18 Nov 2014

A Brand New Site, A Whole New Vicki Archer

Paris, Luxembourg Gardens, Vicki Archer

Can you believe it? I am 6 in blogging years and I don’t even feel all grown up yet.

So, I am celebrating with a brand new site.

Life has changed beyond recognition since we moved countries and I put pen to paper in My French Life. One moment in time can definitely alter a life in ways that can never be forseen.

Who would have thought that the written word would lead me here… Not me.

I am so happy it did.

I wanted a site that was a destination, a place to spend time and a site that focuses on lifestyle. My dream is that vickiarcher.com becomes our home away from home and that it will be filled with information, creativity and imagination.

Yours and mine.

 This new site is super easy for you to explore.

I love easy… not too many complications, just our intuition to guide us.

Everything you need is on the top navigation bar and that rolls with you wherever you are on the site.

Social media is all there under Follow if you would like to see what I’m sharing.

 Click on the categories to see the highlighted articles, the “must reads” or places to start if you are visiting for the first time.

Feeling French? Paris and Provence are merely a click away.

Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle are subjects for much discussion, I though it time that they had their own space.

and I have called the site, vicki archer… it seemed like the natural thing to do.

We know each other too well not to.

One new feature is the shop… it lives on the far right hand side of the navigation bar.

It’s more than a shop, it’s a stopping point for inspiration. I have chosen images rather than products  to evoke a mood. Images that fill my head with temptation and that allow me to interpret fashion in my own way. The shop is a work in progress and will evolve and grow in the direction we take it.

The most exciting part of all is that I have a gift for you.

An e-book that I have written and had illustrated by the fabulously talented Leo Greenfield.

I have had so much fun putting this together and I hope it is one of many more to come.

I won’t tell you too much about it… so much more fun if it is a surprise.

Already a subscriber? You will have received an email with the link to download the e-book.

**Not a subscriber?

To receive your e-book fill in your details below in the subscription box. An email with instructions on how to download the e-book will be sent to you.

I am excited to hear your thoughts… xv

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Congratulations on six years, Vicki. Your new blog is gorgeous! I love it and can tell you have worked hard. I look forward to spending time here every day and you have just made me even more excited to do so!


Thank you so much Pam… and I am so happy that you are my first comment… as we have been blogging together since the beginning…
The new site was a labour of love ( and a lot of help from a very capable and fabulous tech friend) and I am sure there will be some tweaking… but if we can chat, then that’s what counts… :)

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

Congratulations on six years and a gorgeous new site. I think I’ve known you almost from the beginning since that’s when I started blogging. I don’t know how you find the time to write a great post every day, but I know I really appreciate the time and effort you take to make each post interesting and informative. I don’t always comment, but I follow and read your blog religious every day. I look forward to many more years. Again, your new site is fantastic!


Thank you Sam…
I find the time because I seem to favour the site over everything else… It’s a great creative outlet and something I love to do… so easy… :)
And the connections we have all made with each other are the best part of all…

Dolores Veshka

I have been here with you since the beginning Vicki. Thank you for being my friend, teacher and fabulous gateway to Paris and all things French.


Love the blog and the emails but couldn’t get the download despite having the password. Will try again. Could it because I’m in the UK!

Marsha @ Splenderosa

This is some kind of WONDERFUL!
I am so happy you are in my life, so proud to know you, and am thrilled will all this “newness.” It’s beautiful, sleek, big/huge photos, and ALL Vicki Archer. As I’ve said before:

sharon santoni

Dear Vicki,
A big BRAVO! I just love the look of your new site, it is fresh and inspiring. You are always ahead of the game, we are lucky to have you in our blogosphere, you set the standard high.
Congratulations on six fabulous years, here’s to many more!
Off to open your book


Your blog is amazing-loved it from the beginning & it keeps getting better & better.
Your books are amazing-have them both and love them so much I have given them as gifts.
Your generosity is amazing-your daily shares of beauty in all forms is inspiring.
and now an e-book! Wow-Merci Beacoup
Your journey following your passion has been amazing…
Congratulations on it all.


What a great 6 years it’s been Vicki – loved you from your very first FE post & now just look at you girl, wowee! Those early days were such fun as our little group found our blogging voice & style. The conversations we’ve all had here over the years have been gold & have given me the confidence & courage to try things I never would have otherwise with fashion & make-up. You have succeeded in getting me to open my mind where many others have failed. Thank you for being my proxy Stylist from afar.

