9 Jan 2018

Antigua: A Colourful Start

Antigua: A Pastel Start on vickiarcher.com

I woke up in paradise.

Antigua to be precise, for a quick mini getaway to recharge the sunshine levels, re-awaken the energy and to start the year in the way I want to end off. Antigua could be described as a rainbow paradise with colourful cottages, tropical vegetation and aquamarine blue seas, accompanied by a languid humidity and a mild breeze.

First morning; so far, so good.

A 7 am yoga session with the family and it goes without saying I am the worst by far – less flexible and not nearly as much endurance. I won’t be daunted as I can only improve and as my 2018 word is “brave“, I have no choice but to follow through. It might not seem a “brave” endeavour but when you find something difficult it is far easier to focus on others with a guaranteed outcome.

Where I have failed on this trip is my packing.

My yoga wear is hardly suitable and definitely limited. I’m too remote for an online delivery but I can promise you I will be re-stocking and new pieces will be on my London doorstep when I return. The athleisure wear – the yoga and gym pieces – are part of the “can’t have too many” group. Do you feel the same? If the workout wear looks good and feels comfortable, the actual pain and suffering are slightly improved?

Are you very good at yoga?

I’m not and I really want to be. If you have been reading for a while, you will recognise a familiarity to my chat. I wax and wane with yoga and that is frankly not how success works. I need to be more consistent and practised in my sessions to improve. I’m more disciplined about training at the gym; somehow I need to share the mentality on all sides.

I am going with the premise, if I wear the right gear it can only help :)

Fingers crossed. xv

Yoga Starts Here

zella high waist leggings  ||  back track leggings  ||  sporty splice leggings   ||  piper crop leggings

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In the practice of yoga….mind, body and spirit are central. What one wears, should be comfortable. Too much thought beyond that, as to one’s appearance, and the goal is lost.

Leslie in Oregon

I agree completely with you, Laura. Once I find comfortable yoga wear, I purchase two versions of it and wear them until they wear out.
Vicki, I was afraid that mega-resorts had gobbled up the Antigua I so enjoyed during an unusually long crew layover there in late 1970, but it sounds like you have found it. Enjoy every minute!

Bhavna Tyagi

So true
It is more about getting your inner and outer body in sync rather than clothing or demonstrating how limber you are

Mona Louise

I like to begin my day with yoga stretches which really help me start with a mind, body focus that I intend to carry out throughout my day. I have been practicing yoga for the past eight years and I do notice a difference in my agility as well as my posture. Of course the benefits of calmness and clarity that it brings as well. I love yoga and I love Antigua! I will imagine I am on the beach in Antigua as I do some yoga today. Enjoy the warmth and relaxation!

Anne Campbell-Crawford

Hello Vicki – Oh how I envy your movements across the globe and yes Yoga would help you to cope with jet lag ! I am a Pilates teacher, after a lifetime in classical ballet and if I don’t keep up my exercises I feel, well, less of a person. So yes buy some new gear and embrace the world of yogis even for just one hour a week. You will feel very well when dancing across the globe as you are won’t to do !!
I wish you a happy and physical 2018,


Hi Vicki, I hope your yoga is done outdoors as in a warm climate it is just lovely. I adore my yoga classes and can’t wait each week for them. My daughter occasionally comes with me, but although she is extremely fit and plays hockey is no where near as flexible as her Mum in her late 50s!!! Which does amuse me!! I love how much more I can do and how much better and energised I feel by it the following day, but more than anything I absolutely love how relaxed I feel once I arrive home from an evening session. I make my way straight to our bed with a glass of water and just relax and wait to drift off to sleep. My yoga nights are the best nights sleep of the week!!!
As for yoga leggings, I do agree with you if you feel good in these and a loose top without any restrictions to movement, then I do feel I can focus more on what I am taking part in.
I hope you enjoy some outdoor yoga and you do as much as you can and feel comfortable with.


A bright spot in the new year!

For yoga inspiration I suggest a google search on Täo Porchon-Lynch. I won’t spoil the details but she is wonderful.

Lynne Savage

With yoga the secret is to just keep going. I have been with the same teacher since 1988 and she is now 82. We have 2 ladies over 90 In the class. We can all still sit cross legged and get up and down from the floor. When you are our age these aims are more important than head stands or other unnecessary poses. Keep moving to keep happy as you age.


