1 Feb 2017

Alexandra Shulman: Having An Eye

Alexandra Shulman : Having The Eye on vickiarcher.com

Alexandra Shulman is moving on.

Bestselling novelist, OBE and mother of British Vogue, Alexandra Shulman most certainly has the ‘’eye’’.

Her ‘’eye’’ goes beyond the physical aesthetic of a fashion editorial, and delves into something more passionate, a meaningful and elaborate reflection of the Vogue reader.

Having an ‘’eye’’ is more elaborate than the usual observation. It refines her vision to consist of the subtle details. From the way one special page of British Vogue is laid out, to the unique selection process of a photoshoot, one can be sure that Alexandra Shulman will have contributed with her sparkling taste.

Having the ‘’eye’’ for fashion may be her proficiency, but it is not her boundary. Writing two short stories in her time, Shulman shows off an impeccable ability to write both fiction and fashion.

Shulman is omniscient when it comes to having the ‘’eye’’ in an all rounded repertoire. Her office space at Vogue HQ is a palace for any interior lover, decorated beautifully with all her favourite things. Floor to ceiling bookcases feature the likes of Maison Valentino’s autobiography and the complete Galliano collection, all essentials which illuminate Alexandra’s notorious editing.

Alexandra Shulman : Having The Eye on vickiarcher.comAlexandra Shulman : Having The Eye on vickiarcher.com

Ironically, there is so much more to Shulman than just her work with Vogue. Over the past 25 years being the editor, she has expressed her opinions on issues surrounding the modelling and fashion industry, particularly the troubles she finds with body image. Despite her heavy responsibility and need to maintain the status she carries, Shulman continues to stick to her principles both in and out of work in a way which stabilises her views and curates her ‘’eye’’.

Having the ‘’eye’’ can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, your individual taste can be redefined from day to day, keeping your wardrobe fresh and current. However, for those moments when you just can’t find that one specific item you’re lusting for, your ‘’eye’’ can be mischievous.

Developing your eye, arguably, comes with age. With age comes experience, and the palate for the finer things in life. Discovering what compliments you is the ultimate foundation, and your detailed knowledge of the perfect cuts, fits and colours will guide the way.

If you’re lucky enough to have a natural ‘’eye’’ then it is in your best interest to cherish this. Nourish your intuitions with adventures than inspire you, places that motivate you, and people that make you wonder.

Alexandra Shulman, you are a blessing to the world of fashion, and it is your ‘’eye’’ we have to thank.

What will be next?

Alexandra Shulman: Having An Eye by Megan Goodey

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Anita Rivera

That “eye” is truly a blessing. It’s a joy to watch someone realise what they see in their mind, to arrange it, to display it. I am learning!


Hi Vicki
As one of your English readers and devotee of British Vogue and House and Garden since childhood, I have simply, the most enormous amount of admiration for Alexandra Shulman.
I think we are lucky that she was the editor of Vogue for so many years and has shared her gifts with us. I so enjoyed the documentary following the celebrations of the centenary year. In particular to see ‘at work’ Alexandra and Lucinda Chambers, whom I met a long time ago in the 80s and consider to be the finest stylists in the world. They are both such wonderful women, true icons of our time and such lovely people.
But it was the exhibition British Vogue 100 years of style that touched me, indeed. I was so fortunate that they showed in Manchester, I went twice and there I realised just how much influence and inspiration I have gained from Vogue throughout my life. It was one of the most beautiful wonderful things I have EVER seen.
Although I am a trained interior designer and florist and now work solely in those areas, I spent several of my early years making designer evening and bridal gowns. I still do a lot of beadwork on my own dresses, and am often inspired in different ways by Vogue
Vogue you are very close to the hearts of so many, and this is due in no small measure to Alexandra Shulman and Lucinda Chambers
I do hope you also saw the Vogue exhibition dear Vicki,
Love to you, Sally xx


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