3 Mar 2016

Anouk Aimee: Another Beautiful Face

another beautiful face, anouk aimee, vickiarcher.com


Anouk Aimée is another beautiful face.

This French actress has always been a favourite of mine ever since she starred in the 1966 film, A Man and a Woman. I think it is time to to re-watch this movie, for the sound track alone.

According to her online biography, Anouk Aimée was noted for her “striking features” and beauty, and considered “one of the hundred sexiest stars in film history.” Her acting style often portrays a femme fatale, with a melancholy aura. In the 1960s, Life magazine wrote, “after each picture her enigmatic beauty lingered” in the memories of her audience, and called her “the Left Bank’s most beautiful resident.”

another beautiful face, anouk aimee, vickiarcher.com


In her words,

You can only perceive real beauty in a person as they get older. It’s so much better to desire than to have. What helps me go forward is that I stay receptive, I feel that anything can happen.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Beautiful faces and I think beauty.

I wanted to share with you a beauty product I found through Tish.

Tish knows much about beauty and in particular French beauty brands. In one of her articles, she highlights the benefits of foaming cleanser and as I had never tried this type of cleanser before, I thought I should.

Two words; game changer.

I have tried two different types brands, her suggestion Dermaceutic Exfoliating Foam and Filorga Foam Cleanser. Both cleansers are fabulous and feel wonderful to use. The difference is the Dermaceutic Foaming Cleanser has the addition of fruit acid.

My recommendation is with a more sensitive skin try the Filorga and if you are tolerant of fruit acids try the Dermaceutic cleanser.

I use the Dermaceutic every three days and alternate with the Filorga on the others. I cleanse my skin thoroughly twice a day; a routine I cannot live without. The foam has a lightness and freshness about it leaving the skin feeling soft and silky smooth.

The enriching creams I apply afterwards penetrate that much better.

All I can add is, thank you Tish. xv

Another Beautiful Face

filorga foam cleanser  //  filorga foam cleanser //  dermaceutic foaming cleanser

filorga foam cleanser now available for order at nordstrom

Other Beautiful Faces

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La Contessa

WHY am I not getting TISHES BLOG POSTS!!!!!!!!!
SORRY to RANT but gosh………….I see I AM missing out ONCE AGAIN!
THIS WOMAN above is gorgeous.She has “CROWS FEET” around her eyes LIKE ME!I count SIX………now I will go count MINE!I find them VERY ATTRACTIVE on HER………so much better then the pull and taunt!XX


Hi Vicki.

Both links show the products sold out. Any other suggestions?
We are visiting Petite Bijou this summer. Cannot wait.


I know Julie… SO sorry…
Today is one of those days..when I searched this morning all was well.. :)
I have managed to find the Filorga ( at Feel Unique who ship and Marks and Spencers for those in the UK) and updated those links but I am still looking for the Dermaceutic…

Will keep updating as I find new sources..

ALso I apologise for the speed of the website today… I am having problems with the server but trying to rectify that… Love technology!! :)


Tish is the bomb-diggity. I am so happy to see you mention her today.
And Anouk Aimée is not half bad either. ;)


Wonderful choices of beautiful faces, for sure, Vicki. Love that! La Contessa from above should be included – she looks divine in her Paris chicken photo shoot and her hair….gorgeous – that’s how I want mine.

Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki! I am so sad that I can’t be here earlier to join in on the chat, but here I am now! Hello to all here….

The beautiful face is one that easily shows an open heart to others. Simply smiles that leave beautiful traces are those I love, and this beauty shines. Thank you for honoring us all who have the priviledge to grow on and on….

Sylvia Davis

Anouk has been my idol since I was a preteen. Classic, gorgeous, real. I think she looks even better in the photo where she is older.


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