20 Mar 2018

Always Astier De Villatte

Always Astier de Villatte on vickiarcher.com

Some things stay very much the same and astier de Villatte is one of them.

What stays the same is my love for their beautiful porcelain and incredible aesthetic.  Yes, they have stunning new designs which only adds to their charm but essentially it is their white on white that speaks to me.

When the time came to think about breakfast porcelain for our new project, La Maison du Village in St Remy, I knew it was the perfect fit. It is not the most practical of choices but neither are many of my others. This boutique hotel will be our home in spirit so practicality will never be confused with love and attention to detail. I might not be there when you visit, at least not all the time, but I want the ambience to feel as if I am.

Please remind me of my impractical nature when the white antique linen covers are permanently at the dry cleaners. You know what? I don’t mind because beauty is for every day and France is home to so much beauty, we must take advantage and celebrate it.


Choosing the cups, saucers, plates and accessories invited a lot of ‘one for the hotel and one for me’ kind of thinking. The temptation and decision making was hard – I wanted it all and in particular their jugs and more decorative pieces. I did regain my focus and stick with coffee and teacups, bowls and plates. And maybe a few pretty hot chocolate cup additions.

Always Astier de Villatte on vickiarcher.com

The pieces will arrive very soon and that will be one unpack I won’t mind.

La Maison du Village is coming together – the beds arrived yesterday – that must be a positive sign.

And all I am waiting on now are the lights to be hung and the curtains to be made. Can’t wait to show you. xv

Can’t Get To Paris?

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Terri Symington

… Oh, how I love this shop! Between my eyes and my fingers, it is a feast! It’s as if my fingers have little magnets in them and I have to pick up and touch them…

Taste of France

I think most people who visit France want to feel like they’re in France and not some nondescript modern space that could be interchangeably inserted around the world.
Eagerly awaiting the reveal.


the headline says it all….and we have to shop this that things stay much the same

Gina O

Vicki this porcelain is always inspiring! Be sure to check out http://revesdargile.canalblog.com as well. Mo is an hour from St. Remy and I love her items and prices! What is really great about these items is they can go in the oven too! I love the whimsy and creativity.

Dianne Estes

I fell in love with this china on a trip to France in 1999. Bought quite a bit of dinnerware then addingsomething every trip…Never tire of it. So unique


Love Astier de Villatte. Always a must visit whenever we’re in Paris. Already know what I want next time – a couple of those medium sized bubble bowls for my dressing table for easy surface storage of jewellery baubles – one for faux pearls, the other for chunky black and silver, eg onyx and silver bracelets etc. Plus another large white ceramic hand for display storage of my chunky rings, specially the silver ones. Already have one and it’s fabulous. Have converted my large dressing table essentially to black and white things, including two black Third Empire vintage wooden boxes embossed with tiny brass grapes found at brocantes in the South, a much loved black Eames bird (found last year at the Pompidou Centre boutique), an old black Asian ceramic bowl filled with different coloured amber beads. My other plan is to buy a scented candle in a black, grey and white Fornasetti holder.
So looking forward to seeing the finished results at La Maison de Village! And any news on a future boutique hotel in Paris. Best wishes, Pamela


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