11 Jul 2019

A Kaleidoscope Of Colour

A Kaleidoscope Of Colour on vickiarcher.com

Kaleidoscope, what a word.

A childhood toy, a state of mind or a noun; wherever it’s used it is all about the colour.

What attracted me to the Millefiori pieces were both their vibrant colour and also their clarity. Some are completely translucent with nothing but shape and movement to define them and others are all about colour, Like the Giardino and the Tiepolo.

Once I found them and had chosen the individual objects for this collection, I needed to find a way to present them. Photographing objects is much harder than I ever imagined and finding the right backdrop challenging.

Hand-painted Venetian paper came to my rescue. The papers were perfect and expressed the personality of these beauties. Marbled paper is another one of my great collectables over the years and fortunately, I have a few to use as backdrops.

As ideas develop, everything changes.

THE EMPORIUM was to be an all-white backdrop, all of the time. Fast forward and months later, marbled backdrops frame Millefiori Collection. Who knows where I will head for the next collection?

I have been asked this question and I can’t truthfully tell. Do I have a favourite? Yes and No. They are all favourites :)

Some I love alone and others I want to pair up.

These, The Antonella and The Harlequin, look wonderful as stand-alone; The Rosabella, The Campanula and The Viola make a perfect trio. If blue and white are your collectable, then these are the ones.

A kaleidoscope of colour this way. xv

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That emerald green Vicki, oh, I don’t know what color is my favorite, blue or green or now, PINK!


These are so pretty and remind me of my grandmother who collected these as well. I’m not sure if hers are as nice as yours; however, after having a lesson on Millefiori in an antique store today, I am curious to find out about them. Looking forward to seeing your next collection!


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