28 Nov 2018

4 Ways To Fight Fatigue

4 Ways To Fight Fatigue on vickiarcher.com

Let’s nip fatigue in the bud?


Fatigue can be a dangerous game and we can all be players at one time or another. This time of year it is easy to fall into a tiredness trap. In Europe, it’s dark mid-afternoon, the coldness has well and truly settled in and pressure starts building to have so much finished by the holidays.

Fatigue can destroy routine, confidence, energy and even our personality. It’s important to note, fatigue is more debilitating than simply being tired. It can be on going and exhausting; making the light at the end of the tunnel seem completely out of reach. Some of us may never experience fatigue; others from time to time and then there are those who fight the fatigue battle daily.

A healthy lifestyle is a way to fight fatigue and involves a three-step process; being energized means a winning combination of sleep, exercise and nourishing food. Falter on one and the others crumble. 

Combatting fatigue comes with some obvious suggestions, but it’s these steps that can change our game.


Water is incredibly powerful. There’s a reason we can only last so long without it.


As well as helping our entire body function, it’s amazing for our skin. A hydrated body = hydrated mind.


If fatigue is bearing its head, grab a big glass of water, and let it work its magic.

Eating and Drinking

Eat well, regularly and try not to overindulge.


Hold back on super sugary foods or pair them with a healthier choice to avoid a spike in blood sugar and consequently a fall.


Like water, a well-fed body will work wonders for our energy and tiredness levels.


Keep the coffee to a minimum and drink before lunchtime; try alternatives. What about matcha? It’s a Japanese green tea powder that although contains caffeine, releases it in equal doses meaning there’s none of the jittery burst in energy we get from coffee.  Try it! It’s great in latte form.

Get Moving

Every age should be the ‘Age of Movement’.


Make the most of the outdoor space, no matter how much of it you have.


Fresh air works miracles sometimes and gets blood pumping oxygen all around our bodies.

Start Sleeping

Getting into a good sleep routine can change everything.


Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day; the routine can force our brain into getting into downtime mode when we really need it to.


Relaxing before bed is so essential, to calm our minds and give us well-needed solace before we hit the pillow.


Try herbal tea as most do not contain caffeine. Chamomile, before sleep, is calming and tells the brain to switch off.

Sometimes fatigue can be caused by other reasons. Feeling stressed can mean our sleep is light and we wake up restless and exhausted. Tuning into what is causing the stress and listening to our body’s needs is a start to more effective solutions.

There are days calling for multiple shots of espresso or relentless work routines that make getting eight hours of kip every night unrealistic.  By trying our hardest with the simple solutions, fatigue can be a forgotten foe.

How do you manage fatigue?

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I’m up early and have the most ENERGY in the morning…….come afternoon I am losing that ENERGY.I make lists for the day and get great PLEASURE crossing things off THAT LIST!
Know your limits and DO as much as YOU can.
I love to say “There is always TOMORROW!”


Thanks for the reminder. I’m back to this way of life. I love your blog. This is the first time I’ve
Made a comment.

Marion Fraser

What a wonderful piece. I am so tied, exhausted, even to tied to sleep. Today I kept drifting off whiled I was driving. I had two naps. Breathing is a problem. I am serious trouble. D day tomorrow . I am going to seek medical help. Thank you for the article

Rosemary Leon

Vicki: Deep in the heart of Texas you have friends who love you and your blog. I think it is about time to tell you how much we look forward to your posts. Love from San Antonio, Texas

Kerrie Roberts

Hi Vicki, I have a comment for Marion. I have had this problem on and off for years and have had many tests both here in France where I now live and before that in Australia. It has turned out to be an iron deficiency (not dietary) and still can’t find exactly what is causing it. I now take daily super dose iron supplements on prescription which has helped a great deal. A warning to those who suffer this problem for too long without seeking medical help. Bonne chance Marion.


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