1 Oct 2019

A Keepsake Is Forever

A Keepsake Is Forever on vickiarcher.com

A keepsake can be sublime; a keepsake can be frivolous.

Whatever it is, it’s not the point; a keepsake is all about the memory attached.

Memories need to be nurtured and never taken for granted. Reflection and re-living the past is wonderful when it involves happy memories. Memories aren’t static, they need to evolve, develop and become part of our futures.

I have been one for keepsakes my entire life.

I have saved entry tickets to museums, theatre programmes, birthday cards, letters, gift wrapping and the rest.

Collecting has also been a passionate past time of mine – which is how THE EMPORIUM came to be.

I can’t help myself; I search, I find and I group and always have. Even as a young girl I colour coded my dolls and arranged them accordingly. Every home I have lived in revolves around a collection. In our London apartment I worked our sitting room around a collection of glass cloches I found in France. Impractical yes, there isn’t much space left on the coffee table, but it doesn’t matter.

They are keepsakes of an important time in my life.

So keepsakes mean everything to me and why I have called Collection No 3 The Keepsake.

These pieces are unique, they are keepsakes on their own merit and something to hold your keepsakes, dear. I don’t know if I have a favourite, I wax and wane, but I do know they are beautiful on their own or grouped as a collection. There are not many of them, they are difficult to source and have had many lives before me. When we can re-use, recycle and re-purpose extraordinary objects I am happy.

Nothing has a use-by date when aesthetics are involved.

Enjoy No 3 from The Emporium, The Keepsake Collection is this way.

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Maybe your best yet (although that would be a tough call as all collections have been beautiful). Sadly most were sold by the time I saw the email here in the colonies.


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