However over at The Hedge things are frozen in time & space due to the pressures of full-time work & MOTH’s renovation Go Slow campaign. I know I have a few good posts left in me & seeing your awesome new look here today has given me a bit of a wake-up call. 6+ years on MOTH still lives in hope that I can become a global blogging behemoth & that The Hedge will be his free ride to an easy life………….
Love M xx


I’m waiting for that post, Meg… :)
It’s fabulous how the connections we made when we started have stayed and grown between us… that’s the best part of all… :)
I never would have imagined that I would be blogging for all this time and that it would be such a passion with me…

The Enchanted Home

Wow I love it.congratulations and kudos to you for always keeping things fresh, alive and beautiful! And six years, wow that is quite an achievement Vicki! Wishing you 60 more:)


I love the new site. I can’t wait to explore more, especially as I am planning a visit to Paris next year. And the e-book is wonderful. Thank you so much!


The e-book was such fun to make and play with… Leo’s drawings add that touch of whimsy and I think he really managed to capture teh spirit of the Parisian woman… :)


Just arrived home from work to find your email with the e-book download (haven’t done that yet) and your beautiful new blog. Congratulations, Vicki, on 6 wonderful years!


It is so lovely. You must be giddy. And clever girl, you kept it a secret. It looks like we might be seeing a bit more of London in the future…which would be wonderful. Brava Vicki!


Truthfully Cathy.. I’m a bit giddy! It’s always a fingers crossed moment at the end when you hope everything works and goes according to plan… I would like to write more about London… yes… but France too… My problem… so many hours and not enough time to do everything… :)

Trish Murphy

Congratulations Vicki on six years and a continuing incredible blog.I have followed you for years and look forward to many more.The e-book is amazing I love it thank you so much.I thank the day that I bought Australian Home Beautiful with your Provence home decorated for Christmas and come across your blog.I had already My French Life which I adored. The new site is very chic and smart and easy to follow.xx Trish


I’m so touched to have so many readers who have joined me in my blogging journey… these days with so much online choice I really appreciate the loyalty…
Thank you Trish and I am so happy you are here… :)

Deborah McKenzie

This is the best interactive on line magazine.! So beautifully organized that I can refer back to back to over and over. Thank for providing this online respite. It’s always a pleasure to visit.


Oh love, the Luxembourg Gardens ! I need to be in Paris again. Do they allow kittens in airplanes :)
Happy to see you, new and improved or just the same … both are perfect to me.
besos, C


I don’t know about travelling with kittens Candice… it depends on the airline.. Perhaps some of our readers may know?

Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki, THIS IS AWESOME! I love your new look and you are right; there is so much now in front of me that I can click wherever I want and it feels much easier to navigate! Lovely format and I want to download that ebook! I must go to my email to download, I guess….wonderful to hear you have published yet another book. BRAVO! Anita


Thank you Anita… I am hoping that it is easy for everyone to navigate… in particular me!!


The new site is sophisticated, very nice.
It’s interesting to read successful bloggers discuss how they started writing. For many of us the beginning is somewhat the same – we didn’t search out the opportunity, blogging somehow danced in front of us. Sharing experiences, life and dreams – this is what the kinship of blogging is about.
I’ve learned a lot reading your blog. I mean this as a compliment when I say – You are a comfortable friend for your readers.
Congratulations on the new site.


Thank you Katherine… Blogging has been a path that so many of us share and the friendships we make are really the best part of all.


Thank you Marina… now with this new image size, I can’t wait to get out and about with the camera… :)

Tish Jett

Dear, dear Vicki,

You’ve done it again! Your new site is stunning, spectacular, inspiring. You have accomplished that rare feat of capturing the very essence of French style, culture, joie de vivre, l’art de vivre while at the same time “translating” it through your artistic sensibilities. (Oh, wait, “French Essence”. . .)

Thank you for this, thank you for so much more.


Leslie Nash

Thank you Vicki for helping me with the password to your e book, have read it and loved it!

Katherine Howden

What a fabulous new format. Congratulations. I have been following your blog for several years now and always look forward to your posts. I love it all, fashion, beauty, Provence, Paris and London! I can’t remember how I found you in blogland but I do have both of you beautiful books.
Now off tho download the ebook!


Dear Vicki
It’s so hard to believe it’s already six years. Have been reading almost since the beginning and yet it seems almost like yesterday. Congratulations! Six years is a long time in the blog world! Have enjoyed your posts and learned a lot – favourites have included your posts on Provence, the Cote d’Azur and other travels. But also the mix of fashion and other stories is fun. It will be
even better now that you’ve separated the Shop from the posts themselves.

