2 Nov 2019

3 X More Dash Than Cash


It’s not always about “investment” dressing.

Perusing my favourite online fashion sites early on a weekend morning is my kind of ritual. I read the tabloids, look at the celebrities and catch up on street style – it is not an intellectual moment but it does make for a balanced perspective. All brain work when it comes to reading can be too much; a little lightweight does us all good. It’s where I find ideas, inspiration and prompts. I subscribe to the view of “not much new under the sun: and when it comes to fashion, I believe it to be very true.

There are a time and place for what the Brits call, “High Street” fashion. “High Street” means cheaper and more accessible clothing – The Parisians are good at it, as are the Spanish and the Swedes. Think Zara, Mango and H&M.

As I was scrolling through who is wearing what I saw a celebrity in a jacket from Mango. She looked wonderful and so I went searching. Back in the day I would often pop into the Regent Street store and find some winners; recently, Mango has slipped my mind. Until this morning and I found their jackets. I found so many to love but stuck with three for now. I don’t expect they will last forever but nor do I want them too – they add a new perspective and fun to my more traditional pieces.

The best looks are those with an individual flair that comes from mixing the less expensive with a classic. I see me wearing this faux fur with one of my “best” dresses and I can imagine the little tweed jacket with jeans and a white tee or the turtleneck and ankle pants. As for the velvet embroidered kimono – I want to wear that over just about everything. I do like the idea of it with this dress in particular.

Three times more dash; works for me. xv

3 X More Dash Than Cash

embroidered velvet kaftan  ||  buttons tweed blazer  ||  faux fur jacket

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Linda B

As usual, Vicki, you hit the nail on the head as far as I am concerned, both with your practice of perusing favorite fashion sites as a lovely wake up, and mixing high and low pieces. What “high” and “low” means to us is perhaps related to our individual tastes and circumstances, but it really works in my opinion.

I can see how you fell for all three pf those Mango jackets. And that black dress? Spectacular. Hmm. . . makes me wonder if this holiday season I will have any fancy dress occasions; usually I really don’t. I’ve come to accept that I am surrounded by family and friends who rarely get up to anything remotely dressy! Perhaps I need to throw a fancy dinner myself?!


Why not Linda!
that’s where I thought those jackets are fun…as we can be as dressed or not wearing them… especially the kimono style – that’s a very relaxed piece…


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