19 Jul 2018

A Fragrance For All Seasons

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Fragrance goes hand in hand with beauty.

I think about one and I think about the other.

Without perfume, I feel underdressed, not quite finished. It doesn’t matter whether I am staying in or dressing up, a scent will always accompany me. The scent and the ritual of wearing it make me appreciate my feminine side; it makes me feel well put together.

The fragrance we choose says so much about who we are. Don’t you think the perfume we wear is a key to our personality and the way we express ourselves? I gravitate towards similar fragrances and I know immediately if they are for me or not.

Seasons will determine my choice of perfume as will my mood. The more confident I feel, the braver I will be with my fragrance. If I’m tired, overwhelmed or just downright “not in the mood” my tastes will err towards the more simple, the less potent. The hotter the days the lighter the scent.

And then there is the way we display our scent.

I like fragrance bottles to be shown, in the bathroom or on the dressing table. They tell their own story and have individual histories. I like to linger over their shapes, their colours and remind myself of why I chose them; I like to conjure up the memories they provoke. Fragrance bottles are a decor in their own right.

How do you wear your scent?

I apply a little dab on the wrists and then spray ahead and walk through. The perfume mist cloaks the body evenly and ensures the fragrance is distributed all over. Oftentimes I repeat the process if I am feeling particularly inclined.

We haven’t discussed our favourites for some time.

The discovery of a new fragrance is the greatest surprise of all. It feels like winning the lottery; such a simple yet significant pleasure.

A while back, when I least expected, I discovered a new scent.

You know how it is; we mosey around in a store, browse through the items in a semi-conscious way. I wasn’t buying; I was looking. I saw a fairly non-distinct perfume bottle on the counter. I picked it up, put it to my nose and was immediately transported. This scent was slightly woody but also fresh with a hint of floral; a note I couldn’t quite grasp. I knew I wanted the sensation of this scent over and over. As I write to you now I want to put my train of thought on hold and spray myself with this sublime fragrance. I bought a bottle there and then.

A fragrance is so personal and what suits one might not suit another. Perfume should be a unique choice and our scent should resonate on every level. A fragrance is our signature without writing, our name without calling; fragrance can tell all.

This scent is one that changes with you; it’s individual, it is fresh and light. Perfect for now.  xv

A Fragrance To Love

escentric molecules molecule 01

image of magnolia grandiflora, grandiflora sydney

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Paula Hickman

Enjoyed your article on fragrances. I tend to choose a fragrance by the color I am wearing that day, as I associate a specific scent with a color. For example, Shalimar smells “green”; Chanel No. 5 “black”, etc. I have never heard of anyone else doing this and wondered if you had.


No, but I like it!
My “fragrance” days revolve around mood and memory… I might have a “gardenia passion” day because I am in the mood for my early memories of Paris or lately the escentric molecules 01 as it feels summery and fresh and even though it is created in the UK, it reminds me of The Hamptons… ha ha.. silly I know… but perfume for me is like that. I will also spray a favourite to lift a mood – like the red lipstick, it really works.. :)


To me, nothing can beat Jean Paul Gautilier for women (and I might add the men’s fragrance are to swoon over for the guys). Although I once found this itty bitty tiny little shop in Bordeaux, the Parfumerie de L’Opéra, that the proprietor created and sold her own perfume that was beautifully ethereal….Just as I decided to purchase, my wonderful son bought it for his wife. Well, that was the end of that.


It’s always first for our children.. whatever the age… isn’t it? And don’t we love that :) :)


For years I’ve worn and loved Teo Cabanel Oha, and also their Alahine and Barkhane (the bottles are gorgeous). For summer I often wore Anat Fritz Tzora, but it’s no longer available, so now it’s Oha for summer. It’s a rich scent, but not too heavy.


I must try this, I don’t know it… love searching for a new fragrance.. Thank you…

Linda B

It took me until just a few years ago to finally find a fragrance that felt completely right. It is Ossuary by a local perfume maker whose business is called La Curie. All of her scents are very unique. But Ossuary is my favorite. It’s something I need my daily dose of. I love how it somehow evokes the feeling of the desert where I live. It lifts my mood, and I know that when I give someone a hug, it is not uncommon for the person to note that I smell good! (Sounds funny as I write that, but you know what I mean.)

Janice Coleman

My favorite perfume was “With Love” by Fred Heyman. It was discontinued years ago and I haven’t found a perfume like it since. I love heavy scents and that one was perfect. I don’t have a particular “go to” scent anymore. I have several I use, but nothing that I feel that was as special as “With Love”.


I don’t know this one Janice – I like the sound of it and I love anything unusual…

Liz Detrich

Hi Janice,
I am a former perfume sales associate and remember With Love fondly. If you do a search on Ebay, currently there are several bottles for sale at a reasonable price.
Vicki ~ With love was produced back in the early 1990’s, it’s a lush floral with a woody dry down, very elegant.

Lesley McLellan

I have had the funniest of experiences wearing Escentric Molecule 101 . I initially discovered it when my son and his girlfriend and I participated in a Charity Auction . In the contents of the brown paper bag were two bottles of this perfume. I have had a woman jump out of her chair in a cafe and say ” What are you wearing? ” and a barrista say “Right who is it …who is wearing that perfume ?” and then a darling friend always says as I approach ” I can smell Lesley!” ….I have been being abstemious about buying perfume …but today I am going back to Karen Walker , our Auckland stockist , to buy a bottle ! Thank you Vicki for giving me permission!!


Vicki, is there anywhere in France in particular Provence as there soon that I can test the perfume you recommend?


Not that I know of… maybe Paris in a department store. Colette once stocked but sadly she has closed in Paris now. Next time I come down… come over and I’ll show you :)


Vicki, your image of the magnolia flower courtesy of Grandiflora in Sydney brings me to their unusual perfume range based on exotic scents of unexpected flowers, including two based on the magnolia grandiflora flower itself – ‘Sandrine’ and ‘Michel’. They capture the scent of vanilla, lemon and a hint of magic of this stunning flower. They will transport you to the Botanic Garden of Sydney, my favourite place in this beautiful city, and beyond! xo


Yes I love these fragrances… and my sister-in-law wears Sandrine… it’s gorgeous…

Robyn Kreymborg

Chanel Chance for me all day everyday whatever the season 💖💖 I’m often stopped and asked what I’m wearing 💖💖great for blondes it’s soft 💖💖 and the box is pink Vicki 😜💖💖 I too display my fragrance on my silver French commode

Jay Schultz

In recent years, I’ve become much more selective of scents. I have a smaller collection now. If there’s an ‘unscented’ option for cleaners, creams, candles, etc, I choose it. It’s the most personal decision as to what scent we wish to wear on any given day. My current crush (as I understand is also the Duchess of Sussex’s) is Joe Malone -Wood Sage &Sea Salt – neither masculine nor feminine. I prefer to wear a little in my hair that can barely be picked up by anyone. Too much is a bad thing, especially around food. It goes without saying, that whatever scent I wear must also be attractive to my husband. After all, who really gets closer than him!


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