20 Sep 2017

Dame Judi Dench: Another Beautiful Face

Another Beautiful Face; Judi Dench on vickiarcher.com

Dame Judi Dench has a luminous face.
She has a face that shouts out beauty from within and a face to make me feel like we are old friends.

We are best friends if you count all the film, television and theatre performances I have watched. Of course I don’t know her at all but she does have a most convincing persona. Perhaps it is her winning smile or the happiness in her eyes but whatever her secret, it is working. She looks like a woman who has grabbed life with both hands and cherished the moments.

Who is to say if this is true as nothing is ever as it appears on the surface? This is simply the impression Judi Dench portrays and one worthy to emulate.

Her acting is wonderful and her many roles diverse but what I notice about Judi Dench is her constancy. She doesn’t really change and I think she has aged with such grace and beauty. Her style stays very true to whom she is and the older Judi has a very similar signature to the younger one.

Her hair has stayed in a short pixie cut. Shades have gone from auburn to fabulous platinum and the layers soft or spiky but in general it’s much the same. She is obviously a woman who knows what she likes and what suits her.

The all over platinum has to be my next “hair” stage and I can’t wait. I am not sure how to make it happen; I don’t want to go back to colouring and there is still much colour in my grey – any tips?

Dame Judi Dench would also seem to be partial to a necklace, especially the fine versions. In many of her photographs she wears a myriad of delicate necklaces in different lengths.

Recently I admired a small monogrammed necklace given to my daughter for her birthday.

Her girlfriend had chosen her an “E” to match the “V” she had given my other daughter earlier in the year. Jokingly I said I didn’t want to be left out. When I arrived home from my travels, this divine girl surprised me with my very own “V” and it’s not even my birthday. One thing I am eternally grateful for are the gorgeous young things who bring so much joy into my life through my children.

Next we are moving on to middle initials – why stop at one? I think Dame Judi would approve. xv

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Not only is she gorgeous but she has her wits about her !! I hope that when I am 82 years of age, I can still remember who I am ! lol
I have been watching re-runs of As Time Goes By ….


She is an inspiration proves you can age and not get old. Love short hair I have been wearing a pixie most of my life and now like it best that it is gray.


Funny how we like the thing we fear oftentimes … I am liking my grey more and more too… especially all the time I save at the hairdresser!


I have entered my 60’s….a time where as a woman, you grapple with the aging process for no matter the creams and exfoliation, those wrinkles are there to stay. What to do? You look at woman a little further down the road than you to see how they have dealt with the inevitable march of time. There are those who turn to the needle and knife, who jab and pull those wrinkles into submission but eventually, they look like a parody of themselves…I mean, you aren’t kidding anyone that you have found the Fountain of Youth. I think here of great ladies, Jane Fonda, Sophia Loren, and even Nicole Kidman who’s faces don’t move anymore. But Dame Judi Dench has embraced age as much as any role that she has taken on. She glows, she twinkles, she reduces with one hard stare and she triumphs over time. She and others like her, Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren to name a few others, are my role models on how to age without submission, without pretension and taking no prisoners…especially themselves!


Adore her! Can you tell me what the knack is to wearing multiples of fine chains? I’ve tried it on the basis of having seen Jennifer Aniston rock the look but mine always end up so tangled, twisting together gradually so that a few hours in they are virtually woven together around my neck …


I simply adore Judi Dench…..if I had a wish granted to meet anyone in the world I can safely say it would be her (and secretly hope she would bring along her good friend Maggie Smith). Two such amazing woman. I think a LOT of younger actresses could learn a lot from her, so refreshing to see a woman in her 80’s not trying to look as though she is in her 60’s……long live Judi!!!!!!


I have been so lucky with my hair color/aging .. I was a blonde child, it got mousey when I was older, then it started lightening in the summers so my hair looked highlighted. Now it is white. I didn’t get grey, it is shiny pure white which just looks like my hair is still very blonde.. with no fussing with the roots anymore :)

Anita Rivera

SHE IS one of the most beautiful women of the world as I know it. She also looks just like my mother in law, and my sister in law agrees. There is that gorgeous skin color, those happy almost almond-shaped eyes, then that hair. The women in my family who went before me have proven that I won’t inherit the natural platinum crown of glory, but I WANT IT TOO! Yes, she knows what suits here, and like her, I think in my wiser years, a pixie is best. When we know who we are and wear it well, the world takes notice. Bravo, Dame Judy!


So true Anita,
The world does notice and so must we… knowing who we are and wearing it well in every way is my goal.. and one I want to share here. :)


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