4 Apr 2019

Femininity In The Tailored?


Can the tailored replace the gown?

When it comes to the award ceremonies, albeit the Oscars or the Grammy’s, big, voluminous gowns are awaited and more often than not, expected. When women choose to take a suit down the red carpet, it is out of the ordinary, different but exciting.

We wondered if the masculine style could replace the feminine ballgown?

The award ceremonies are no the only place we noticed a change; Paris Fashion Week was crowded with smart tailoring in nearly all the street style spreads. Maybe it’s a subconscious response to the evergrowing power of women or the continuous reach for equality that’s got us noticing the shift even more. Or perhaps its the expectation of wearing a dress that makes choosing something completely opposite a little more adventurous.

Can A Tailored Suit Still Be Feminine?

Wearing a suit can make us feel powerful whilst simultaneously striking the balance between fanciful and practicality at the same time.

The tailored style can work for all body types and when there’s so much anticipated from a ballgown, the simplicity of a coordinated pair can speak volumes.

They’re comfortable and effortless and yet our personalities can still shine through; think colour, texture and length. The array of styles we saw at the award ceremonies was endless. There were pastel brights, glitter two-pieces and lots of our favourite go-to, velvet.

How To Style

Pair with white sneakers and a loose t-shirt for a casual, ready-to-go look.

Go for brogues, a turtleneck and hair tied back for a slick yet smart ensemble.

Try kitten heels, hair down with a little rouge on the lips for an evening outfit.

What would once be seen as unisex is no longer looked at in the same way; it’s simply another choice. Dresses may always be womanly, but what’s to say suits can’t make us feel fabulous?

Do we need to dress feminine to feel feminine?

Femininity is whatever we want it to be; confidence, comfort, power and strength. Whatever we feel like wearing is right, whether it’s tailoring or a dress for the ball.

So button up and join the ride, nothing is off limits.

Femininity In The Tailored, Start Here

harper jacket + slim pants  –  wider leg ||  wool suit jacket in petal pink or opal green + pants to go  ||  wool and silk in baby bluepants

boss in charcoal + pencil skirt

cing a sept in crepe ||  max mara in white   ||  rag & bone in pinstripe ||  alice + olivia in blush

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image, pandora sykes for manreppeller.com

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Michelle à Détroit

Vicki, as YSL himself is famously quoted “For a woman, le smoking is an indispensable garment with which she finds herself continually in fashion, because it is about style, not fashion. Fashions come and go, but style is forever.”

I am assured that whenever I wear a smoking to a formal event in this part of the world, I will be the only woman wearing the look. I wear it with red or bright pink lips, high heels or velvet slippers and an clutch with a bit of color. Sometimes I wear jewelry, often I don’t. It is the antithesis of the tight, short spandex look favored by so many young women these days. And yes, I am being smug 😉


Oh I believe a suit can be very elegant. Look at Kate Hepburn and a few others. Oh yes, it’s the woman inside the suit that makes it elegant!

Bella Fedrighi

Love this look . I just have a question maybe you can enlighten me. Slim pants in winter that only come up to the ankle, obviously can’t wear socks as they show , do I wear knee high pantihose ?? I find this so difficult to keep warm . Thanks in advance


I never wear pantyhose with pants.. unless it is opaque ones and a very casual look. I have never liked the feeling of tights under trousers – even socks – I wear those short ones that hide under the sneakers. Sorry, not to have a “warmer” solution :)

Bella Fedrighi

Thank you . I also am not a fan of those short pantihose as they also uncomfortable. But winter is approaching this end of the world and it is always such a dilemma .


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