The new format is easy to follow and to locate information – the colours and quality of the pictures is wonderful, though I sometimes feel nostalgic for your old bannerhead. Perhaps some time you can just do an issue that looks a little bit like the original. There is just one little glitch I’ve picked up – the justified text is breaking words up – and leaving “widows and orphans” , eg one letter and the rest of the word on the following line, as illustrated just here. Your IT consultant should be able to fix that for you so it doesn’t happen.
Once again, congratulations and best wishes! Pamela


Thank you Pamela…
I have no idea what is going on but I really appreciate your feedback… I have emailed my IT genius and she will be working on it shortly.. :)

The bannerhead.. do you mean the candles? remember those… I always loved that photograph of Carla’s… I should have used that image yesterday ( great idea) but I don’t have it with me right now… but I will.. :)


Yes, the candles. They were lovely. Look forward to seeing them again.

Also love David’s comment congratulating you. Don’t remember ever seeing a comment from him before on your blog – or for that matter from any hubby on other blogs. Gorgeous! Also, good luck with your IT genius sorting out the text splitting. Pamela

Rosalie Carmichael

Hi Vicki, congratulation on your new site. I enjoy following your adventurers and fashion ideas. Just a bit of feedback about the look of the site. It is showing up on my screen with the end words often split. As I am typing this the splitting is also happening. Not sure if others are experiencing this. Cheers Rosalie


Thank you Rosalie, I really appreciate the feedback. It is so valuabe because everone’s screens and browsers are different..
There are always so many tweaks to sort out after the launch.
I’m still working on the ipad delivery so will add this to the list… :)

Sue Stirton

Congratulations Vicki on your wonderful blog, I love reading it and keeping up to date with everything French, fashion and beauty. I love love love the blog and sit for far to long in the morning reading it. keep up the wonderful work. Sue


Vicki – Congrats on the make over – I’m sure it was no small task! This is a beautiful accomplishment and a wonderful way to celebrate 6 years of blogging. I hope to see you while I’m this side of the pond :-) All the best! Shirelle


Thank you Shirelle… you know all about these things… :) I loved every minute!
yes… definitely… let’s make a plan, I would love to see you…


Oh God Vicki …… now my blog looks so old-fashioned !!!!!!!!!!! haha
It all looks AMAZING and so Vicki Archer …. perfect.
Here’s to many more years of blogging and friendship.
Much love. XXXX


Congratulations, my dear dear friend. What you have achieved over the last 6 years is amazing.
I wish I was there to have a little drink to celebrate.
All my love. Jayne xx

Anita Rivera

OH VICKI! I just downloaded the book….I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU (and us!) – the illustrations are lush and remarkable. They are top quality talent coupled with what I know is going to be a great read for me THIS WEEKEND! I had a late night at school last night, and have another one this week. But for the up and coming week-long Thanksgiving time off, I will be reading you. What an accomplishment…something I want to achieve one day. GORGEOUS and thank you for honoring us, your readers, with this special look into your latest work. Much love, Anita

Heather in Arles

I know that I shouldn’t be surprised at how huge of a deal this is but my you are sneaky!! As in really, really sneaky! Vicki, this is all so amazing I feel like a kid in a candy store which is exactly the sensation that you were going for, I bet. :) Wow. There is so much more to discover, the e-book is beyond fantastic…off I go, down the rabbit hole of the new vickiarcher.com…aaahhhh!!!!!

A massive congratulations to you and your amazing IT team. And yes, I thought that it was very sweet of David to leave a comment too. We are most certainly toasting to your success at Noêl!


I was very excited when I opened your new e-book today. Can underline everything you wrote about the 1o fashion tips and they come from an talented Australian lady who has a huge passion for France and a bit of French soul inside too. I also love the new modern outfit of your blog. My warmest congratulation.

Mimi Gregor

I am relatively new to your lovely blog, as I found out about it from another blogger that I follow (Jennifer L. Scott). Even so, You’ve made me feel right at home here, have given me much food for thought, and the e-book is such a gracious gesture! Thank you very much! I look forward to being able to sit with it later and read it. From what I saw of it while I was downloading and filing it in my files, it looks quite interesting and informative.

Helen Tilston

Congratulations Vicki.

I love your new blog. I will return and check out your e-book.

Continued success and thank you for the joy you bring to the world of blog.



Dear Vicki, I am so happy for you. The appearance of your site is lovely. You inspire me with your words and pictures. Thank you!


Dearest Vicki – your new digs are sublime! So charged with a relaxed sophistication and your signature grace. It is beyond lovely. 6 years… I can still remember finding you and instantly loving you and your world. Millie’s response struck such a chord — my blog has been frozen in time, too, as I navigate through all that has happened, is happening and how far from all of this I have strayed. You have motivated me to breathe some life back into the blog and come back into the fold. Thank you for all that you are, do and share with us, Vicki. You have been a constant source of great beauty and inspiration for me in so many ways… coming here in the morning with a cup of coffee is one of my favorite times and the greatest start to my days. Thank you for 6 years of it! Much love. xx

Judy Morgan

Congratulations, Vicki. From my first read of French Essence, I was hooked. It guided my husband and I on our first trip to Provence and a stay in St Remy. Your blog is always inspirational….sincere and inclusive of all things wonderful and tangible. Your huge efforts are appreciated. Next year we return to St Remy and this time thrilled to have secured our booking at LPB…..to enjoy with our daughter and son- in- law. It will be very special. Thank you.

