17 Apr 2012

A Make-Up Shake Up

illustration – madame lolina

I have always liked Bobbi Brown products… the make-up in particular… it seems to embody a natural look, which is what I try and achieve… I have some new favourites for you to try if you would like… I needed a make-up shake up.
The Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow… Amazing… doesn’t crease, doesn’t run and doesn’t make me feel extra ancient… I use it like an eyeliner or a shadow… The dark brown and grey are fabulous… as are the sandy and cream colours for highlighting under the brow… here, here and here… And you need a brush like this or one similar for the application… This eyeshadow is so easy… I am never going back.
Burnt Red Lipstick… this is the red you can wear when you don’t feel like wearing red… It’s a little more subtle than my favourite Chanel red… but this one I can wear in the day and not feel self conscience… It’s also a great pick me up when I feel a little flat… It is long lasting and not drying… Can you tell… I am mad about this red.
And from By Terry… I discovered these two from my daughter.
The Voile Poudre Eclat Correction Loose Powder… Incredible… This powder seems to hide a multitude… and I am all for that… I have fairish skin so be careful when selecting the colour… although they are pretty transparent… It is easy to brush on, you don’t need much and it gives a great finish… I am loving this… I prefer to apply the powder with a soft brush rather than the sponge it comes with… I find it much easier that way… If you don’t have one…I like this powder brush  from Bobbi Brown.
By Terry Sheer Expert Tinted moisturiser… Magical… I never thought I would find a product that I liked as much or even better that the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser… but this is it… I am wearing this at night and the Laura Mercier by day…  The By Terry tinted moisturiser gives a beautiful sheen and a natural finish to the skin.
Thought you might like to know… xv

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Jeanne @ Collage of Life

Love your tips Vicki… I picked up 'shu uemura' mascara in Hong Kong last week…recalling it from an earlier post of yours. I also bought the mamechiyo uvub under base mousse.. spf 30. Looks like a winner for those of us who can't escape the sun. :)

Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of 'The Best of Everything After 50'… suggested Laura Geller products which I am loving. http://www.laurageller.com BTW…her book is very good..I have it on my iPad for last minute reassurances. :)

And so the make-up world goes round and round… thanks again for passing along such great tips Vicki.
You do know how to make a woman feel beautiful… :)

Jeanne xx


You're just so amazingly dans le vent, Vicki, I just can't get over it! I'm running straight out the front door to buy all these products immediatement!
Gros bisous from Joie.

Lost in Provence

Oooh, girly stuff! I have long been a fan of Bobbi Brown makeup but a friend recently gave me her brightening skin care line and it is amazing! Really great for my reddish red-head skin.

And for a cheapie option for the cream eyeshadow–I am loving the Covergirl Shadowblast that I bought on my last trip back to the States. Not goopy, no creases and it stays on forever–and I think I only paid something like 6 bucks for it. Whoohoo!


I might have to try the eye shadow…I wouldn't have ever tried it due to the thought that it might crease…but it sounds great and I too love Bobbi Brown. Thanks for the tip…I'm not ready to give up my Laura Mercier yet.


I am definitely going to try that cream eye shadow. I commented in a previous post about needing so much moisturizer on my skin that makeup doesn't stay "put"…but this stuff sounds like it might do the trick!


Have you tried givenchy mascara? Really good… The under the brow highlighting shadow is so important… Instant lift((: will try this product… Don't really like what I have at the moment so …. Thank you for the tips!


I love the suggestions, thank you. There's something lovely and irresistable about French powder, or powders with French names. I never look good in red lipsticks for some reason. Must stick to the bluish pinks! Am going now to check out By Terry, a new brand to me!

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle

All good suggestions Vicki, I like and relate your natural aesthetic in terms of makeup. I think I used to wear something very similar to the Burnt Red by Bobbie, if it was not that same one. I need to revisit the line. I have my usual suspects and tend to stick with them but did try to branch out recently in nyc when I was talked into buying a mascara by HourGlass, which I'm enjoying.

Hope all is well with you and thank you for your sweet nyc wishes!

xo Mary Jo

shiree segerstrom

Bobbi's make-up is always so natural looking. My mother and I both love her stuff. I read somewhere that she believes that eye makeup should take no more than ten minutes. Well, that leaves me out ha ha. I am currently using her lipstick and love it. Shiree'

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

Love your tips Vicki. I will look into the red lipstick. My current favorite is a little too blue on me. I will definitely check out the tinted moisturizer too. Sounds like a great idea for my fair skin.

My first career was in beauty world and I worked for and with the best in the industry and all of the makeup artists used brushes. Brushes are so important in make-up application and I'm glad to see them mentioned. The results are so much more professional.

Tish Jett

This is great, Vicki, I need to dump and re-start. I'm still searching for the perfect foundation, am terrified of red and have never learned how to use — or choose — powder correctly. I'm on it. Merci.


Shell Sherree

Such a sweet illustration ~ Madame Lolina's work is beautiful. Thanks for the tips, Vicki. I've stayed with powder eyeshadow after trying one too many creams that stuck in the creases, but I'm sure when one finds the right cream shadow, it's much more flattering {especially when one's laugh lines are on the rise.} Sounds like the Bobbi Brown Long Wear one is excellent.


I love Bobbi Brown products. I have recently discovered them and have fallen in love with them. Thanks for sharing your tips.


I really like your recommendations Vicki….I wear make-up every day but – unbelievably – have never tried Bobbi Brown! And everyone I know loves it….it's on my list for the next time I'm in town :)

La Petite Gallery

Vicky, that company should give you a big THANK YOU. You did a wonderful post.
Being an old woman I have never heard of these products. You have put them on the may. I will check them out Bobbi Brown? yvonne


Vicki I must try these; I always love to experiment with new makeup, especially when it is highly recommended!

Art by Karena


You converted me to the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Vicki via one of your previous posts, thank you I love it. MOTH even commented that the 'Spack Filler' I'm using isn't as heavy & looks better, lordy lordy that's NEVER happened! Now it looks like I need to investigate Terry Sheer, your posts are starting to cost me money mate!
Millie xx

Genuine Lustre

$47 for a bobbi brown lipstick? Eeek. I have loved her tinted face balm in the past, and also her gel eyeliner. Only her concealer seemed to be something I wouldn't buy twice – caked up under my eye.


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