13 Jun 2019

All The Ways I Could Wear This

All The ways on vickiarcher.com

Why do I like this? Let me count the ways.

I’m not much of an impulse shopper. I like specific cuts, styles, colours and I’m slowly starting to work out what shapes work best for me. When I stumble upon something that needs no justification or explanation and it is a little too good to live without, I have to have it.

This is what I found.

This is unique. Absolutely. It’s the update to the classic blazer I never saw coming and it fits perfectly into the wardrobe.

Whoever thought daisies could be the key to my summer dressing?

All The Ways I’d Wear It

Go monochrome with cigarette pants and the perfect black tee. The lace blazer adds subtle detail to give the outfit an added edge.

Try the opposite with white pants and a white tee for the yin to our yang.

Add a simple linen dress underneath the jacket for an instant delicately feminine ensemble.

Pair with blue jeans and white sneakers for an updated day-to-day look with a twist.

This cut out floral blazer was the garment I needed and when I find something this fabulous, I have to show you.

I Would Wear This

daisy lace blazer in white  ||  daisy lace blazer in black

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image, mona johannesson for elle sweden may 2008

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Linda B

I love that lace jacket!!!! And it is not a terrible splurge. So tempting! But I am currently in a fashion quandary–newly retired, and living for the summer in a small town in Oregon to help my daughter and son-in-law with their newborn, I am quickly finding myself in very casual clothes every single day. I assume this will change at some point? But maybe not! I suppose by September, when I return home, I will really see what this next chapter of life is going to mean sartorially for me. Until then, I may just not purchase anything that is not entirely practical on an every day basis. Or–is that wrong thinking? Tell me, oh wise Vicki!


This is my idea of practical, Linda 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Seriously, I will wear this, especially the black one, with my jeans and a tee to do jobs… that’s me! 🤣


Oh Vicki, this is AMAZING. Everything from the garment you are sharing to the photo. This is how I love to live: freely, whimsically, light, lovely, etc.


In Paris last week I bought a blouse/pullover which is essentially made of off-white stars/flowers loosely attached to each other, somewhat similar in style to how this is made – but not lace. It clearly could only be worn over something such as a slinky spaghetti strap dress, or maybe a close fitted T shirt etc. It was about the same price, 150 dollars, and not quite as useful as a blazer would be but I thought it would not be something I’d come across here quickly.


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