Fiona Matthews

Hi Vicki,
You have been busy! Love the new website, especially the separate Shop area. Great idea to have the images change from monochrome to colour when you click on them. The whole site is user friendly and looks uncluttered plus very stylish. All your hard work has definitely paid off!

Moira Leech

Hi Vicki, have been a fan of yours for some time having your lovely books in my collection, you always have a knack of presenting with style and elegance which I admire, love your new Blog and look forward to seeing what’s to come, Fondest regards, Moira

Gigi Thibodeau

Congratulations on this gorgeous new site, Vicki! I read the ebook this morning, and I loved every bit of it, including the fabulous illustrations. I feel like I’ve known you for at least four of those six years, and I never cease to be inspired by your words and your passion for life.
Warm hugs,

La Contessa

It is B E A U T I F U L………just like YOU!The photo you used at the HEADER the MEDICI fountain at THE LUX GARDENS is exactly where I met CARLA one year ago!I even think that green chair was there too!How APROPO……..since I found Carla through your books and her postcard of MY CHURCH SAN MINIATO AL MONTE in FLORENCE!Small miracles………makes this blogging business so much fun!GOOD JOB!XX


Wow. 6 years… I’ve said before I don’t comment often, but I have been following you for all this time.
Catherine x


Love the new look Vicki, have been reading “you” for years, but only subscribed yesterday. Sadly no e-book though :(


I always look forward to and enjoy every thing you write. My husband and I are visiting Provence right now so it was perfect timing to get your new blog. Thanks for the first 6 years. Looking forward to many more.


Roxane Lacroix

Congratulations & Happy 6th Birthday! Absolutely fabulous re-design on your blog. I just had the chance to download & read your e-book and enjoyed it tremendously…smitten with Leo’s illlustrations. My favorite is his illustration on page 9 just before the LBD, all those ruffles! I was so happy to find Leo on IG and started following him. I also really like the embedded links in the e-book that bring up your blog posts. So tech-savvy! Still exploring your blog and can’t wait to hop into your shop! Love the photo of the Luxembourg Gardens

Carole Ablahat

Loved your books! I’m enjoying very much reading your daily blogs as they are always full of interesting info. Look forwardtoreceiving your e-book! Carole

Cathy Wong

Congratulations on six years! It’s all wonderful-keep it coming! The new site is beautiful. Thank you for the ebook-completely charming (AND useful, inspiring!)

slim paley

Congratulations Vicki!!
Your new site looks ultra chic and fabulous, but no surprise there!!
I know (Zut, do I know!) what a great deal of time and effort is involved in taking the leap to a new design, so huge kudos to you. This looks absolutely beautiful and very easy to navigate.
Wishing you (and your readers :-) ) many more years of Vicki Archer inspiration and beauty.
After all, who doesn’t need a little bit of ‘french essence’ in their week?!!
xoxo Slim


Well I LOVE your new site design and am excited to check out your shop. It does indeed look like a place to get lost in. xo


Hi Vicki, congratulations, and happy 6th biodiversary, here’s to many more. Well done and I love your new blog.I think I am coming up for 8 years ..struggle sometimes to keep it going but I do!!!!


Love your blog & the little glimpses of Paris in my inbox. I can’t find the link to the e-book. Help!


I love your blog and your posts brighten up my RSS feed. I’d love to read your e-book but I can’t seem to find the subscription box. Could you please let me know what’s going on? Maybe it’s a problem with my internet browser (I’m using Safari). Thank you, and happy 2015!


Hello Allie,

There is a subscription box at the end of each post… or in the top left hand corner there is a small area if you hover and click it will take you to a sign up box…

If you submit your email address it should take you through the prompts to download the e-book… It seems to be working on my end… Any problems email me and I can send you a link.. xv


Thanks! It was a problem with my browser, Safari. Sign-up worked just fine with Firefox and Chrome.


Congratulations Vicki! I’ve been following you for about 3 years and absolutely love reading your blog. The new Vicki Archer site is wonderful – so inspirational and very interesting! Thank you for all your hard work. I think I’d be a bit lost now without your thoughts, discoveries and your amazing photos and thank you for your e-book with its gorgeous illustrations. I’ve printed a copy so I will always be able to refer to it. Can’t wait to see your next project!


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