26 Oct 2019

Now Add The Poncho

Meryl Streep probably loves these too.

I’m talking ponchos – the relaxed kind – that takes the weekend wardrobe to another level. It’s the swap between the coat and the poncho I like; coming home and exchanging the warmth for the cuddly. We can curl up on the sofa, travel to the other side of the world or throw it over our favourite turtleneck and head out for the evening. A win with versatility.

Let’s not start on the structured and wonderful tailored capes or the evening versions to hit the runway this season – they deserve a story of their own. I’m talking about the oversized scarf and knitted style.

As a travel companion, it is perfect.

Not too heavy, not greedy when it comes to space and adds flair to simple black ankle pants and turtleneck.

Don’t dismiss how flattering the poncho can be.

If weekend wardrobe inspiration has escaped and that feeling,

“I always wear the same, look the same” is rearing then search no further; this will work.

Take Flight In These

eileen fisher poncho  ||  halogen rib poncho  ||  cashmere fringe trim poncho  ||  wool and cashmere poncho  ||  rag & bone open front poncho

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There is nothing as versatile as the poncho, especially the soft, sweatery kind. I have several, and when the weather finally changes to fall here in California, they are my “go to” especially for dashes to the flea market, walking the dog, or cozying up by the fire. Meryl would approve, I’m sure of it Vicki! Off to look at some of your favorites….

Linda B

You make a compelling case for the poncho, Vicki! I have not at all been tempted by the idea this garment until reading this. Now, you’ve got my attention (and the chill I am feeling in my house this morning also has me craving easy warmth!) The wheels are starting to turn in my head; as a knitter, creating a poncho out of fine yarn would be a lengthy but easy project to accomplish. Hmmm.

The last (and only?) poncho I ever had was one my grandmother crocheted me in the late 60’s or early 70’s, when I was in junior high. How I loved it, though it was more a style element than warm, as I recall, made of bright coral acrylic yarn in an open, fishnet sort of pattern. The memory is warm one, even if the poncho wasn’t so cozy!


Love reading all your dispatches Vicki. HOWEVER, whilst I am familiar with Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom whilst in my US visits the duty tax on items you advertise is SO hefty on arrival. Makes for declining even on sale items.
Can you not link up with some UK brands? Know the aforementioned must be backing you, but not serving your UK readers well.


Oh I love ponchos! They are an elegant blanket that can go anywhere with you. Hi, Vicki!


At just over five foot tall, I did hesitate about a poncho. Loved the idea, but worried if it would drown me. It really is a case of getting the proportions perfect for you. I found a beautiful merino wool shorter length one in a gorgeous marine navy colour (navy with a generous amount of sea green). I could live in it!! So perfect to layer ….. Lavender silk roll neck, poncho, dark violet merino snood, dark jeans ….. White cashmere polo neck, poncho, duck egg blue velvet scarf, marine navy maxi skirt. Have also found that it is possible to wear with a LBD on certain occasions


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