6 Aug 2017

3 Things We Need To Know

3 Things We need To Know on vickiarcher.com


There are 3 little snippets you might like to know this weekend.

Number 1

I am a great believer in trying new products especially when it comes to make-up and skincare. Improvements and advances are made every day. This territory might be a minefield for us to negotiate but most of the time I enjoy the challenge.

That is not to say I don’t stick to many old favourites, I do because there is truth in the saying, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Conversely, it doesn’t mean we can’t be impetuous and move on. In this case impetuous is positive and not rash.

Pump n’Volume mascara from Dior is one I have been meaning to buy and try.

The deal is the bottle; it’s made of a rubber material, which allows the product to warm up and therefore apply more evenly and dramatically. Drama with even distribution, it got me in.

Yes, I like it and will continue to use it and yes, I think it makes a difference.

Number 2

This Rag & Bone jacket is the best.

This is one to love. It is the Bennett number you asked me about when we chatted about khaki versus olive. This fabulous jacket has been significantly reduced and is available in all sizes.

This army jacket is a total winner and even if you have one, another one won’t be too much. I have lost count of my khaki coats but I am never ever sorry I bought them, quite the opposite.

Don’t miss out.

Number 3

The tee shirt dress is an old favourite of mine because it’s an easy wear when I need. Right now I am all about the easy wearing and what I call the “no-brainer” outfit.

There are a couple on sale, with sizes still available, which are useful additions. They won’t rock your world but they will save the day when the mind gives up about “what to wear”

Especially this black classic. Make sure your white sneakers are at the ready.

3 Things We need To Know

Rag& Bone Bennett Jacket  ||  Dior Pump n Volume Mascara  || Theory Tee Shirt Dress

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Anita Rivera

Good morning, Vicki! That Rag and Bone jacket is gorgeous and perfect for days like yesterday here in my neck of the woods. It was too cool for a tank top but too warm for a winter jacket! The mascara is a must-try, for sure, as school is starting in a few weeks and I must get ready.

Enjoy your weekend!

Kathryn Creagan

Vicki. Would you please discuss dress / skirt length for over 50 ladies. You undoubtedly have but
I missed Love your/ my morning read
Have a Beautiful Day


Want to hear something sad, I had that Rag & Bone jacket for years … between Buenos Aires and back to the US,
it disappeared :(


Thanks for the tips… I always enjoy reading your advice and it saves me soooo much shopping time!

Leslie in Oregon

If you have a chance, take a photograph (or two) of the puppy and post it/them here! Do you still have your beautiful dog in St. Rémy?


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