23 May 2020

An Oldie But A Goldie

An Oldie But A Goldie on vickiarcher.com

Pieces that work, simply work.

World events have made it hard to focus on fashion and what we are wearing because frankly none of us is that interested. It has seemed far too unimportant to talk simply about what’s new, what we want or any of the regular chat that fills our old style days.

At VA, I have used myself as a “fashion barometer” in every feature I write and had the personal approach of wanting, needing or knowing a piece is an excellent addition to the wardrobe. If it doesn’t check those boxes then I haven’t been inclined to talk about it. For the last few months, I haven’t felt this is the page any of us are on and I have been wearing a few favourite dresses, a pair of ever-faithful sweats and most recently my jeans.

Once the jeans came on and thankfully they did without the coathanger trick the question was what to wear on top?

(For those asking – lie flat on the bed, really flat, place the hook of a wire coat hanger through the eye hole of the zipper and pull cautiously. It works but don’t rush it and wait for the denim to stretch. Once you are up and about the denim will give and the jeans will be easy to zip up. With button-ups it’s harder – try placing the coat hanger in the buttonhole and gently pull across; be very gently and take baby movements. Once one is done up, the next one will be easier. Leave the last button until the jeans stretch enough not to constrict any breathing ;))

So, on top? I haven’t needed to face this music because the sweats come with their own obvious choice and the dresses leave me right out of it. Then I remembered the leopard blouse. It is its own version of a sweatshirt for me – wear it anytime, anywhere and it is comfortable – with the added bonus of looking as if I made an effort when really I didn’t give it more than 30seconds.

Leopard print should never be under-estimated and especially the blouse. I promise not to ever again. xv

Leopard Lovely: Take Your Pick

georgette leopard  ||  tie-neck leopard  ||  ruched leopard  ||  ruffle neck leopard  ||  silk chiffon leopard ||  silk leopard  ||  longline leopard

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I love this look Vicki, thank you for reminding me of the value of a great blouse. I tend to opt for sweaters and soft knits coming from Canada where our winters are harsh. Blouses bring a completely different mood and look to the table. Almost like the difference between wearing a dress versus a tailored suit. I need to up my blouse game and will be on the prowl for a few! You look amazing btw! Stay well.


You look chic in the Leo blouse but honestly I don’t like it in combi with the jeans….and I totally agree with the first paragraph. But will it change our view forever?

Ms. Beau Miller

Yes to everything you are wearing…Love your glasses …Love your shoes…Hair ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ so enjoy your vidios….Thank you…


Love your look & love leopard–including with colored backgrounds like grey, red, beige. But if I’m around the house I am just not comfortable in jeans–they’re just too thick. I like workout pants or some variation of pull-on stretch pants/leggings by HUE. I am wearing earrings/rings/watch now, everyday, at home and I do wear nice but comfy tops that I would otherwise wear with jeans. And I can easily go to the market or drugstore like that with a cute jacket or sweater over it and sport or walking shoes.


I think this is such a relevant fashion topic Vicki, because so many of us have been working remotely where only the upper half of ourselves has been exposed! It has been through these last two months of making half-of-me Google Meet appearances that I have realized I have very little in my collection of tops! Therefore, your topic is spot on for me.

I don’t know if I’m returning to the school building in the fall and if we are not, then I need to add some good tops to my collection. Pre-lock down days, I made sure I had a good selection of skirts for my work but now, I need to think about those tops. I love your choice and I just may invest in some fun shirts/sweaters to make my Meets fashionable!


I think our wardrobes are in for a big shakeup, Anita … we will all feel very differently about fashion going forwards for many reasons. :)


Vicki, I like your jeans, I like your slippers, I like your leopard and the combo with the jeans, your hair is so pretty as well as your glasses….as always you look fab. I can not wear jeans…wished I could because I probably would wear them every day with a tee. I get dressed every day in an outfit…doesn’t have to be fancy but has to be comfy. And alway wear lipstick. I guess I inherited these traits from my mum. She always looked comfortable and nice and always had her pink lipstick on. She is 92 and in an assisted facility ….worried about her as she has been on lock down since March.


I can imagine how you are worried Jeanne… it’s very tough on the elderly when life is challenging enough already.
Thank you for the lovely compliments :)

Michelle á Détroit

I love this duo, Vicki. Very chic. The slippers add a bit of luxurious zip. You look terrific in jeans! I am putting my winter clothes away-lamenting the cute little suits and spring pieces that won’t be worn this year. My only purchase this spring was a pair of much needed Hunter wellies for tramping around here. Alas, they are now made in China, like everything else.


Really?? Even traditional wellies… the Hunters?? I am sad about that :(
It is like Provence in London so I am looking for the summer dresses.. when the sweats are too hot ;)
Oh I miss wearing a blazer.. maybe I will and pretend I have an appointment… with myself!


Since Houston has partially opened up I’ve been out to dinner twice. 50% Occupancy, so there’s lots of space between table. None of the diners had masks, but all the staff at each place. Fashion is evolving in a totally new way because of this hideous pandemic. Much more sustainable will be key. And, actually, to me this is a good thing as the older I am the more I think about the obsession (unnecessary) for the NEW. This is one of the major reasons I love love love Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen’s The Row Collections. They have always seen fashion this way. A few of the best possible pieces in each collection, but pieces made of and in the finest ways, you can almost wear them inside out. Once purchased, they will never ever wear out, and the lines are so beautifully classic and elegant I don’t get tired of them either. I’m not a jeans girl at all, but I totally get what you’re saying here. I’m either “at home” looking shabby, or going out to the grocer, pharmacy, errands with casual day clothes, or out to dinner with what I call my “basics.” Black & white mostly. I’m unafraid of the virus, but have friends and family who really are, and we will definitely change some of the things we do going forward. But I love NFL football, people in stadiums cheering, love great parties, so I’m hoping this part of us doesn’t change. And, Tom Brady made a hole in one yesterday at a charity golf match !!! Just made my day !!! Sending love, Vicki-Poo


The Row… swoon… so seriously fabulous… I’m so happy to hear you are out and about .. I can’t wait… we aren’t able to here as yet.
Tom Brady… everything about him is swoonworthy :) ;)


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