18 Feb 2019

Better Not Younger: Be Motivated

Better Not Younger: Be Motivated on vickiarcher.com

Motivation moves in many ways.

Intellectually and emotionally I have few problems being motivated; physical motivation is different.

Trying to stay physically in shape and our best selves take dedication, patience and most of all continued discipline. How easy it is to watch another episode on Netflix, chat on the phone or play on the computer. I never have to look far to find an excuse to avoid exercise. Which is not to say I am lazy, I am not, far from it. Laziness and motivation can be very different beasts.

I can work all day straight, head down and never take a break when it comes to what fascinates me; taking an hour or an hour and a half class – which is just that, 90 minutes – can have me fluffing around all morning, all day even. I can miss even two or three opportunities as I deliberate which one I should attend.

Staying motivated to go requires commitment and isn’t easy for everyone.

I understand some women love a workout, live for it even, but not me. I wish I did but there is no point in kidding myself.

How do I stay motivated?

Finding the physical activity to suit you is the first hurdle.

I have found yoga; I love it so I am more inclined to practice.  I’m not racing there like a devoted yogi every day but it is easier for me because I feel and see the benefits. The very simple reward of looking better and enjoying the flexibility and energy makes it easy for me to connect the dots.

Not every woman responds to the same type of exercise. Walking, golf or kickboxing might be your thing. The trick is to try different disciplines and work with what you enjoy; don’t knock yourself out trying to do what you hate. You will never keep it up or see results.

Don’t overthink. Just put one foot in front of the other and get where you need to be.

The “getting there” is 90% of the battle. Once you are out your front door and inside the class, the gym or on the walk the battle has been won. It’s unlikely you will run for cover once you start.

Monitor and reward the results.

Take note of how you feel. Are you stronger and more flexible? Are you moving faster? Do your clothes feel better? Even look better? That’s what happened to me; I had no expectations and suddenly I was feeling and looking different. I didn’t notice at first until my girls said something. The reward is increased motivation. I am so much more motivated to continue.

Take a break. 

We don’t need to be motivated 24/7 and we are allowed to lose it every now and then. The answer is to accept it happens but understand it’s not forever and we will get our mojo back. The “getting back into it” is where we can falter. We miss one session, then another and then another. That’s ok. Missing is not permission to stop. It’s a break, a rest or a re-group. The way forward is to see it for what it is – a break and not a failure.

How do you manage? xv

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I just finished my morning workout which I do five mornings a week with a personal trainer. Two and half years ago I was twenty five pounds heavier, my A1C had skyrocketed (diabetic) and quite frankly I was skipping things because I didn’t want people to see my weight. Bless my husband who got the name of a personal trainer at our club; who I connected emotionally with. I believe this has literally “saved” my life.
I’ve had “ups and downs” throughout it all. I am not a natural “workout” girl. I am a bit lazy 🙄 but I am at the gym five mornings a week religiously.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Passions come in so many different forms. But, even though my true passion lies not in exercise I know now there is value in it. I like to call it “my backroad” to a healthier way of living.
Up next: Yoga!
Happy Monday to a person who truly makes a difference in ALL of our life’s.


Thank you, Stephanie… what a wonderful first comment of the day.

“my backroad” to a healthier way of living”… this is exactly right although I might even say “highway”.
Congratulations on finding your way and your motivation… it is different for all of us but the most important is finding it :)
I have trained with a PT also.. very regularly.. but I love yoga much more. Next step is to mix the yoga with some callisthenics… I will let you know how it goes..


Vicki, I’ve mentioned yoga previously on here and definitely feel much better for it. I’m not a natural work out person and certainly not a jogger but I do like yoga and the meditation. I suppose it is definitely what you feel good with yourself and that’s most important as if you enjoy it you carry on doing it. I’m actually with my sister at the moment on a break from work and am going to joint one her yoga classes (she’s the teacher) and am so looking forward to this in many ways – excitement at a new class and pride in my sister.


Have a fabulous session and enjoy with your sister… That’s fabulous to be in her class :)
I enjoy the stillness of the yoga and I find I do really relax, which is not always easy for me.


Funny you should mention yoga! I just researched a center near me that teaches yoga and meditation. I would have started a class today, but its Presidents day, I have to wait a week now. I hope the motivation doesn’t escape me. I also hope one of my illnesses doesn’t keep me down. It’s always something for me Vickie.


I really like your philosophy on this Vicki. I really like the classes at my gym, but sometimes let other aspects of life take over and gym visits drop off the radar. I like the “just get out and go: attitude you have expressed. I find actually putting the gym classes times into my diary works well…. then I can focus that it is a legitimate activity for the day when scheduling other things. The other thing is having a supportive husband who will encourage me to go. I read a great mantra once about gym or excersing classes – “you never come home and say I wish I hadn’t gone!”. So true.


Good morning Vicki!

I’m not sure what keeps me motivated, though I know I am. I think it’s been ingrained in me since my dancing days, to keep moving. I also think that allotting time for certain activities helps me be at peace with my choices to sit and relax or get up and go. Night time is when I really can’t do anything other than sit and relax (with maybe a workout with weights in my home gym before dinner) but during the morning and weekends, it’s imperative to get a good 3 mile walk in with weight training. For me, it’s prioritizing after having trained my mind to do it…

Beverley Prentice

Never owned scales but one day had a wake up call. Decided to give blood and had to weigh myself….was so surprised to see I was only half a kilo off what I weighed when I was heavily pregnant with my first child. That was the motivation 5 years ago now…Lost 17kg….I still have what I love but make the time after work and mornings on the weekend. If I was not doing a class at a certain time I would be lost. Someone tells me what to do and I get through it. Have put a bit of the wight back on but that just keeps me on track. Have taken many a break for travel but it is now a part of what I have to do for me. When I am in a class of twenty somethings and can ALMOST keep up I feel good and that is all that matters. I am in my 56th year!


Like you, I can work at the computer all day, every day, but exercising on my own is so difficult. I go to the gym and have a personal trainer three days a week because he’s my motivation. If I miss a day… even for a great reason like I’m having a colonoscopy… he texts me “Nooooooooooooo! Must not miss!” This has been going on for 10 years, and I adore him and will do most anything so I don’t feel his “Noooooooooo!” For Christmas I bought myself a treadmill….. How many times have I used it? Noooooooooo! Not the best use of my money! xoxox, Brenda


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