27 Mar 2019

Apparently, Skinny IS Over

Skinny IS Over on vickiarcher.com

Skinny jeans that is.

Done and done. Not to be worn any longer.

Skinny is out and straight to wider legs are in. Best not to blink or we may have missed the memo.

Mostly I don’t care much if something is on trend or not but I will admit to leaving my skinny jeans behind a while back. I can’t take credit for being “in the know” more I liked wearing a slightly bootleg/shorter leg style. They felt more flattering and I found them comfortable to wear. The higher waist and the less restricting leg won me over. My skinny jeans, as much as I swore by them, are probably not the most comfortable – more like being wrapped in cling film and hoping for the best.

Strange to think the skinny is over and I’d say for the fashionistas out there who care, it is. Skinny jeans and ballet flats were a match made in heaven for many years; it was my travel outfit of choice and my work warrior. Skinny jeans were such a novel idea when they first replaced a traditional straight cut and they were the coolest jeans I knew after my Levi 501’s. My ’30’s and early ’40’s are defined by a pair of button up Levi’s. For the sake of fashion, I too adopted the skinny and thought I would never look back.


The skinnies have gone and I’d like to be back in the 501’s or a look-alike equivalent.

Talk about fickle but isn’t that the beauty of fashion and being female; if we want to go full circle, we can and we must.

Jeans are designed in all shapes and styles and we can have an entire wardrobe of different pairs if we want. Why not wide-legged one day and cropped the next or straight followed by a bootleg? High waisted and a button-up or mid-rise with zipping.

The white jeans have been my winter staple since before the holidays but now I’m ready to re-wear the blues. Blue denim and I have been avoiding each other but it’s time to stop all that nonsense and get back into them. Right about now the blues, with slightly wider but shorter ankle length, work with or without a jacket, with or without a heel. When the middle excess obliges and disperses those excess rolls into oblivion they look the best with a simple white tee and tailored jacket. Jeans worn well can never be beaten.

Skinny or not, a buffet of blue denim is ours for the wearing. xv

A Buffet Of Blue ✔️

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I’m relieved. I never ever wore skinny jeans because of my oddly shaped frame (very small everywhere EXCEPT the hips) -so that means that all this time, I’ve been wearing jeans that I feel suit me: a straight leg, more of a high waisted boyfriend jean. AHHHH….now we can breathe in our jeans again!!


Have to say to wear denim is not such a good look for most body types. Go with what works for you…still love the skinny…but with Summer on the horizon everyone can refresh their look….

Linda B

I love every kind of jean there is, to be honest, and still have some skinnies that I love, along with all the other shapes. I wear whatever suits me on a given day! I do love my wide leg jeans, and the straight leg ones too–but on a day like today when I plan to commute to and from work by bicycle, those are not as practical, or at least I have to bother with fastening them so they don’t get caught or bumped by the greasy bike chain! Hmm. We’ll see what inspires me when get ready for work now. . .

I used to be more self-conscious about how certain styles were flattering or not to my body type (hourglass with a very long waist and slightly heavier hip area) but one gift of aging is that I don’t really care so much about those limits and wear what makes me happy on any given day!

Mary Hite

Vicki, it’s all about the economics. We have a closet full of skinnies in every color/fit. We don’t really need to buy more. But, most people don’t have a wardrobe of fuller cuts. So fuller cuts are in and off to the store we go. Like you, I added boot cuts a couple of years ago. Still, I will probably add a few more pair towards the Fall. Too hot to wear jeans in Texas during the Summer.


I’m lucky at age 60 that skinny crop jeans are the most flattering on my body type, I have a few straights and some bootcuts but I find the skinny to be most comfortable and slimming. I have petite thin legs and anytime I add extra bulk and fabric I look heavier and shorter. Also here in az I will mostly be wearing shorts from april to sept as it is just too hot for jeans unless they are a very thin material. I refuse to wear a wide leg crop as I have never seen them flatter any body type, even though it is pushed as age appropriate summer wear.

