9 Mar 2016

5 Ways For Shinier, Stronger Hair

5 Ways for longer shinier hair , Beyonce photographed by Pierre-Debusschere, vickiarcher.com

Stronger and shinier hair is something I would like.

Maybe not quite as long as Beyoncé’s in this portrait, but I do prefer my hair longer.

I find it more flattering, easier to manage and as it is nearly 100% grey, I like the mix of long and grey; a slight flaunt with tradition but very much a way of thinking today.

How do we naturally strengthen our hair and keep it shining and lustrous?

I asked Lily, a super nutritionist to give us some easy directions. I wanted to know how to look after our hair, every day, without too much extra effort and fanfare. She mentioned five ways to help hair strengthen and shine.

These gentle reminders I am determined to follow.

5 Ways For Stronger, Shinier Hair

  1. 1. Don’t skimp on healthy fats.


Did you know that a dry scalp and dull looking hair could be due to a deficiency in healthy fats? Omega 3 fats nourish and condition hair follicles giving you strong, shiny hair.



  • Oily fish (2-3 portions a week) – wild salmon, fresh mackerel, tuna, anchovies, herring and sardines
  • Ground flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, chia seeds, walnuts



2. Are you eating enough protein?


Hair is composed of protein, therefore a diet lacking in protein can result in weak brittle hair and hair loss. Many of us lack protein in our diets – ensure you consume a portion of protein at each meal and snack.



Lean meat, fish, eggs, yoghurt, beans, lentils, chickpeas, tofu, tempeh, nuts and seeds




3. Eat more orange vegetables.


All orange vegetables are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A stimulates sebum production, a healthy oil to keep the scalp nourished and moisturized. This oil also acts a natural conditioner for our hair follicles giving it a glossy shine.



Carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash, sweet potatoes




4. Eat an egg a day to keeps the hair doctor away.


Eggs are rich in Biotin and B12, two essential vitamins for hair growth. These nutrients are so essential, that a deficiency can result in hair loss. Biotin is even found in shampoo. Don’t skimp on the yolks, this is where all the nutrients are found.



Different varieties of frittatas and omelettes; poach, scramble or fry.


*Research has now disproven the hypothesis that eggs raise cholesterol




5. Soften and add shine to your hair with a coconut oil mask.


Natives of tropical coastal regions of the world have used coconut oil for thousands of years – and they can boast shiny thick hair. Coconut oil naturally nourishes, adds condition and shine to your hair. No harsh chemicals are involved.


Apply a quarter of a cup of warmed coconut oil to wet or dry hair and leave in for an hour. Then rinse.

Thank you, Lily. xv

image of beyoncé, pierre debusschere

5 Ways For Stronger, Shinier Hair, Lily Soutter

Lily Soutter is a Nutritionist & Nutritional Therapist

learn more about lily @ lilysoutternutrition.com


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Mimi Gregor

Wow! I do all these things already. I find the coconut oil especially beneficial, but as I have shorter hair, I do not need so much. I just dab a bit between my fingers to warm it up, and rub it into the ends of my hair. Then I do other things for about an hour, then wash and condition as usual. It really makes a difference.

I also do a hair mask every so often: an egg yolk, 2 tablespoons rum, 1 tablespoon each of olive oil and grapeseed oil, whisked together and applied to the entire length of hair for an hour or so, then washed as usual. It really gives my hair body and shine.

Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki. I am following your lead on letting my locks grow. I am really LOVING the strands of silver coming in and with long hair, YES! The better. I love my fats. Walnuts, CHECK! Salmon, CHECK! And of course, my huile d’olive that I can’t live without! All of the other nutrients I do get plenty of, and for us advancing women, the higher the nutrition, the higher the level of JOY in our appearance and strength, hair and all.

ROCK ON!!!!!

Linda Boardman Kerr

Another huge factor in keeping hair conditioned and strong is to SHAMPOO LESS FREQUENTLY! And if you have dry hair,”shampoo” with conditioner. Yep, sounds odd, but it really helps.

Esther George

Hi Vicki, my hair has been not so great lately, I put it down to hot weather and air conditioning. Your advice has come in just at the right time. I’ve started to use Kiel’s hair products but I can see I need to do more, thank you for a great blog as always. Till next time, regards Esther from Sydney.

Karen Mary

Great, useful tips! I’ve noticed that when I diet and don’t cover these nutritional bases, my hair really suffers, so I can vouch for the truth of this advice! Would love to have seen a better example of shiny, healthy, beautiful hair than Beyonce’s in this photo. I especially enjoy your inspiring photos and this one, well, is it meant to be a “not” photo? :) Thanks for the excellent posts, though!

Ola Obilana

A really informative and well written article. I’m am definitely going to up my egg intake.


Thanks for the helpful tips! I also use as little heat as possible on my hair, although a flat iron does give a nice shine! I also find that a great product like Oribe helps alot!

Kris B

I do a healthy diet but my go tos for hair are biotin and viviscal supplements, Living Proof overnight hair mask, and Rene Furterer vinager rinse as a final step after shampoo


Vicki, as soon as I started reading your blog today….”I want to introduce you to Lily….” I totally thought the first photo WAS Lily and I kept thinking “WOW, Vicki sure knows a lot of Beautiful looking women!!” I felt a fool as I continued reading and discovered that it is not Lily, but Beyonce -HA – I didn’t even recognize her! Anyway, your hair sounds absolutely Gorgeous, Vicki. That is what I am striving for! I thought you had blonde hair! Your tips are Great, too, and was surprised that you mention the coconut oil mask thing as that is what I do once a week. I warm up some coconut oil with some olive oil, put it all over my hair and top it off with a shower cap. I usually leave it on as long as I can as my hair is naturally curly/frizzy and coarse. I used to use so many different styling products, but got so sensitive to them all due to my health issue, that now – after so much trial and error – I just smooth some organic Moringa oil over my slightly damp hair and style as usual. Works like a charm. Have a Great Hair day/week , Vicki


It’s funny you say that because when I saw the email ( after it came around) I thought it looked like I was saying Beyoncé was Lily!
We found the portraits for the website first.. and thought they were quite fun… and then I wrote the email.. and sort of forgot as I wrote away that the image didn’t really relate to me chat… Anyway, I think you all got where I was coming from.. :)

La Contessa

How did you know I AM LOSING HAIR!?
How funny we have chickens so I have been eating poached egg on a MOZARELLA slice with some iceberg lettuce!The warm and cold together I ADORE!I call it THE ELIZABETHAN…….try it!It is filling and I enjoy eating it as well.Tomorrow I have a guest coming…….planning on a FRITTATA!How did YOU KNOW??XX


Great advice, Vicki! You do realize, though, that Beyonce’s hair is notoriously and almost ALWAYS fake. Let’s hope that her real hair is healthy underneath the lacefront wigs/weaves she relies upon.

I use my own concoction; a blend of the three oils proven to penetrate the hair shaft- coconut, olive and avocado, along with aryuvedic oils, japanese camellia oil and a few other ingredients. Works like a charm! I have had no thinning or dullness and my hair looks better than it did in my 20’s.


I eat deviled eggs a lot .. I like them that way these days rather than fried etc. So far, happily my hair is healthy. And the best part is … I was always a “dirty blonde” … winter it would be darker, summer I had great blonde highlights .. naturally. Now it is getting white .. so I just look more blonde :)
yay Mother Nature lol !


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