3 Jun 2011

Letters From Corsica

Have you ever had trouble sleeping?

Anticipation sometimes disrupts my sleep and last night I had one of those kinds of tossy-turny sleeps. I kept dreaming about big boats and passenger ferries and the rocking of the waves and the fear of sea sickness.

We are embarking on an adventure tonight; we are driving to Marseille and taking us and our car on the overnight passenger ferry to Ajaccio in Corsica. The crossing is about ten hours and I am assured that the seas will be velvet smooth and that I will sleep the deepest of sleeps…The fact that the weather is wild and stormy plus the nagging thought that there will be 2600 other happy travellers by my side on the Napolean Bonaparte does nothing to allay my doubts.

Ever the romantic and with the most positive of thoughts intact I am trying to remain not only calm but also excited by this escapade.

The promise of our very own cabin, with it’s own porthole, various bars, several restaurants and one throbbing discotheque has huge appeal and who would want to miss out on the opportunity to wine, dine and dance their way over the seas to Corsica…..I would never have felt skeptical in the first place if I hadn’t mentioned our little trip to several friends. It would seem that the only way to travel to Corsica is by plane….Where is their sense of adventure….I ask.

Tomorrow when I wake up I will be in Corsica, the holiday destination for Provencals. If Provence is the preferred stop for Francophile travellers then Corsica is the number one vacation spot for Provencals. As we are part-time Provencals it’s time we find out what all the fuss is about.

Think of me tonight when you are tucked up cosy in your beds for I will be skimming through the Mediterranean. I figure the bar will be as good a place to pass the time as any and if the crossing is too rough for that promised dreamy sleep then I can always dance my way to Ajaccio……

Speak to you from there…..xv

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Francine Gardner

Do enjoy! Corsica is so magnificent. I once enjoyed the sea crossing as a young wild …college student. I want to hear all about the place as i have been dying to got to the same guesthouses/retreat…sounds heavenly.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

The best sleep I've ever had was on a yacht, but admittedly the ocean seas were fairly calm. They say you "sleep like a baby" on a boat. Hope you find that's true for you too Vicki.

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

Oh, I get what you're saying. I'm feeling just like that lately!

I'm wishing you a great and safe trip. Have lots of fun and share some pictures with us if you can, ok?


Luciane at HomeBunch.com


Hoping you can allay your concerns! To that end, sweet dreams, Vicki!


Sounds like a fantastic adventure to me! I haven't yet been to Corsica but it looks so breathtakingly beautiful in all of the pictures I have seen – have a wonderful time!!!


Oh Vicki,
How exciting. I always sleep like a log but, there is the odd time when it eludes me and, like yourself, in anticipation….like the night before our son got married…..that sort of thing.
We have slept on boats many times and it's fine. …..it doesn't really feel any different to our own bedroom at home so, I think that you will be fine.
Have a wonderful time, a good rest and some delicious food and drink. XXXX

Morning T

Sounds like an exciting adventure Vicki. I trust that you'll take lots of photos for us so we can live vicariously through you.
Bon voyage~

I Dream Of

Have a glorious adventure, Vicki! Can't wait to hear all about it. Wishing you smooth sailing. I think the bar sounds like a good place to start the trip. Have fun!


Vicki oh my, I will be dreaming of this adventure tonight, can't wait to see and hear more!

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You will have a fabulous time, I know. Life is an adventure & this crossing over to Corsica will be smooth sailing. Take lots of photos for us, please. Have fun!! xx's


Oh, Vicki, what an adventure! I'm looking forward to hearing how it went. You just made me flash back to the many, many ferry rides (overnight, 10 hours, sometimes with a cabin, sometimes without) that my mother took us on to visit my grandparents in Canada. Traveling through the dark on the stormy Bay of Fundy is one of the most intense and vivid memories of my childhood. I both loved and hated it. To be honest, my favorite part was that it was international waters, so gambling was legal for kids. I'd take $10 and play the slots!!! I never gamble as an adult because I know how much I loved it as a kid!

Safe passage, Vicki! Can't wait to hear about Corsica. xoxo Gigi

Pamela Terry and Edward

How fabulous!! Have a glorious time!
I will say that there is a little pink tablet called Bonine that helps me tremendously with all my sea crossings! I even survived a ferry journey to Nantucket that had seasoned sailors turning green.

Splendid Market

I hope you have a great voyage. We went to Corse last year, I actually wanted to take the ferry over…I thought an overnight on the boat would be romantic. As it turned out, it was just so much easier and cheaper to fly, I couldn't justify the excursion. Hoping to hear all about it through your eyes!! ebh

Karen in CT

.. how exciting .. I wonder what Corsica is like? Lush or desert? Very much green, or all rock …. oh I do hope we get a couple pics … bon chance.

24 Corners

The tossing and turning stuff happens to me before every trip…just too excited! You're going to have the most wonderful time though, it will be magical…enjoy!
xo J~

Blue Muse

Safe travels on the sea! I'm with you in spirit :) Can't wait to see and hear about what's to come on your trip!
xo Isa

Shell Sherree

I think it sounds very romantic and adventurous, Vicki. Ginger tea could be a nice nightcap after your dancing. Have a beautiful time!


As I'm reading this at 3:30, I would say I'm having one of those nights too. So I came to read details of a visit to Provence for later in the year, visiting a friends home. So I wish you a wonderful time on your Provencals holiday…have a lovely time, I'm sure you will, it sounds special. (including the ferry!)


MOYTH & I did the same going to Tassie a few years ago. The rough ferry trip was worth the fact that we then had our own car at the other end. We were able to fill it with boxes of Stefano Lubiana Pinot from Granton & high tail it back to Adelaide undercover. Hope you can do the same in Corsica – happy travels to you both.
Millie x

helen tilston

Vicky, what an adventure! Corsica is on my list of places to visit and I will wait with bated breath for your report. I have wanted to paint in Corsica which has incredible light and will make that happen soon.

Till later


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