23 Jan 2016

Amanda Harlech: Another Beautiful Face

“Karl enters into your world like a shining star, so compulsive and irresistible.”

amanda harlech photographed by Alasdair McLellan, Another Beautiful Face, vickiarcher.com

“His creative eye becomes like a lens through which we can learn something.”


Amanda Harlech

Amanda Harlech, another very beautiful face.
She is a style leader, consultant and muse to Karl Lagerfeld.

Amanda Harlech’s style is particular, strong and quirky in the way that English women do so well.

This year I want to bring you a series of “beautiful faces’. Faces that aren’t 20 or even 30 but faces that have lived a little and faces that may be imperfect or not in the traditional mould. We will be featuring women who can inspire us to live our beauty life with honesty and contentment and women who encourage us to be the best version of ourselves.

Speaking of beauty I am continuing my love affair with this serum and correction cream. As the months pass I am trying new products from the range; at the moment I am using the sleep and peel facemask.

In a word; it is fantastic.

This mask evens the texture and results in more radiant looking skin.

According to the hype, “This velvety night cream is enriched with a cocktail of six hydroxy AHA and BHA acids which give the cream a perfectly safe peeling effect and allow the formula to take action on dark spots, wrinkles and imperfections.”

This mask works wonders and is very deserving of its reputation.

Depending on sensitivity, the mask works best when used on a regular basis, every couple of nights for the best results.

Sleeping, peeling and brightening while sleeping, win/win.

This one is a keeper. xv

For That Beautiful Face

filorga sleep and peel resurfacing night cream

images of amanda harlech by alasdair mclellan and interviewed by alain elkann

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At 07.25 in Provence, I opened your email recommending Filorga Sleep and Peel, and had to chuckle, because I had just spent 15 minutes cleansing it away from use last night. I too discovered this range a few months ago and have become a devotee. At 67, one can’t expect miracles, but even in my 5x magnifying mirror I see an improvement. Brighter, smoother, and definitely less creased. Have you tried the Time Filler Eyes yet? Magic…….

Anita Rivera

It is exciting to see a face that resembles mine….one with the hint of aging but with eyes that still sparkle youth. She is FABULOUS and full of STYLE!

Laurie Sliben

I agree! Celebrating women of all ages – celebrating the passage of time – gives us something to look forward to. It’s not that I don’t enjoy seeing photos of young ladies, but seeing REAL women, full of life, is so inspiring! I look forward to reading more of your Beautiful Faces posts!


HI VICKI. Another FAB post!! LOVE to see pictures of women d’un certain age who actually show a new kind of beauty – all formed by their lives well lived or not – they are real, unapologetic and not hidden under a thick mask of make-up. Couple years ago I decided to embrace my authentic self and these days I do not wear make-up and do not color my hair anymore. I am embracing all of me – my lines and even my white hair – I have really earned them and I am actually enjoying seeing how my body is slowly changing . It has served me well and has never let me down even when I have mistreated my body with certain foods, drink, negative thoughts, health issues….I need to treat my body with respect it deserves now. I still do keep a lovely skin cleansing and skin nourishing routine, but this time it is all natural plant and flower based. I feel good about putting that on my skin. We need more genuine photos of women in the media and we as women need to come to the realization that it is okay to embrace our “new” beauty in our later years – if and when – we want to and we don’t have to apologize for doing so. Most men do it all the time and they are considered distinguished -looking……..great post, Vicki and enjoy lovely Aspen with all its deliciousness, too!!


This fantastic idea to buy a special scent for a special reason/movie is very empathetic (to choose the right one). I love C.D. much better in her older years …in her appearance and performances too. She is one of a paradigm that matured women can look wonderful and erotic


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