26 Mar 2016

Annette Bening: Another Beautiful Face

Annette Bening, vickiarcher.com

I don’t really have a choice. I’m getting older.


Annette Bening


So am I, Annette Bening and like you I am very happy about it.

I have always admired Bening’s work and found her an attractive personality.

Her films are some of those I watch over and over; there is something infectious and compelling about her screen presence.

One of my favourites, dare I admit to this when her body of work includes such greats as American Beauty, Being Julia, Bugsy, The Kids are all Right and The Face of Love, is Regarding Henry.

Don’t ask me why I like it, it is one of those romantic-happy-ending scenarios that appeals and puts me in a bright place. I am all for that.

Annette Bening is truly another beautiful face.

She has aged sensitively and with great self-confidence. In her words, “I like being a veteran, I have fewer illusions.”

It seems not only her attitude but also her style is laid back and the way she dresses, tailored with a twist, is how I would describe her fashion sense.

As for beautiful faces, after the winter hibernation, mine is none too perky.

I have been using a twice-weekly exfoliant to try and breathe a little life back. It is the Glyco Extreme Peel from Natura Bissé and I tried out this product the same day I discovered their miracle mask. Like the Diamond Mask, I went and bought the Glyco Extreme straight away.

The lotion tingles but doesn’t sting and leaves the skin feeling extremely smooth. I don’t expect a miracle but it does help my serum and creams to penetrate and maximise their benefits.

I am going to treat my skin for a month to six weeks and leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash off. It’s very simple but has fabulous results.

Beautiful faces need a little pick me up sometimes, xv.

Another Beautiful Face

natura bissé glyco extreme peel at net a porter // natura bissé glyco extreme peel at neiman marcus

image annette bening

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Taste of France

She is beautiful. I like her kind of undone hair, which she has worn since the “Grifters.”
And she got the notoriously roaming Warren Beatty to settle down, for a long time now.

Anita Rivera

And she’s got it right: SMILE at the future. She is a beautiful face, indeed.

Lisa DeNunzio

Anyone who can capture the heart and mind of Warren Beatty is more than a pretty face.
Beauty, style and sensibility all in one. An inspiration!


Annette truly embraces her age and I adore her laugh lines!! Brava!

Featuring Artist Scott McBee


Have never posted here before but had to because I Love AB. Have ever since her first movie, The Grifters. It’s not a romantic movie but it’s good and she is dynamite in it.


I agree, she is aging so well and gracefully. I have been having an especially extra tough time with my skin this year. No matter how much I have been treating it this year, putting on moisturizing masks, gently exfoliating, serums etc. It is just an awful, dry mess. It’s red, blotchy, not smooth, flaky, looks dehydrated even though I am really caring for it twice daily and have been on top of my diet like a hawk eliminating toxic foods and drinks to try and figure this out and yes, No wine!. Maybe, it is this awful cold weather that keeps fluctuating daily……..augh, no selfies for me right now, that’s for sure.


hello Fran…yes I understand…a suggestion…stop using everything…cleanse your face with spring or distilled water only and once a week a very very gentle home made scrub…use jojoba oil to remove eye make up…make your own moisturiser…I have been using Rosemary Gladstar’s perfect face cream for years now ( after my face began rebelling as yours is…I used an expensive skin care range as well and still ended up as you have ) and the recipe for that and many other beautiful body care recipes including her gentle face scrub are in her herbal books…keep your diet pure and drink plenty of water and everything will heal…and your skin will be glowing and beautiful no matter what time of the year…etc etc…she wants you to love her not the corporations ubiquitousness…you are unique and your soul knows it…and only you can figure of what you need tailor made…Janice ps people cant believe my age:-)


Also LOVED her in The American President!1. My husband loves that movie as well ?


I just read that she has actually had a bit of this and that and Botox done .. but it doesn’t make her look different, just a little smoother. Which in my opinion is wonderful. If I didn’t have this thing about needles, I would be tempted..


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