but this year more than ever our “D”, “Zinc” and “C” are essential not to mention many others.

5. Be More Creative With New Products

Over time we’ve found it difficult to stray from favourites, but there are wonderful products out there yet to try.

An open mind has me finding new favourites.

6. Organisation

Arranging the cupboards will make my favourite products more accessible and remind me to use them.

7. Importance Of Exercise

It may be the last thing we want to do some days but regular exercise is wonderful for the skin.

Looking after our body, and ultimately our minds will give us a natural glow like no other.

8. Sleep More

Much like exercise, getting at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night will have a similar effect.

My challenge for 2021 – sleep longer, sleep sounder.

9. Spend Less Time On Our Devices

Have you ever looked to see your daily screentime? Mine is horrifying.

Note to self: Less screen time can mean better sleep and concentration.

10. Find More Happiness and Joy

Finally, and perhaps the most important resolution is a focus on happiness.

Spending more time doing the things we love, with the people we love is the best kind of beauty secret.

Being realistic and making smart targets is the way of making sure our nurturing is second nature rather than a long list of forgotten wishes. xv

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The Edit has been edited and I am thinking about these for the stocking and me.

Atelier Westman foundation stick because I hear it’s totally fabulous.

My Better, Not Younger and Beauty Secrets books because we all can do with these little reminders.

The perfect gift to send on to your daughters and girlfriends.

These are seriously amazing – thank me later :)

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Linda B

I really love the word “intentions” rather than resolutions. And self-nurturing as a basis for the intentions? Such a good idea. I still struggle with self-nurturing, I have to admit. So much of the time I put the needs of others first. My working life was surely all about devotion to others, as an educator. Since I retired a year and a half ago, I think I have taken advantage of the new amount of free time to do more self-care; but not nearly as much as I thought. At the moment, I am trying to support family members with some huge needs. . . So my intentions for doing some artwork–self-nurturing!– are again sidelined. Some day. . .Maybe there are some very small but real acts of self-care I can also do today.


You must Linda :) It will make your nurturing of others so much more enjoyable and less onerous. As much as we find joy in looking after our friends and families – it can take its toll and a little bit of self-nurture only helps..


Thanks for the product suggestions- always appreciated. Self-care is sustaining me through the pandemic. Good health to you Vicki, and to all of your readers. Reader suggestions are useful too!

Paula Robinson

All sound perfect, Vicki – especially No10! Especially as happiness and joy make achieving the other ‘nurtures’ that much easier to achieve! There’s nothing like a light heart…

Thank you for keeping us smiling and inspired during a very long year!

Happy Christmas and every good wish for 2021,



I’m reading this Sunday morning UK time after a long 8 hour sleep which has me now sitting with a cup of tea in bed. As you say sleep is so important and looking out on a bright day without rain makes the mind calm. I had a wonderful walk through a country park with a friend yesterday clocking 15,000 steps and getting out and feeling refreshed is energising. Today is going to be a self care day thanks to your little reminder – face mask and hair mask whilst soaking in a bath followed by a slow body lotion massage. Then I’m all set for a relaxing day of finishing wrapping presents.
Have a relaxing day yourself Vicki, it’s always lovely to hear from you.


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