Yoga is very good but for me my mind reels. Holding that pose… torture.
So I found tai chi it’s fluid and has a story to each movement and makes you strong but fluid. You continually slowly move into each pose, fluidly and energetically. Chi gong as well is usually practiced. There are different stages to achieve.
It’s the practice 💫
Not the clothes the maketh….

Susan Malizia

I love working out (barre, pilates mat, buti, and piloxing, and my favorite yin yoga…at my local studio. I’ve found I don’t have the discipline to work out by myself at home. My personal goal is to specifically get better at balancing and stretching my back. I just do what I can but would like to concentrate better on those and not let my physical limitations stop me from not trying harder…(as soon as I start to wobble I hold on the barre). I buy work out clothes that are comfortable, fit and look good on me. I’m always looking for tops that are stylish and a little different to go with my basic leggings to keep it fun. =)


I’m a yoga teacher and agree with all the above sentiments its important when you start out to take it slowly and consistency is the key it becomes part of your life not only physically but mentally, and more importantly to enjoy!! Remember it’s non-competitive. Avril


I remember those colourful jewel tones, some nicely faded, on small simple houses like these when I visited Bermuda many years ago. I was aboard an old liner sailing to England for the first time (me, not the ship) and it called in there for the day on the way to Southampton. With some friends I’d made on board we hired a couple of taxis and set off on a tour around the island. Around lunchtime without a word the drivers suddenly left the roads and headed off across a track through the green fields to two little jewel houses near the edge of a cliff above the sea. We were all a bit startled and wondered where we were going. It was to the home of one of the drivers. His mother welcomed us and drinks were poured – Bacardi and coke (about the inverse of normal proportions – much more Bacardi and only a little coke) and then we were treated to a feast of local food including the Christmas food of Bermuda (it was only about a week after Christmas). Such a surprise and a delight – we had thought the price agreed on just covered the tour – but they also treated us to lunch – and with great warmth and humour. The colours were simply beautiful – bluest of skies, aquamarine seas merging into the loveliest of blues and the lush green vegetation – and all the wonderfully coloured houses. Later when we spent a year in London we were reminded of these when we saw houses brightly painted in the same colours in areas where West Indians lived in London. But sadly they didn’t have quite the same resonance without those beautiful tropical skies. You’ve brought back many memories with this picture. Have fun in Antigua! Best wishes, Pamela


I have been doing yoga for the past 10 years. Thru stretching And movement I have gained 1/2 inch in height, flexibility and overall calm. That said, I am also all about nice yoga pants. There are lots great lines on the market at lots of price points. I make sure mine are a little thicker (better figure inhancment) and have “wicking” in case I sweat.
When I first started I was told, you are only as young as your spine!

anita rivera

What a marvelous way to wake up, both literally and figuratively! I’ve never been to this part of the world, but I’m sure the pace of life is somewhat different from that of the states and Europe, so I’m imagining you had a “wake up call” on how sweet and silent, slow and invigorating this could be! “Brave”, now that’s another good word to live by this year. Mine is “Surprise yourself.” So far, so good.

ENJOY, Vicki!


Oh, Vicki! Please do continue with your yoga. As others above have said, consistency does the trick. And, for me, finding a great teacher — she’s 68 and has been teaching for 35+ years. I’m 72 and started only a year and a half ago. Something magical happened about 6-8 months in — I stopped falling over. And then I started actually becoming more proficient at the poses. It happens so slowly (or it does for me) that I swear I don’t even notice things are changing until I realize I’ve been the poses more adequately. One year and eight months later, I’m stronger, more focused, more steady on my feet and definitely more flexible than I used to be. Yoga is magic. It seems to make no sense. But it works miracles for me. I hope you find it does so for you, too.

BTW, Antigua seems pretty magical, too. :) Happy New Year!

Olympia Cunningham

Hi Vicki. Happy New Year. How wonderful, what a beautiful place. I’ve been wanting to do yoga also. Did it many years ago. I bought a mat…it’s purple. I’ve named her Grace. I got down on the floor did some stretching and then got up again. My husband passed and said, ‘so, how’s the mat going.’ I have some friends who love it, we are at the moment going through a 30 Day Challenge. I’m going back to day 1. Here is the link. Yoga with Adriene. Thank you. Love Olympia. https://youtu.be/9UUP0zqPP_E


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