2 Mar 2012

a splash of french vermillion…

A splash of red for this second day of March… No rhyme nor reason… just a glorious blast of vermillion. 
I take photographs for many reasons… primarily to record events but often just for fun… like Le Voleur… This book was in the window of a second hand store in Paris… the colour and the black and white illustration caught my attention… and the title, The Thief… 
I’m a point and click kind of snapper and often forget the technical in my excitement… I am getting better at remembering the how’s and the why’s of a good shot but the beauty of photography is that any one can play and learn as they go… especially with the digital cameras available now. I am extra fortunate because I have worked with  photographer Carla Coulson and she has given me the courage to experiment and say goodbye to the auto setting… Not always though… sometimes a candid shot calls for super speedy fingers and fast manipulation if you want to catch that elusive shot… 
Last birthday I was given the Olympus EP2 and a super zoom lens… I love it! It is easy to use and reasonably light.. Like all new gear, there is a learning curve… but it has been worth it and now I don’t go anywhere without it… 
Be inspired by these fabulous photographers and bloggers…
If you are looking to invest in a new camera… try the Olympus EP2… for me, it’s perfect…
and if you love colour… you must read this… xv

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This is Belgium

Always find it interesting how photography is looked at and practised. My love for photography was the reason for my becoming a blogger.. not that I know much about it, but i sure do enjoy making pictures.
I am very familiar with two of the four photographers and bloggers you mentioned. I think Carla is a fantastic photographer. She must also be a fantastic person because she is so generous is sharing tips and secrets !
I had the pleasure also of meeting Madame Virginia in Alabama !
And already had a quick look at the two other blogs I did not know, they also look like they will become daily material to me.
Belle journée,

la fourchette

Great way to splash into March! I love capturing little gems in photos, too. This reminds me of a bookstore in London I snapped over and over last fall!

Francine Gardner

I rarely go without my camera, my iphone takes great pictures as well. I love taking photographs, the instant image, capturing the moment, a color, a graffiti… when traveling, i virtually live through my lens. Drooling over the Nikon D800, but working with a D60 (I ofter "borrow" my husband D600). The travels I have ventured on, often are inspired by one photograph in National Geographic or other magazines. Thanks to you, I follow Carla and love her work. I will check out the bloggers you mention. Au revoir, Francine


OH Vicki, I'm blushing ROUGE! Merci for selecting my blog to be among this talented group. As you know, Carla has been my inspiration for a long time, and we were able to meet again this last trip for coffee and many laughs. And for the record, I don't think for one minute that you are a point and shoot snapper. Your photographs are far too professional for that!
Thank you again and bon weekend!


I love to take photos, but unfortunately the shots don't usually turn up the way I'd like to… Need more practise and patient.

Have a wonderful weekend!


I love the color in this image Vicki! I will check the sites you mentioned; I do visit Virginia regularly!

Art by Karena

Teresa at Splendid Sass

I love vermillion, and I plan on one day have a painting frenzy with vermillion paint and fabrics!
I have a point and shoot Leica that I love but would love to get a more substantial camera.
Have a nice weekend.


Hi Vicki,

I just took an introduction class to photography with a digital camera. I've been using my Canon point and shoot but would like to learn how to use a grown up camera. I hope to practice over the next several months and maybe, just maybe, my photography will get better. Thanks for the links! Pioneer Woman has some great tutorials on steps to better photography as well.
Happy Friday!


If ever you are in doubt that what you are doing does not have a purpose or does not have a meaning…refer to this post. You are loved, not just by me but by many others. I love logging on and seeing if and what you posted for the day. It is like having a sister from another mother! I always wanted a big sister and you are it! I sit down with a cup of tea and something special on a tray and look forward to seeing what you have to say. For example when you told us about your skiing, I laughed until I cried. I could relate. We go skiing all winter and I am the one who holds everyone up. My nine year old is more proficient in getting her boots on etc. Truth be told she is a more proficient and fearless skier than ME. I try to be nice to myself because of you. I try to be a little more French because of you. I love to see what other sites you think are important. I pack my bags similar to your suggestions now. I have a typical crazy American Mom thing going on and for a few minutes of a day I get to slow down and be a little more sophisticated and a little French and it really makes a difference. Thank you. xxoo Emily from Texas

Blayne Beacham

What great blogs! I will have to check them out. I am a photographer as well. You may have seen my photos on Cote De Texas the other day. I can't wait to check out the other sites!

Paris Rendez-vous

That red is so enticing don't you think. Glorious, rich red. I've just written about L'Heure Bleue…and all its colour variations…midnight blue, royal blue, cobalt blue, blue black. And yes…I haven't progressed to taking off the 'auto setting' yet….but that day is coming. A bientot.


Dear Vickie, Enjoyed this post. I learn something from you each day.
Thank you for featuring the blog, Paris through my lens. I am SO EXCITED to hopefully connect with an Alabama blogger.

Cathy Penton

Oh Vicki I can't believe it I just bought this same camera (even though I got a 14 – 150 mm lens thrown in with mine) while in Melbourne visiting friends :)….Just started to have a play and it is beautiful :) xo


Love the striking color! Fiery and vibrant red. Makes me think of coming hot summer. I'm a point and shoot photographer as many of my pictures are spur of the moment! But i'm learning to not use autofocus.. Learning.. :)

The enchanted home

What a beautiful image, I agree…the red really draws you in! Thanks for including more great links to photography..I am a total novice though with my Nikon I THINK I actually know what I am doing. Lets just say I am at the low end of the learning curve right now..still getting acquainted but it IS a lot of fun to learn and experiment!


We are about to start our third long stay in France, this time in the Loire, but with a short re visit to Uzes. Your train story resonated, and I am glad to hear even old hands get it wrong. We have wrong seat, wrong train, wrong station stories as well. This time, we have invited our 88 yr old aunty along, a long time French language student, but never been to France. I have gone through your posts and listed all the favorite places, so we are so looking forward to showing her "hidden" France and Paris.
Liz , Melbourne

Elizabeth Eiffel

At last another Olympus user! I love my Olympus SLR and find that its only limitations at this point in my photography "career" is me.
You and Carla make a dynamic duo. She is a gifted photographer – especially with light. What a teacher to have access to – I'm jealous!
Bon weekend

Trish Murphy

Hi Vicki, My front door is red and looks fabulous! I love to take photos I have a Canon
but use my Iphone as well and they take such great photos.Have been browsing my photos of Provence on my Ipad today (Sydney so wet!) and it made my so happy I wish I could go tomorrow! Have a lovely weekend.xTrish

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme

I am envious of your work with Carla. Her photography is so very artistic. Not just good shots but with that something extra. Between the two of you, it must be so much fun putting together arty shots.
Bonne semaine,


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