18 Apr 2016

All About Ruuby: The New Generation Of Beauty

All About Ruuby, London's Beauty Concierge, vickiarcher.com

I have been meaning to tell you all about Ruuby.

I need to start at the beginning.

I woke up today and thought I want to tell you about my girl; I am proud of what she has accomplished and sometimes as mothers we forget to sing our children’s praises enough.

My daughter Venetia has always been clever and I know it is her mother speaking but I am allowed to tell you. She is gorgeous, fun, vibrant and totally brilliant.

What I love about her most, she has no fear.

She takes risks, faces change head on and is comfortable with doing so; the mother less so when it comes to some of her “risks”.

She had an excellent academic career, ticked all the boxes and started her working life in a very highbrow and intellectual space. We thought she had found her metier and would settle into her world and march her way up.

I should of known better; she is my daughter.

A year or so ago she told us, out of the blue, she had an idea for her own business. Why was I surprised? This was the child who had one entrepreneurial idea after another as a little girl.

The surprise was the idea.

She wanted to create an app for beauty bookings in London; a concierge service for all beauty requirements both at home and in salons and spas. Venetia saw a gap in the market and she filled it.

She forgot her old life of political risk assessment and turned her mind to the business of beauty.

In her words, “Jump and the net will appear.” I admire her bravery; she has probably had the most challenging time of her life but also the most rewarding.

Along came Ruuby.

Ruuby with two “u”s and a whole lot of beauty.

Ruuby has revolutionised the way I have my beauty treatments. The best thing about a daughter with a beauty app is I get to be spoilt. Every salon has to be screened and every therapist trialled; no complaints here.

The home treatments are my favourite.

Beauty at home saves so much time whether I want to cover the basics or relax and have a spa like massage. London is a city that takes energy to get about; Ruuby saves all that.

If you are coming to London download the app; it is as easy as Uber but so much more fun.

If not you can read her Ruuby magazine here for the latest and greatest in beauty.

Sometimes mothers just can’t help themselves, xv.

All About Ruuby

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Mimi Gregor

Congratulations on having such an intelligent and courageous daughter! Her attitude is undoubtedly the secret of her success. With such a philosophy, she will go far.


She is courageous, Mimi… she has given me a few frights in her day ;)
Her attitude is fantastic and I watch and learn all the time… actually from all my 3.. Amazing how smart they are today.. I was a much slower learner… :)

Our French Oasis

Utterly brilliant, so glad she had the courage to go with what she believed in, well done you for instilling that courage and belief in herself. Bravo for letting us all know about it, even if we are not in London, sometimes it just feels good to let the world know how proud we are of our children.


That’s what I thought Susan,
And hopefully you will come through London one day and take advantage. It is hard being in an unfamiliar city and not knowing where to have what done… :)


Thank You for sharing, Vicki. You certainly raised your daughter very well and you should be very proud of that! Congratulations and God Bless!!

Audrey Friedman

WOW!!!!! How fabulous. I know where I will look next time I am in London, at the Ruuby app.
What a wonderful idea. From how it sounds, she might expand and if she chooses the NY or Dallas market, it will be a huge success here.
I am proud for you.
Much love……


Vicki, how exciting and what a creative, bright young woman you have for a daughter!!

The Arts by Karena

Monique@The Urban Mum

Oh and as you should! I will be passing this on to my Chelsea based sister – just the ticket for her…and I applaud from the sidelines in Sydney, until my next visit to London when I can try for myself. Congratulations Venetia – fanastic spirit, fabulous idea… xx

Anita Rivera

Good evening Vicki!

I am late but so much enjoying this post! I don’t think you have shared much about your children, and this is such a sensational hommage to any woman of any age who dares to not only follow but SEIZE her dreams. What a clever girl indeed she is! You must be proud.


No reading glasses handy syndrome! The next time I am in London, I will certainly book through Ruuby!

Sam Hoffer

Congratulations Venetia. Your new app sounds so exciting. I can envision it becoming a world-wide success. As you say, it fills a need and that is what becoming an entrepreneur is all about. I can certainly understand your parental pride Vicki.

Sande Chase

I had missed this one Vicki. I can picture Venetia quite well, she would be your daughter in all ways! Canada would do well with her app,Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver ! It would be fabulous! Congratulations Venetia! xx


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