18 Nov 2012

Adorn And Embellish… The Old Fashioned Way

This tableau is one of my favourite collectibles… I found it in an English country antique shop nearly 20 years ago… These ‘women’ and I, have lived together happily for all that time… they have moved with me… to Australia and from Australia… I loved the femininity of the scene and the detail of their fashion… their hair, their dresses and their jewellery. When I study them, I am reminded of the saying, ‘what goes around comes around’… their braids are similar to many images I have been seeing lately… in magazines and on Pinterest… the lace details, the chiffon, the taffeta… I seem to be pinning all those luxurious fabrics onto my boards… And the jewellery… the statement necklaces and the bracelets.

I think we women are fortunate right now… fashion is applauding the art of dressing up… It has never been easier to wear a statement necklace, to adorn our ears or to jingle jangle with a load of bangles… I especially adore the agelessness of jewellery… there is no need to worry about the state of our knees or covering our upper arms… the problem of squeezing in and the indignity of a large number on the size tag disappears when we adorn ourselves with beautiful pieces… All we have to do is have the confidence to wear these embellishments… and I am finding that wearing a little sparkle, some lavish decoration is adding to my joie de vivre.

Charm & Chain is gorgeous and has the most beautiful selections of bijoux jewellery… it is the perfect place to start looking for Christmas gifts … Many of the pieces are made to order… so it’s wise to start early…

My discovery is Suzanna Dai… you can see all her exquisite designs… here

(the Crystal Weimar drops are in my basket…)

If you need some more convincing about the beauty of jewellery… be inspired…. here

and that leaves me to say have a wonderful, happy and safe weekend… enjoy the browsing… and see you next week… xv


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Francine gardner

Upper arms…knees…larger number on the tag…this is all too familiar to me. When in doubt I resort to one of my little black dress and a fabulous colorful necklace.

Anita Rivera


I love to spend my mornings with you and my other favorites before I start the day.

I love what you said about how today’s fashion allows us to experiment and wear the bangles and accessories and all the things that are feminine. And no matter what the size, we can all enjoy the good feeling of looking good. I for one, love to wear skirts. If I am going to my writing class, I wear my skirt with boots, accessories to match. To go to the mall, I love to feel energetic and slick and ready to run up those stairs in my heels. YES, AUX TALONS! And at school when I teach, I sometimes wear a tulle skirt. I have been known to kick a football in my tulle skirt!

Thank you for your lovely posts. This collectable you share is stunning and is a soft reminder that THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN – just our perception.

Have a grand day! Anita

Karen in CT

What a beautiful treasure you have. It’s just lovely. It is wonderful that we can mix up fashion today, and not be governed by too many rules. Happy Weekend


La Contessa

Love your GALS and love the fact they have been with you for years!I agree with you VICKIE,about fashion coming back!I hope your right about dressing up a tad bit more.We AMERICANS are very comfortable and casual in appearance to the point of having no style what so ever!I’m off to the OPERA tonight to see TOSCA in a BOX SEAT!My Birthday gift from my first born way back in July.I’ll let you know if the Gals and Gents were dressed “per bene!”Dont hold your breath!XXXX


Hi Vicki,
These lovely ladies seem to date to c. 1870. I had a few of these 19th c. fashion prints decorating my childhood bedroom….beautiful memories. Can’t quite imagine dressing this way. Have a wonderful week–can’t wait to see photos of the mas all decorated for Christmas.


Dear Vicki, I can’t quite believe that I have seen another tableau…I purchased four of them at an estate sale in West Palm in Florida about 20 years ago, mine are soft yellows and cream…. I could not part with them either!!
Yes, the ladies remind me as well, that the art of dressing was and always shall be a ritual to drive us insane perhaps! I am happy to embellish these days, as it seems to be coming back into fashion again, and yes everything that goes around comes around….another lovely post, thank you, N.xo


Vicki I feel like there is no greater time than for women to take joy in themselves. The body does not matter when it is fashionably dressed, with jewelry and a scarf. We can be proud as bloggers to encourage all to accept themselves as they are!

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Pauline from Phillip Island

I love beautiful jewelry too, Vicki. I especially love pieces that I have bought when traveling so that each time I wear them they remind me of where I have been. I bought a lovely ring on my recent trip to France and I only have to glance at it to be transported back to that beautiful place. It wasn’t expensive but it makes me feel wonderful whenever I wear it.


Your tableau is great fun and quite mesmerising and I’ve not seen one before. Although the lady in the centre seems to be the ‘it girl’ I am drawn to the flesh toned gown on the left with the twist detail, very clever. I can see why you treasure it.

Helen Tilston

Good Morning Vicki

I can understand why your tableau has travelled with you and holds a place in your heart. It is a beautiful composition.
You are so right, we are living in a time where the clothing and jewellery is flattering and beautiful.

To a glorious weekend

Helen xx

The enchanted home

Hi Vicki! I love the sentiment about how the size tag disappears when we adorn ourselves with beautiful baubles..I like that very much!
I agree dressing up (if you are so inclined) is more acceptable today, you see many women particularly in cities, jazzing up their outfits with great jewelry, fun faux fur pieces, high heels are experiencing an all time high for sure, glamming it up is “hot” right now. I regret to say I don’t do it often, not nearly like I used to. But when I do, I have to say I feel like a million bucks!

Enjoy your weekend.

Pamela RG

Your tableau is exquisite. So enchanting. I love it. I will be inspired to look at it everyday. Those ladies are like your family now. They are lovely ladies!


Lovely ladies on parade. I do need to go through my jewelry box and pull out something vintage….I have an old Chanel Necklace that I think may be worn for Thanksgiving day. Thank-you for the inspiration.


I think your tableau ‘inspired’ every Aussie Rules footy club to do their version – the ubiquitious framed signed club jumper. Yours is much prettier! Am wearing so many ropes of jewellery these days MOTH’s taken to calling me Queen Mary.
Millie xx

Kim Grey

What a beautiful antique picture. I love the added embellishment. I have never seen anything like it before! Also, thank you for the link to such lovely jewelry. I’ve pinned a few things already!


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