5 Dec 2017

Another Beautiful Face: Meryl Streep

Another Beautiful Face: Meryl Streep on vickiarcher.com

“I’m curious about other people. That’s the essence of my acting. I’m interested in what it would be like to be you.”


Meryl Streep has many faces.

Her own is very beautiful and yet she has the magnificent talent of changing in front of the camera before our eyes.

She is who she plays.

The Post, her latest and the apparently greatest film is on top of my list. She plays Katherine Graham, the first female publisher of a major American newspaper – the Washington Post. From all accounts her performance is sterling. I can’t wait.

I am in awe of the depth, the sense of humour, the emotional understanding and oftentimes courage she exhibits to play such diverse but incredible roles. Remember her hippy ‘joie de vivre” in Mama Mia, her ‘cuteness’ in It’s Complicated? What about her British-ness in The Iron Maiden or her dour character in Doubt?  Then there is Kramer v’s Kramer, the heart-breaking Sophie’s Choice and one of my most loved, The French Lieutenant’s Woman.  Her body of work is long and impressive; this holiday season I am having a binge-watching session of all her films. I’ll start with The Devil Wears Prada – each viewing only gets better and better.

I do that – crush on an actor or actress and then watch all their films one by one.

Meryl Streep and her absolutely beautiful face, shot by Annie Liebowitz, show her 68 glorious years. She is classically dressed – soft cream silk blouse and a dark pair of trousers – minimum make-up and simple jewellery. Lately, the combination of silk blouse and trousers has been my go-to combination for travelling. Depending on the destination or whether at home I add a jacket, coat and the appropriate shoes. It is mostly sneakers at home, loafers or mules in the day and the block heels at night. I wear a higher neckline – but that’s just me – a short body means the longer length looks better.

The combination may not seem to be the most exciting but it is one I receive many compliments on – especially the cream and olive/ grey combination. When the I-don’t-know-what-to-wear morning strikes or the I-don’t look-good-in-anything mood won’t go away, this look will save the day.

Red lips add the drama.

If anyone personifies my ageing philosophy of “better not younger” it is Meryl Streep. She is better and better every year. xv

Look No Further

clotted cream

vince split back  ||  joie long-sleeve  ||  polo tie  ||  paige clemence  ||  theory classic  || joseph lara  ||  nanette lapore  ||  tory burch tie

the best of the bottoms

eileen fisher straight  ||  vince stitch  ||  vince high waisted  ||  leith pleat  ||  boss straight  ||  boss bootcut  ||  top shop wide  ||  misguided crepe

image, meryl streep by annie liebovitz for vogue december 2017


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Taste of France

Don’t forget her turn as Karen Blixen in “Out of Africa”! And “The Deer Hunter,” where she held her own in a story about guys.
She has always played strong characters. Her analysis of her character in “Kramer vs. Kramer” is so interesting, and also her analysis of Hoffman and Benton and how she wanted the script changed. The novel was an antifeminist screed. You can read about it in her book, “Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep,” or read the excerpt in Vanity Fair (it appeared in March 2016 but you can find it online).


Yes! Those two are some of her best… Thank you, I will look forward to reading that article.. :)

anita rivera

Her strength in her vulnerability as an actor is what I love the most; she has the ability to experience just about ANY emotion on cue. Her beautiful face is testimony to her acting abilities. She never masks herself with a character, but she becomes another person. Her face is who she has become, a woman of great self-control and power.


Yes, she truly does become her character and her depth is endless. I cannot begin to imagine how it is possible… The creative spirit and talent fascinate me… I find endless inspiration and incredulity at the same time.

Dana Gray

I agree 100% with you on Meryl’s style and acting ability. I would put her on my list of top actors in my lifetime- I have totally enjoyed her work! But, she really turned me off when she went political at the Golden Globes. I think because she has been so successful in her career and therefore has garnered so much positive public attention, she feels she has the right to tell me how I should feel politically. She has joined the club with so many other public figure activists. She has the right to speak out but words and actions have consequences. I no longer actively seek her works and will not spend my money to see her. SAD.


I am not interested in a lecture from Meryl Streep on morals nor politics. I admire her completely as an actress. Trained, talented and just blessed as an artist. I will always go see her movies. I support her as an actress…..she disappears into her roles. Kind of amazing!

Judy Domingues

She does need to shut up about her political views. She is part of the reason people do not go see movies anymore. This new movie will be another political statement, so I know I will not go see her or any other of her movies.

Martha Bracco

I agree. the phrase is shut up and sing.
I do not need to hear what the entertainers have to say.

Sallye Wallace

I have always loved Meryl Streep but I too, was very disappointed in her “speech” on politics at the Golden Globe awards. She had a great thing going until she opened her mouth about politics. I will hesitate about paying to see her movies. It’ s sad that entertainers use public appearances like that to voice their opinion.


Out of Africa one of my all time favourite films and Meryl Streep’s performance was outstanding. Also weren’t the clothes she wore just perfect?

Mary Rixman

Dana, I totally agree with you. Yes, she had a tremendous career. Too bad she has a need to alienate half of her audience.


Thanks, Dana…my exact sentiments…she’s an actress through and through. I enjoyed watching her daughter on PBS rendition of “The Collection.” Chip off the old block! franki

Angela Muller

I have to agree with Dana. I have admired her
talent and style for decades, however, she has displayed a side I didn’t need to see. I don’t deny her acting ability, but her political vitriol, her over the top adoration of Weinstein, then her complete shock and ignorance over allegations of his longstanding sexual abuse, though it was common knowledge in the industry, were enough to remove her from her throne as far as I’m concerned.


Hands down favorite is “Out of Africa”, love everything about that film from the acting to that house! Loved watching her act with her daughter in “Ricki & the Flash”, even though Ricki’s hairstyle was horrendous during the whole movie (whose idea was THAT??)…


I thought she was amazing in that too… such a different character… and yes, not a hairstyle for me either ;)


I admire her creativity, versatility, and talent as an actress, and I admire her strength to be honest and speak out about what she believes. I’ll continue to pay to see her movies… if others don’t, to each their own.


I think she is beautiful and very talented. Any movie she appears in is sure to be a hit, as she becomes the character she portrays. You tend to forget that she is Meryl Streep.
To those if you who turned this into a political forum – shame on you!!!


I fell in love with this remarkable actor in The bridges of Meddison County. She was acting with Clint Eastwood. It is brilliant. I love her.


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