10 Mar 2017

Pia Gronning: Another Beautiful Face:

Another Beautiful Face: Pia Gronning on vickiarcher.com

Pia Gronning, is another beautiful face.

I am immediately drawn to her style and ageless beauty. Here she is, with her gorgeous locks flowing, dressed in a way we can all relate to and playing with the most heavenly cashmere throw from Catherine Robinson.

Pia Gronning is certainly blessed with beautiful looks but what I notice in her many photographs is her natural approach to beauty. The shades she chooses to dress in and the simplicity of her make-up against her sensational grey hair are notes we can all add to our style diaries. Whenever I feel shaky about the length of my hair and thoughts of growing it even longer, I look at other women of mature age age with the same hair goals for encouragement.

Beautiful faces apart from a full smile and a joyous disposition require a little TLC.

This week my daughter, Venetia, involved in the beauty business introduced me to the products she loves from Darphin, a French beauty brand that goes way back. She works closely with Darphin to create bespoke at-home beauty treatments for Ruuby London’s digital beauty concierge.

I am familiar with some of their products having found it many years ago on my first trip to Provence. I have mentioned the delicious cleanser I never, ever, go without many times.

My newfound love for facial oils and the blending of them with my night cream is no secret. V introduced me to the Darphin facial oils and all I can say is, sublime. As much as I like my other oils, the 8-Flower nectar is finer, more delicate in scent and hydrates beautifully. I combined it with the Exquisage Beauty Revealing Cream at their recommendation. This is a sensational mix for hydration and one I have been using day in day out. The art is to use the tiniest drop and blend with warm fingertips. A little goes a very long way.

So far, apart from the cleanser, this is my first foray into Darphin. As and when I need I am going to experiment little by little, so I will let you know what’s next. xv

Another Beautiful Face

darphin 8-nectar facial oil  ||  exquisage beauty revealing cream  ||  darphin intral cleansing milk

images pia gonning via cashmere lover

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This image has been one of several inspirational photos for me these past two years of “going grey” which has kept me going whenever I had moments of doubt. What a lovely natural beauty she is indeed!
Thanks Vicki!
By the way Your hair looks gorgeous too now! I saw a lovely picture of it on Serena Crawford ‘s
Best wishes, Diana

david terry

Well?……..my first thought (and, yes, I have, as you’ll know, met you in person, Vicki) is “Ummmm?….yes, she’s beautiful, but she and Vicki look like they could be sisters”.

I get paid good money to paint people for my living…..so, trust me on this one. As I’ve previously said, I know my horseflesh (so to speak) when dealing with subjects. Neither you nor Ms. Gronning seem encumbered by vanity…..you both just seem to take care of yourselves. I’m not a woman, but I am a person….and I assume that involves taking care of the inner and outer selves with equal regularity. Same goes for men.

As far as I can tell?….both you and Ms. Gronning are, in contrast to the all too many slaves-o’-fashion, sincerely good at looking like what you actually ARE.

I mean that sincerely,

David Terry

Anita Rivera

Dearest Vicki, I think David has something wonderful to say here. First of all, the little nuances of Pia’s beauty AND YOURS are those natural, God-given gifts. Happy dispositions, flowing, mature hair and a sense for your “fashion.” I was once told by a colleague that I “wear my body” – she noticed I don’t wear something just because it’s in fashion. I wear what suits my body type. I think the fun trick here is to find what enhances who we already are. I do agree however, that taking care of our skin with good products is essential for proper grooming and maintenance of this beautiful shell of a skin we have. I think your post is timely for me to see this afternoon; I was seriously contemplating going to get my hair cut today, but I’ve been letting it grow out AGAIN, in an attempt to just let it all grown out. I don’t have to worry that I’ll be 59 soon. I’m going for the long look. THANK YOU!


Oh my, she is a natural beauty. That smile would bring sunshine to anyone’s life. It reminds me to smile more often. I’m in the process of growing out my hair, in length and colour. I hope my natural grey is a pure silver or clean white. I’m looking forward to a new longer length after many years of short. I hope I carry it as well as Pia.
After reading David’s post, I really wish you would post a picture of yourself. We read you every day and putting a face to the conversation would be lovely.


I have been gray for years now……its more silver/white and I love it!! I do keep mine short but only because for me and on me…. it just looks better. I don’t use much makeup at all but again, only because for me…less looks better. Just because were older doesn’t mean one thibg works for all of us. This woman with her silver locks is gorgeous….its not my hair but I cheer her on in her routine that works well for her!!!!


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