30 Sep 2019

What A Difference A Year Makes


Do we ever really know what’s ahead?

We speculate, we even think we have it all planned out but even the most organised of us know that not to be true.

The beauty of life is the lack of knowing; the unexpected, the surprises keep us humble. They may not always be to our liking and take some major adjusting but that is what makes it unique. The flip side is the unknown can bring great joy. I have never understood the desire to listen to fortune-tellers or psychics and to rely on future predictions. I never want to know either way what is ahead of me. The unknown is what drives and shapes us into who we are; pre-empting the course of our lives seems short sighted to me.

This year has been a brilliant if a very different year for me.

A daughter is getting married and another became a mother. This is the most wonderful of all changes for both of them and for me. Planning a wedding – I refuse for there to be any stress, only fun – is about the best party there is and we love to throw a party. And the grandbaby.

Part of my character (and I think I am lucky in this way) is not to think about what I’m not or what I don’t have. Avoiding comparisons is one of my golden life rules. Many friends have babies entering their lives and I see the delight but never did I see me as a grandmother.

Now that I am, let me tell you I get it.

In every way I am smitten, overly attached and completely and utterly in love with this little boy. I have been since the moment I heard he was expected and yet nothing prepared me for how I would feel. He is gorgeous and has bought a whole new level of joy to our family.

This growing family has changed me, made me focus and reflect on where I spend my time. Here at VA, my other “home”, the thrill this year has been to launch THE EMPORIUM. So far two collections have been and gone and 20 Best-Kept Beauty Secrets is in the Permanent Collection. I hope to launch the third this week. I plan to curate small regular collections and at the same time continue talking about those subjects that resonate with us. When I have the privilege to send one of my pieces to a reader, I feel our connection has come full circle.

A never-ending list lives on my desk and my mind is full of new ideas for THE EMPORIUM not to mention overflowing files with wedding imagery. I don’t know exactly what the next three months look like but that’s the best part.

Surprises, yes, please. Bring them on. xv

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Good morning Vicki!

Like you, I don’t want to know the future. Living each day on the spectrum of faith of all sorts, from spiritual faith to trusting that our ideas and choices will open up new doors of opportunity. Your little grandson is DARLING and then when he becomes primary school age, he is going to steal your heart. Wishing you the best that this new stage of life has to offer you and how exciting, you get to witness another wedding and help plan it!


I’m having a very happy year Anita and I am so grateful – they aren’t all like this. Every day I celebrate (well in my own head) and let the excitement sweep me away… it’s the best..

Linda B

My granddaughter turns 4 months old on Friday and oh my, I am so in love with her! I was blessed to be there for her birth and then got to spend the first three months of her life living very close by. Now that I am back home, I miss snuggling her so much, but my daughter and son-in-law send pictures and videos daily. Can’t wait to travel to see them again.

But we never know what else life brings. Just before my sweet granddaughter was born, my mother had a bad fall. The whole summer she declined steeply…and she died 10 days ago. So life swings between these bookends….joy and sorrow.

We have to seize every moment we can with those we love.


Oh I am so sorry to hear Linda… yes we must seize the brightest when we can. Thinking of you xx


So happy for you, Vicki, for all the good things that have come into your life this year! Agree, I would never want to know the future ahead of time. Some years in our lives bring us tragedies – who would want to know about these in advance and suffer the pain and fear of what the future will bring? Some years bring us delightful surprises. Some years are unexceptional. But as we get older we can rejoice in each day or at least make the most of it. Our granddaughters are our delight. I was so proud of our granddaughter, who in her first year of secondary school, with some of her friends, joined in with the millions of concerned school children around the world in the rally for action to prevent climate change. With best wishes, Pamela


I agree, Pamela… every good day and even more so a year with wonderful surprises is to be cherished.
Your granddaughters sound exceptional and lucky them to have you :)


Well it’s a very good view today from where I am sitting… so I am enjoying and basking in the joy he has brought us all. And the wedding is being planned in Italy, so that is sure a load of fun… I thought you would be happy about that, Elizabeth :) :)


Thank you… he is a cute little fellow :)
I know we all think that of our own babies ;) ;)


Viki, you are only at the beginning of all the joy in life with loving a Grandchild!
I laughed everyday at everything they did and said. All the cute things are documented in my yearly journals. I even recorded their sweet voices once they began baby talk.
My three are all grown up now – youngest is 21! Relating to them as adults is fantastic!
Enjoy, laugh, and remember they will give you much more happiness than you could ever return to them!


I can see what you mean, Shirley… he is only 4 months and already I feel like this … I am going to copy you and record his voice… brilliant… thank you!


Viki, he is beautiful! Can’t wait to hear what you have chosen for him to call you. He is going to love you back and then some.

Vicki Ford

Hey, everyone is saying how beautiful that grandson is, and HE IS. But look at that grandmother. That child will look up into her face and for years to come will think on her as the most beautiful woman in the world apart from his mum. He will grow up looking at her beauty and when he is older and meeting his own wife one day he will talk about how beautiful his nanna is…the smell of her perfume, the way she decorates her house, the way she entertains and takes care of her guests, her passion for life, colour, travel. Nothing is as beautiful as a grandma that lets her inner light shine. Nothing. And what a sterling grandfather he has too!


Thank you so much, Vicki… how very lovely of you. You made my day and made me teary :)

Vicki Ford

It’s true!!! you are now one of those very special grandmas-evocative, enigmatic, gracious and with a touch of the mysterious that brings wonder to a child. God bless and have fun!


You are at such a fabulous point in your life Vicki where you are just very comfortable in your own skin & gosh it shows girlfriend. 60 is an interesting milestone birthday – without giving up the good fight, we move to thinking about what we want to do with the rest of our lives, how we go about doing it & most especially, who we want to do it with. I’m loving it & even though I’m still going to be in the rebuilding phase for a few more years & working full-time, I’m just going with the flow & seeing where it takes me. And as you’ll find in a few years with Archie, a fast, furious & noisy game of Mousetrap on the dining room table will be more fun than a front row seat at Paris Fashion Week! Much love M xx


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