18 Aug 2021

A Taste Of Tuscan Orange

Tuscany is aglow in all its summer glory.

In sharp contrast to Comporta, where their world is dominated by verdant emerald rice paddies and never-ending white sands, this part of Tuscany is dominated by the glorious sunsets and meandering cypress alleyways marking the contours of the region. The temperatures are soaring and yet in their severity, there is beauty.

Travelling has never felt like such a luxury – because it has been denied and because others are not able to. It has been well worth the wait.

Tuscany has proferred up her distinguished colour palette and reminded me that vibrancy can be a key part of our summer dressing.

This new EDIT has been inspired by my Tuscan surroundings.

A shade of dress to march us autumn forwards, a new nail to swap out the nude or the pillar box red. Earrings to add a splash of colour and a cheeky reminder that summer is still shining, even if only in our hearts and minds. Fabulous mules to dress up our all black habit and a new lipstick is always the best idea.

Tuscan sun this way. xv


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Good morning Vicki!

I hope that I will make it toward the day/year that my husband and I can travel. I think after my last trip to France and Italy (19 years ago) that I will appreciate even more the opportunity to see such a beautiful world after this mess of a pandemic. What a fabulous photograph.


You will enjoy every second Anita… and when you do manage to leave the US you must come for as long as you can… there is simply too much to be seen in our world :)

Vicki Elliott

As we endure harsher lockdowns in Australia during our Autumn I can’t tell you what absolute pleasure it was to see your stunning photo of Tuscany.
I’ve spent more time in Italy than anywhere else and am looking forward to hopefully visiting it again in the future.
There is a truth about the Tuscan light and the beauty in the change of seasons. Thank you for reminding us of that.

Jacki F.

Enjoying vicarious thrills from your European travels. Looking forward to my own at Lake Lugano & northern Italy in a week! Have been inspired by your EDIT. Safe travels.


Thank you Jacki… it does feel good to be on the move :) Enjoy northern Italy… it’s hot!

Linda B

I totally understand the joy and the feeling of privilege that one gets from being able to travel after such a long 18 months of enforced time at home, dear Vicki. I’ve had a few tastes of that as well! Currently, my husband and I are on what has become our annual months-long sojourn in Oregon, so that we can be near our sweet daughter and her family. We did come last year but for a shorter period, and it was a dark time (between the pandemic, terrible wild fires, and the political turmoil in the States). This year so much is in a better place, though the resurging pandemic is again starting to affect things, sadly. But more is open for business. A few days ago my husband took me to a gorgeous vineyard for wine-tasting on my birthday. Another day, we drove the hour out to the coast for a lunch of freshly caught fish. (In the background of this, we are anxiously awaiting the birth of our second granddaughter at any moment, and helping my daughter daily with her lovely, lively two-year old.)

I am totally on board with your Tuscan color theme; in fact, I woke up a week ago and realized that for the time being, all I want to wear is shades of sage or olive green and burnt orange. I already have a lot of that in my wardrobe (they are old favorites) but am seeking more, and I will jump on some of your recommendations. Thanks for taking time out of your holiday to post those.


Good Day Vicki!
I just returned from my son-in-laws family cottage near Muskoka, on the lake and it was heavenly! I have been enjoying your vacation posts which brings a sense of peace, calm, and hope for travel again. So much unsureness in the news, it’s so nice to see your posts in my Inbox with your strong sense of “Joie de Vivre!” Trying to stay focused and mindful of all the beauty in front of me and your post is on my list of what I do daily to stay positive. Have a wonderful day!

DD (Donna)

Hello Vicki
Beautiful photo of Tuscany…
I am curious to know how the airport experience has been? Is the check-in, passport, security, queuing being handled smoothly?
Sooo looking forward to being able to travel again, though sadly we have to wait until 2022.
Have a fabulous holiday!

Christine Harvey

Hi Vicki
We are quickly approaching glorious summer weather in beautiful Sydney Australia.
All of Sydney are hoping our current COVID lockdown restrictions will be eased in time for us to enjoy our amazing natural outdoor locations. Returning to overseas travel not as close for Australians.
I have subscribed to your website for several years and have enjoyed every article written.
Recently, l recall possibly last month, I read your article about packing for your travels to Lisbon and was interested in purchasing a lovely white dress from Sea, unfortunately time eluded me when it came to making the purchase. I have been trying to navigate your Edit to locate the link, however, it has been without success. The edits finish at beauty. Would you have any tips or be able to forward the link to enable me to purchase the dress. Thank you. Warm regards Christine


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