22 Jul 2021

A Beauty Edit? When So Much Remains The Same

What's A Beauty Edit When So Much Remains The Same? on vickiarcher.com

This beauty edit is more like a reinforcement or reminder than an edit.
As I mentioned before if something is working why rock the boat.

I am loyal to products that serve me well but equally, I am ever so happy to try a new and improved option. Beauty moves at a rapid pace and I don’t seem to be able to keep up with all that is bright and shiny in this world. There are so many Medi-products and treatments I read about to promise everlasting beauty and renewed youth that I feel older simply navigating the detail. I’m a bit cynical when it comes to the offer of a miracle and I have always believed diet, exercise, sleep and water make up the best beauty equation. Add a dose of vitamins here and there and a place of emotional tranquillity to complete the routine.

This is not to say I don’t love a delicious product or try a myriad. I do, all the time.

THE EDIT this week is those skincare and make-up products I know and use on a regular basis.

They are my go-to’s and the ones I don’t like going without. There aren’t a thousand different items and you may think there are many I have missed and should be included. I started with a simple idea.

From my bathroom cupboard I took those skincare potions I use regularly and feel make a noticeable difference.

The difference here means they hydrate, improve the skin texture and leave a healthy glow – all qualities I search for every day. They include tried and true cleansers, newish serum, moisturizer and a couple of masks I have used over and over. Not a lot but products that won’t let you down.

One tinted moisturizer, a highlighter stick, a couple of lipsticks, eye pencils, mascara, brow gel and shaper. The nails got an invite as well as the best make-up brushes on the planet.

Other additions were my latest hardcover reading, the best soaps in the world and a fragrance I wear most days. Delicious bath and face oil and a selection of hairbrushes I cannot live without; a paddle, a teaser and a detangler.

I will add more favourites as I open the drawers and have those light bulb moments and think, how could I forget that? xv

The full Beauty EDIT here.

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Nicola Sinclair

Hello Vicki from Sydney!
Love you’re tips we share many favourite’s.
You’re jeans are fab may I ask the brand..
🌸🕊🌸 nicola


They are Re-Done and I also like Madewell.. vintage style… they fit well… and are comfortable.. Look after yourself there, Nicola ..


Thanks for your list Vicki. I am always so disappointed when you have a tried and true product (Giorgio Armani tinted moisturiser which I have used for some time and found excellent especially for our dry summers) and they discontinue it!!! Now I am on a quest for a new product – colour, coverage etc are never the same!


I know, Janine!! I loved that product… stocked up a few years ago.. but now… nowhere… The Bobbi Brown Serum formula I suggested is the best option I have found so far…


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