22 May 2019

And The Bracelet Is Back


I always do as I am told. Well almost always.

When my daughter said I had to show the bracelets from the Heart Of Gold Collection, she meant it. No hiding, no talking my way through it – she said I have to wear them, have fun and show you how they look and fit. Ok, so we do as our daughters say.

I want to show you how they look on.

My style instinct likes bracelets mixed up and cluttered; worn in every which way. Bracelets and especially decorative ones are for show and impact. The ones I have chosen for this collection are bold and beautiful. I wear my bracelets stacked, the more the merrier or depending on my mood I will wear one standout alone. Today we played.

What I love about these is they have room to move, they are not tight and can be worn with others if that’s your liking.


Why the bracelet?

Bracelets are the most brilliant accessories.

Easy to wear and they don’t pinch, make our necks look short or highlight any unwanted pounds. Sizes are friendly and they invariably fit.

Bracelets are an easy add on to a very simple outfit; they elevate.

A sheath dress rocks with an armload of bangles or a signature piece; the tailored suit is everything with a pair of bracelets.

Bracelets make the perfect travel companions.

Travelling with the “real” thing is an unnecessary risk these days. These decorative beauties are as interesting and pretty as any modern piece.

Today at 12pm EST I will be live chatting on THE EMPORIUM.

I’ll be at my computer for a couple of hours and if you have any questions about the collection, please ask.

I would love to chat, help you choose or style a bracelet for you. xv

Let’s Wear These

the maple leaf  ||  the jingle bell  ||  the guerlain ||  the floral wrap  ||  the petite pearl


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Great pictures and they really help show what they look like on the wrist. :)


VICKI! You nailed it. From a photography point of view, the pose showing off the bracelets, how genius is that! Perfectly done.

Secondly, you look marvelous. I really love the look of all the bracelets stacked together, the long hair (I’m not giving in to cutting mine, it’s getting long!) and the perfectly chosen clothing and your choice of glass frames…it’s all done perfectly. Would you be willing to give a tutorial on the types of eyeglass frames suitable for us women over a certain age, with long hair? Please do!


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