18 Jan 2017

Juliette Binoche: Another Beautiful Face

Another Beautiful Face:Juliette Binoche on vickiarcher.com

Juliette Binoche has such a beautiful face.
I have long admired not only her superb acting but also her natural style.

She has hardly changed; her hair, her makeup are much the same as years ago. Her expressive eyes pretty much say it all and she needs very little else.

I recently re-watched The English Patient, one of her best movies and one of my most loved and although in character it was the “natural” that shined.

There are days when only the natural will do, when for whatever reason we don’t feel in the mood for the deeper shades of lipstick and the heavy laden eyes. When a lick of shine is all that feels right. I have a secret weapon.

When I want to feel natural like Juliette Binoche I wear my Coco Shine; the Melancolie, Reveuse or Deauville are my go-to colours.

Enough shimmer to say something, barely there to feel just right. xv

Shine Time

chanel rouge coco shine melancolie  //  chanel rouge coco shine reveuse  //  chanel rouge coco shine deauville

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Mimi Gregor

I find that the older I get, the less makeup I need. Heavy foundations pool in fine lines and scars, making them look deeper than they are. Fortunately, my skin is clearer and less oily than it used to be, so a BB cream is all I need — even for concealing. (I just dab on a bit more with a brush where needed.) Too deep a color on my lids draws attention to the fact that my eyelids are becoming more “hooded”. I just go a few shades darker than my skin — day or evening. Eyeliner looks better in a dark brown rather than black. The only places I need more are with cheek color (I didn’t use it in my youth, but I seem to need it now.) and eyebrows. (As if my youthful indiscretion with plucking wasn’t bad enough, they get more sparse with age.) Lip colors are where the big difference is anymore between day and night. I go for a pinky-nude for a natural look, and reds for dressier occasions. Fortunately, my lips have stayed full and relatively free of lines, so I can play with lipstick colors.

Taste of France

She is just so interesting. I thought immediately of “Blue,” but then “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” and “Damage” and….so many great roles. And she does always look very natural.


Agree. She was superb in “Three Colours: Blue”. One of her best roles! Also one of my most favourite films, sad though it is. She was luminous in her grief stricken beauty in this. Of course she was also brilliant in “The English Patient”, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” and charming in “Chocolat” as well. have never been disappointed by any of her performances – and she always looks stunningly beautiful without any apparent effort.

Saw “Jackie” with girl friends yesterday. Sadly not one of my favourite films – afraid it left me cold despite the tragedy at its heart. Friends didn’t like it either when we workshopped it afterwards. Don’t think it was Natalie Portman – she seemed fine in the role, on the whole – though one of my friends felt she didn’t get Jackie’s voice quite right. Think for me it was the whole production and structural concept for the film and the way the story was told. It could have been darker and sadder if they’d shown a little more of Kennedy’s feet of clay. This would have revealed more of the complexity of the troubles she had to deal with in her marriage and consequently also in her role as FLOTUS. But, with the exception of the fairly simpering pseudo documentary of her changes to the White House it was essentially focused only on the actual assassination and the week or so afterwards – which very much restricted the impact of the film. The Camelot theme would have been so much more effective if it had had an ironic twist – which it had in reality when the truths about President Kennedy later became known. Perhaps I’ve read too many Kennedy family biographies! Best wishes, Pamela

Anita Rivera

She is one of my favorites because of her simple beauty which really, is an outstanding beauty.

david terry

Hmmmmmm…….she was, indeed, one of the best things about “The English Patient”, but that’s one of the very few English-language movies in which they didn’t try to make her into something she isn’t and never will be or, I suspect, want to be. (Am I the only person here who loathed that awful-in-just-about-every-way movie “Chocolat”?..I have no idea why she made that silly thing….).

Here’s a clip of Binoche in “Antigone”. She is, indeed, a great actress….who also just happens to be beautiful.

go to:

david terry


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