8 Jun 2017

A Touch of Rosebud Blush: Skin Illuminator

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“All ages can be enchanting, provided you live in them.”


A young Brigitte Bardot was the very definition of sun kissed.

The smile, the rosebud cheeks, the freckles and the luscious long blonde locks only added to her allure not to mention her killer figure. She was the poster girl for summer and all the natural beauty it entails.

The most important beauty secrets are simple.

A smile backed up with large doses of confidence and a big portion of happy are truly the start and finish to feeling beautiful. For without the self-confidence, the laughter and a joyous nature, all the tricks of the beauty trade won’t help us one little bit.

Once we have the inner beauty covered there are ways we can enhance our looks and take advantage of what modern techniques have to offer. When there are fabulous products out there begging for our attention, It would be rude not to. I am all for experimenting and trying out the new and improved. At times I don’t understand all the fuss and at others I am wondering why I didn’t now about a certain something sooner.

The Tom Ford Skin Illuminator is one such product. I am in love. Yes, this is the most delicious addition to my summer make up.

“What it is: Inspired by the look of skin bathed in summer evening light, this illuminator creates an irresistible, translucent glow.

What it does: Its peach-pink shade flatters every skin tone while moisturizing and soothing skin, and its highly micronized pearls diffuse light for a naturally enhanced, sun-kissed look.

How to use: Apply all over the face on its own or mixed with a foundation for radiant, balanced skin. It can also be used as a highlighter under or over your makeup.”

All true and I could not have explained it better.

I have been mixing a couple of drops into my cc cream and then applying over the magical illuminating primer. On the top I use this illuminator as both blusher and highlighter, a little on my cheeks and even under my eyelids.

Honestly, I absolutely love it. A quick and easy summer blush fix combined with a beautiful glow for the skin. Win and double win. xv

Notes About Blushing

For a more mature or dryer skin use a cream blush.

A cream or liquid blush is far more subtle than powder and has great staying power.

Use one finger to apply the blush and another clean finger to blend lightly (don’t use a brush or sponge).
Start with a very, very small amount and build up the colour gradually. It is so much easier to add more, but difficult to remove excess product.


 Apply to the apples of the cheeks (smile gently to find the apples).

If applied too low, the colour will drag the face downwards.

A Touch Of Rosebud

tom ford skin illuminator  ||  tom ford primer

image, brigitte bardot by leonard de raemy


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Anita Rivera

Isn’t she just a gorgeous human being? And since she has given her older years to the attention of animals, even more so. But to see her when she was young was to witness a true French beauty!

I totally believe that the smile at any age can charm. No one can deny that confidence and LOVE that comes through!

Mimi Gregor

If she had been a little less “sun-kissed” in her youth, she may have aged better. Tans only look good to us because that is the current paradigm. At one time, tans were the mark of someone who labored in the fields, and pale skin was considered beautiful. Once the industrial revolution happened, however, laborers were inside factories all day, getting paler, so suntans were a sign that you could afford to lie in the sun somewhere exotic. (Even though most of the time, this tan was courtesy of a sun lamp or QT.)

Personally, I favor the pale look, and it has served me well. My skin is relatively unlined and unspotted as a result. If only I could conquer gravity’s effects so easily.


Nars makes a lovely blush that looks like … blush .. your cheeks are just a little rosey. I sort of believe it isn’t the product though, it is the heavy/light hand applying the color.
Way back when I was working and someone did my make up for me, she would apply the powder blush then take cotton balls and brush it back off … what was left was perfect and natural. I do it myself these days :)


Never been a look I desired. Bleached hair and sunburn with too much mascara!
Why? when you are a beauty would you do that to yourself!

Marzi P.

Bobbi Brown makes a wonderful creamy blush in delicious colors. Like a commenter above, I stopped sunning in my teens and it really makes a difference on the wrinkle factor. We are fortunate to live in a time when make up can reproduce the sun-kissed look! So many choices!


She looks fabulous in this pic and in her early movies. But agree with Mimi she hasn’t aged well. Haven’t seen any recent pics of her but about 5-10 years ago her facial skin looked dreadful, like really old thick deeply creased dark brown leather. OK on a saddle maybe – but not for the face. Probably one of the reasons she keeps out of the limelight. Catherine Deneuve on the other hand still looks wonderful close up, her skin is so much lighter and not sun damaged. Of course she also made the decision not to try to stay skinny as she aged because she wanted more fullness in her face. Well I think that’s a good excuse! When I met her in Paris a couple of years ago she looked completely natural with very little make-up, beautifully but casually dressed and was utterly charming. Best wishes, Pammie


She aged like everyone else, who smoked and got suntanned ..
I love the fact that she didn’t go running to the plastic surgeon every year and erase all the character that she accumulated over the years. Sure there is sun damage but she lived and she looks like it. I am so very sick of the sight of these pathetic women who turn themselves into dept store mannequins with not a wrinkle on their face, having lost the ability to even smile their skin is so stretched … I find them a joke.
I know a woman who has a million winkles, she walks every day, she is in the sun but wears sunblock but she doesn’t smoke and she rarely has a glass of wine … I have seen men check her out and smile at her if she catches them at it ..
She is in her 80s ..She is beautiful .. she never smoked.


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