10 Apr 2019

Better Not Younger: Find Your Balance

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I’ve always been a bit shaky when it comes to balance.

Not so much my equilibrium but rather more when it comes to finding a happy medium. Whether it is my paltry attempt at Tree Pose, Warrior 111 or Half Moon, I get the shakes. I know the idea of finding focus is meant to have us standing tall and strong; as hard as I try, I still wobble.

My everyday life presents much the same problem with balance. I’m either overreaching or standing back; the neutral posture never seems to play out. It isn’t as if I want to rove between a manic workaholic and sedentary Netflix expert, I don’t. I want to have a healthy work and play balance; I want to quit so much time on the social media, computer and admin scales and up the ante on the fun, friends and frivolity barometer.

Good idea, right?

A great idea in principle, I don’t know many who have found success.

My feeling is as long as we are aware and we try then we are making progress. Like yoga, I will never be perfect but with every practice, something improves and I feel progress. My life balance is much the same; while I cannot reach the impossible, the more I try the better it is.

How To Find The Perfect Balance?

*Accept a work-life balance makes for a better quality of life.

There is happiness in relaxing and allowing the mind to switch off from what can drive us so relentlessly.

*Work slowly – small gains are as meaningful as the big ones.

Don’t be disheartened; changing habits require time and energy.

*Appreciate the idea of scheduling.

Don’t underestimate the diary, the agenda or a good old list. Physical reminders are great aids to our time management. I’m monitoring my social media use on my iPhone – most days I fail my limits- but I am better than I was.

  • *Remember the power of “NO”.
  • Saying “no” is a powerful tool and most times it doesn’t make a scrap of difference to others but has a huge impact on us.

Enjoy the “YES”.

Sometimes balance is all about the doing, the letting go and the less serious side of life. There can never be too much joy or too much laughter. Say “yes” at least once a day and watch your world lighten.

Embrace challenge.

Work at something unfamiliar and away from the comfort zone. Challenging us is one way to rejig the balance.

Can we find the perfect balance? Probably not; all I know is I am better at it than I was and that makes me happy. xv

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Kimberley Allen

As far as physical balance I have found Pilates is the best. I have done Yoga and Pilates and that is what I use. The reformer and chair are my favorite.

Judy Morgan

Agree….Reformer Pilates…..stretch, tone, strengthen, balance. Amazing results. I did 5 days a week for a month before my 2 months abroad and found it so benefitial. I have walked my legs off and experienced no ill effects. Highly recommend it to anyone.

Linda B

What a helpful collection of suggestions, Vicki! Lately, due to extra events at work and home, I have been waaay out of balance. I am deeply exhausted. I am hoping next week’s spring break at school will give me a chance to reset. However, I do have a number of tasks already planned during this week to catch up on in my personal life. I need to keep repeating the mantra of “slow down”. . .

I also had my best friend in mind as I read your piece. She is a single mom, with two adult sons at home (who will be there forever, as they are developmentally disabled.) She works a very demanding job and then does the “second shift” at home. I worry about her–she really doesn’t have the possibility to slow down almost ever. If she didn’t live 1400 miles away, I’d be helping her more. I keep trying to figure out what could make that work, long-distance? Any ideas?


Just when we think we are too busy, Linda… your friend must be exhausted but I am sure she copes and is brilliant in the way she does. Are there friends near her who could help her with her boys? Could a roster of friendship, even an hour or two a week help her get out or have some quiet time for herself? If she lived here I could send her someone from RUUBY (my daughter’s biz) who would spoil her rotten in the comfort of her own home… I’ll keep thinking… 🤔

Linda B

Those are already some great ideas to consider, Vicki. Thank you so very much! I’ll have to do a bit of long distance sleuthing!

Michelle Ă  DĂ©troit


Literally, I do believe that yoga, pilates and Tai Chi help tremendously with balance issues as we age. Figuratively, as far as life and work balance goes, my somewhat introverted personality dictates that I MUST schedule downtime. It’s as essential as breathing to me. So, I do it, particularly after a hectic social commitment packed weekend such as one my husband and I just had. After decompressing, I’m recharged and revved up (or as revved up as I can get given my personality type.)


Pilate’s and yoga for balance, feet grounded on the floor for relaxing and breathing space. Remember to put yourself first (albeit, very hard to do when we are caring for everyone else) and take that time to breath, re-balance and just medidate and do nothing for yourself every now and then. The benefits are huge.

Sue Malizia

I’m thankful that there’s a physical barre next to me while working out (just in case I should need it); but even after five years of faithfully working out 3-4 times a week doing barre, pilates, and yoga, I still have a hard time balancing (especially on my weaker side). At least I’m moving. I also find myself spreading out my projects like you mentioned…little at a time. I may take a day longer but my projects get done on my time frame. I don’t go onto the next project until it’s done then reward myself with crossing it off my list. =)


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