9 Apr 2016

A Winning Interior: Rouge & Rose


Rouge and Rose are winning in this interior.
Ever since my brief trip to Sweden I have been following Scandinavian design more closely.

There are many elements I really applaud in this interior although as a whole I am not as minimalist or straight forward in my design preferences as the Scandinavians. What attracted me to this space are the colour co-ordinations and the small accessories used and the placement of them

My most-loved interiors are those with an eclectic feel and obviously with a French touch.

I could see some of these smaller pieces working well in a French style interior. I like the modern bucket chairs and the array of fine-legged tables. The simple standard lighting and floor lights have an appeal. I see those working with a more ornate chandelier or a pair of heavier side-table lamps.

I have a crush on pink; rosy pink and the nude shades to be precise.

I am itching to do a room in these shades. I have always worried that pink and shades of, may be far too feminine to live with on a long-term basis. This interior with the addition of some red, or at least reddish tones is one way around the dilemma. The rose and the rouge sit beautifully against the grey surfaces and the accents of white in the dining table and wall colour.

I would probably add one of these for texture; that is because I love all that feels cosy and I believe a good interior does too. I recently draped one over an armchair in an oatmeal shade and it has really worked and provided the texture I needed to warm the space.

The porcelain dinnerware / ornamental ware with Scandinavian feel is another recent crush of mine. I enjoy the mix of modern china with old linens or placed alone on antique surfaces. Again it comes down to an eclectic mix.

Advice I received early on concerning interiors and stayed with me when creating our homes is the notion a room must not be “all stars and no chorus line”. It is the same with fashion, we don’t ever want to wear top-to-toe designer if we are to be considered women of style. An interior needs not only a bright star but also some very capable side players.  They are the spaces we remember and the ones we aspire to emulate.

Whether we desire the discipline of Scandinavian, a traditional English country, the greige of southern France or a purely modernist approach, an interior will always need a few surprises.

All stars and no chorus line won’t keep us entertained. xv

Rouge & Rose:  A Touch Of Scandinavian

“A Rose By Any Other Name…”

be cherished ||  walk in rose footsteps with raf simons  ||  wrap up in rose leather

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Anita Rivera

I am not a lover of red, HOWEVER, the less intense versions such as pink and now for me, ORANGE, are very enticing! Within my white, gray and neutral décor, I have found that pops of these shades you share are quite beautiful especially with flowers! You share a beautiful possibility today for me to think about as summer comes around! Happy day, Vicki! Anita


Scandinavian Modern is BACK! I remember when it was pilloried and kicked to the curb. There really isn’t much new under the sun. Well, innthe trickle down affect, IKEA will no doubt see a bump in profits and Swedish meatball lunch sales!
There is a lot to be said for clean, uncluttered interior design. I’m dreaming of our post downsize modern abode. In my mind, everything is full of light and air. Our posessions have been ruthlessly edited down to a beloved few. One thing that will always remain is the bit of red (or rose) that I have in almost every room. In some rooms it’s just a bit of red in a painting or red book covers on a shelf. To me, a touch of red humanizes a room, keeps light colored spaces from floating away and adds warmth.


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