19 Jul 2016

3 Ways To Look Longer And Leaner In Flats

3 Ways To Look Longer and Leaner in Flats on vickiarcher.com


Flats, I love them and wear them every day but we all know we look longer and leaner with a heel.

This doesn’t mean I am not going to wear flats; it means there must be ways to wear flats where we can look as long and lean as we do with a heel.

I have figured out what does not work with flats. On me, long very full dresses aren’t the best nor are wide legged full-length trousers. I feel very dumpy and cut off if I wear a tailored trouser with volume and I add flats. Throw the heels on and it’s a whole other story.

Heels are the hero and there is nothing to make a girl feel more womanly than an elegant pair of heels but real life, or mine in particular means flats are in 90% of the time. I spend my time in a walking city or the Provencal countryside; practicality reigns.

3 Ways To Look Longer and Leaner in Flats on vickiarcher.com


Here is what I have come up with to feel longer and leaner when wearing flats,

3 Ways To Look Longer and Leaner in Flats

  1. 1. Skirts and dresses with flats look better if they stop at the knee or just below. A pencil skirt, always fabulous with heels can work with flats if the length is right; the same with a fuller style skirt.
  2. 2. Pants, the capri style and a shorter length work wonderfully with flats. If a pant is fuller or flared they look best stopping above the ankles when worn with flats. Jeans, the skinnier styles and the cropped styles support flats well.
  3. 3. Longer outer layers over a cropped pant and a pair of flats are a great way to go. Either a longer line shirt or jacket over a 3/4 pant is an easy and smart way to stay away from the heels.

The fashion gurus and the marketers show most fashion with heels; it’s not always real life to wander the world stacked high above 10cm.

Try these style tricks with your flats; it works for me. xv

Longer And Leaner In These Flats

flat out fabulous

CHICFLAT beige  //  CHICFLAT silver  //  FLIPPY in suede  //  FLIPPY bullet grey

longer and leaner

theory pencil skirt  //  eliza j faille skirt  //  theory 2b stretch capri pants  //  eileen fisher big white shirt

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images, sofia sanchez & mauro mongiello for numéro china – march 2016

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Taste of France

I look to the queen of ballerinas, Audrey Hepburn. Of course, she was tiny, but her signature looks are still admired today. The slim capris. The full, ballerina-style long skirt. As you say, that can risk looking dumpy, but a trim top (again, like ballerinas with their leotards) balances it out.


The length is critical, isn’t it .. and yes a slim top with a full skirt, always.. :)
She was the master or should I say mistress of the flat… I still think my favourite look is her Funny Face outfit.. all black capris and turtleneck… and flats.. :)

Mimi Gregor

This probably explains why 90% of my clothes look good with flats: I wear them 90% of the time. Even my high heels are not all that high. “Chic” without comfort or practicality is not true chic, in my humble opinion.


“Chic” is definitely not about stumbling over in high heels… I pretty much wear only 8cm these days unless it’s a special occasion and I am particularly feeling on top of the world.. ;) ;)

Anita Rivera

YES! Flats for me have always posed a problem since I’m not very tall and I have dancer legs. For some the latter may seem like an advantage, but not when YOU’RE ALL LEG and teeny tiny everywhere else! SO…..I have avoided flats. I WEAR HEELS! But this summer, I bailed out and bought a pair of flat espadrilles. I LOVE THEM! But I’ve been wearing them with my skinny jeans that are a bit above the ankle. Now that works!


Yes… it does! :) I could imagine you in a pretty ballerina/pointed toe style with your fuller skirts, Anita… Try… I think it would look fab on you.. :)


ii read your emails religiously. ty so much for your advice. i can’t do everything but have definitely added your advice to my daily living. i recently ordered the dandelion tea.


Thank you so much, Gail… I have the dandelion tea too.. I shall tell Lily :)

The Enchanted Home

I wear flats more than ever, they are so comfy and there are a few brands whose flats I love. I love a capri with a flat, think its great looking especially a very tailored sung fitting capri.
Hope your summer is going wonderfully!


I agree Tina… capri and flats are a winning combination…
Summer has finally arrived in London!!


I was always a heels girl. But I’ve learned to appreciate the comfort and chic looks that stylish flats can bring. Maybe I’m trying to channel Audrey, not sure. But it works for me.


I almost always wear ballet flats these days … buying my first favorite pair in Buenos Aires, they were perfect for all the city walking we did. And they look good with everything.
I do roll up the jeans a bit or only wear capris or a knee length skirt with them though, otherwise legs tend to look “stumpy” when flat footed .

Sarah Foster

Hi Vicki, this was a particularly interesting post for me, as I am well-known (well, I mean within my circle of friends and followers only lol!) as being the queen of the slim-leg pant and ballet flats! I’m a size 16, so I learned long ago to show off my slim limbs (with skinny ankles and wrists being the only ‘skinny’ thing about me) and to create a visual balance when I dress. I’m blessed with long legs, so my daily ‘recipe’ to look lean is a skinny pant/jean cut right at the ankle, worn with a tunic/over-shirt/over-sized jumper and so on. I adapt this for every season and always have something to wear, as the formula just works day in and day out. I’ve always followed the lead of our beautiful Australian style icon, Maggie Tabberer and I make sure my hair and makeup is always fabulous, and accessorise with glamorous handbags, shoes and chunky gold bracelets and bangles. So yes, the pretty ballet flat with the slim-leg pant is a this girl’s best friend. Though any time I can get into a heel …. I do! Best wishes to you from a very chilly Melbourne. xo


I saw someone wearing these shoes (Louboutins) and they just turned my head. Does anyone know how they fit? (I live in a smaller town – would have to order them by mail)


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