6 Feb 2021

All I Want Is A “Hoodie”

All I Want Is A Hoodie on vickiarcher.com

Who would have thought?

My birthday request this year was a strange one. “I would like a hoodie, please”. 

This from the woman who has rigorously avoided the “athleisure” look for many a long year. How I have changed when a sweatshirt can brighten my day and give as much pleasure as the latest Balenciaga. And the best news, they listened.

I was spoilt this birthday and my wardrobe to go walkabout every day has greatly improved with new trainers, new sweats and a most beloved cashmere hoodie. How luxurious and protective it is. A sign of the times has me feeling comfortable cocooned like this when I am out and about. It’s not that I’m wandering around London, Lupin style (the best series on Netflix – you must watch) but that having the hood is like an inbuilt scarf. That extra fabric behind and to the side does feel cosy.

Then there is the cosy cotton. Soft and snuggly makes for great comfort in a hoodie or sweatshirt. My new-found wardrobe welcomes them both but I do have a penchant for the hoodie.

Who would have thought? xv

All I Want Is A Hoodie

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Happy birthday dear Vicki! Well, this entire lockdown and past year has changed us all and I too have said to myself, “Who would have thought that I’d….” – we will come out of this changed and I hope that for the most part, it’s for the good. As far as our wardrobes, I know I’m going to have a much broader style than ever before and hoodies and comfortable leisure wear are part of my wardrobe now too! Enjoy!

connie hobbs

I love hoodies! Happy belated birthday Vickie! Really like the Michael Stars…thanks for the tip!❤️


Yes, my hoodies are definitely getting a work out now we are walking most days, weather permitting.
My favorites include a camel cashmere M&S (Oxford St.) purchase last time home in 2019, a silver grey fuzzy wool zip-up from H&M, and a black cotton blend boxy Nike. Can’t say I actually pull the hoods up often, but as you say the extra warmth around the neck is comforting, especially now I have short hair!
Enjoy your new one Vicki – and walking in London past lovely homes as in your photo makes me homesick – they are so elegant and such perfect paint shades!
Enjoy the weekend – stay well.
Kisses – Mary


I do miss a foray into Oxford St and Mayfair, Mary… I must do a long walk down Bayswater and enjoy the sites… I have been keeping out of major areas for obvious reasons but I do miss them. The hoods, strangely enough, make me feel like I’m more dressed ..silly… but that extra fabric feels good :)


Who would have thought?……it’s Corona-time… a healthy and happy new Year of Age,
dear Vicki

Helen Meo

How sad it is that I am no longer inspired by the people I see in the streets, the standard of presentation has declined so much since COVID. The ‘comfortable’ I see screams “no effort” ,,, I simply don’t understand this phenomenon.


You will be again, Helen.. I feel sure we will all snap back in time and embrace our fashion selves :)

Deborah Peterson Milne

I do not own a hoodie,, I’ve missed out! Happy belated birthday to you, Vicki. Here’s to all the happiness to come. Much love xx

Linda B

Happy birthday, dearest Vicki! It is always lovely when family members listen and fulfill one’s fond wishes.

I am gradually learning to love hoodies myself. In fact, I have been searching and searching for a new bathrobe for months, and none suited me until last week I found one that is essentially an elongated, midi length hoodie, in grey organic cotton. Best robe ever for lounging about the chilly house, first thing in the morning!

Now to head out for my morning neighborhood walk–in a “regular” hoodie.


Happy Birthday Vicki!! My satirical choices look nothing like they did last year, which is a good thing. My neutral loving self is developing a love of color! I wonder if it will remain after life returns to our mew normal. Hoodies aren’t in my wheelhouse yet, but I’ve learned to never say never.


Thank you, Jennifer… Me too… I am surprised at my choices and what get’s me going these days!

Jerrie Bishop

Is your birthday on February 5th?! If so, that is my birthday also! 🎂 In any case, February birthday greetings to you from Seattle, USA. 😺

Michelle à Détroit

Vicki, I send you a big happy, belated birthday wish! I LOVE my black cashmere hoodie-a secret, low key bit of luxury. I prefer the zip up style so that I can more easily layer it.


Happy birthday Jerrie, mine is 5th Feb as well. Happy birthday Vicki. No need for hoodies in Perth (Australia) at the moment, but between bushfires and cylones and covid it is all happening. I had a quality birthday dinner with my daughters .. it is the small things that are important.


Belated Happy Birthday Vicki!! Sounds like you had a great one!
I have always loved hoodies..don’t know why because I rarely used the hood untill now. We have had a much cooler weather here this winter and have enjoyed wearing my soft sweats. Cashmere, cotton blends as well as cashmere/wool blends have come a long way in making us all comfortable. So glad you have enjoyed yours.
Like you, I have my bouts of feeling anxious and it comes and goes quickly…if the sun is shining I grab a jacket and take a walk, get up and do stretches, think of something that I am grateful for…much like we all are doing these days.
I reread your book My French Life and wondered if you were able to go back there and enjoy all that you refurbished. St Remy sounds like a dream to me now as I know that we won’t be traveling any time soon. 2022 is a goal I have for travel so I continue to clean up and delete my old pictures and enjoy those times again of all of my exploring. Take care and continue to update us as to what is happening in fashion, skin care, trainers, gardening and books/netflix.
Joueaux Anniversaire!


I subscribed to your blog a few years and had to unsubscribe. I would love to begin again but my address keeps getting rejected as I unsubscribed in the past. They think I’m spam? Please help!


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