Kayla Davies

Boots forever (genetically Texan) and year round here in Northern California. I agree skinnies should be out finally, but straight leg won’t fit inside my boots (yes, can do them rolled up a bit with booties) and boot cut hides my fab boots. So I might still wear a lighter, stretchier pair of skinnies but always with a longer jacket/top. Having lost too many pounds due to celiac issues hiding my tiny bum is a kindness to others! All you fluffier ladies out there rejoice- skinny older women do not look as pretty as you do!


I like all cut of jeans. I have straight, boot cut and skinnies. I know skinnies are apparently out but looking around most have not received the memo. Personally, skinnies will stay in my wardrobe as they fit inside boots. I recently bought button flys and thought I was very fashion forward. My husband laughed as he has been wearing Levi button flys for forty years.

Jenny Barton

Not unhappy to say goodbye to skinnies, though I have a couple of pairs I’ll keep for now. But nothing and no-one will get me into the wide ankle lengths, the least flattering of cuts for almost everyone. As a very tall, long-legged teenager in the mid-sixties, I searched high and low for long enough trousers, with little success, and don’t get me started on what footwear to use before knee highs arrived to bridge that gap between the top of the foot and above the ankle. The wide and shorter trouser shape takes me right back to my youth, but not in a good way.


Ha Ha …my middle excess does not oblige anymore. I recently purchased a pair to accommodate the situation and now my jeans stretch out and fall down…must be the behind situation also:-) Anyway I love jeans but can never get a pair to fit ….ahh but I can always dream.

By the way Vicki, I loved your hair in curls. My hair is now down to mid ear…one more year to go…my husband now calls it crazy hair… Thanks for the great Grey hair diary posts.

Marie Henri

This is such a wonderful article. Have you looked into Chico’s? They are all around great for my 5’5” frame and true to size.


So glad about this. Not that I ever wore skinny jeans ; they didn’t suit me! I do think they look lovely on tall skinny girls but they certainly don’t suit everyone ! One should wear what suits one best. 😉


I’m back to wearing my blue denim AG straight legs I’ve had for 10 years. They hit at my ankles and my midriff. I wore them last night with a white tee, black leather jacket and silver oxfords to see the Diana Ross Documentary… Of course Miss Ross made me feel totally underdressed for any occasion! xoxox, B


I am anti anything that even thinks of flaring at the ankle. As far as I am concerned 501s are a classic and always in… Skinny jeans or slim pants with ballet flats ala Audrey Hepburn are always stylish. I would love to see well tailored trousers make a come back.


Oh dear Vicki, not good news! Hearing this is like someone saying ‘summer is over and winter’s coming’. I have a large denim wardrobe and love my skinnies and the odd straight leg but I have to say for someone 5’9″and slim, the wider leg and high waisted jeans add so. much. weight. to my silhouette. On the few occasions when I wear the straight legs, my husband asks ‘am I having a fat day’ or ‘what’s with the mom jeans’. The only time I feel really comfortable in a straight leg is winter with a high heel ankle boot and longer line jacket/coat. The other thing is the tops. With skinnies, I like a slightly shorter, fuller shirt. So this means changing our tops as well, as I don’t think the all over baggier look cuts it one little bit – we lose our curves! Always room for both and I’m sure a lot of women will continue to wear what they know suits them best regardless of what the fashionistas decide. Once again Vicki a great chat – thank you.

Michelle à Détroit

The first couple of jeans shown are what were once known as “slim fit” jeans. I love them and have never stopped wearing them. I also adore slim fitting boyfriend jeans. Flares? Been there, done that. I don’t want to revisit my college years. Cropped flares? An unfortunate hybrid of culottes and bell bottoms. But, lets face it, there are only so many ways that you can cut a pair of pants. I don’t mind putting my skinnies away for now. They’re bound to come back at some point.

Michelle à Détroit

I have found my answer to the “skinny is out” edict. I have looked into the depths of my closet and, lo and behold, what did I find but my old pairs of Gloria Vanderbilt “Amanda” jeans. They would have looked a bit dowdy during the height of the skinny craze. Now they are PERFECT.


On Saturday I tailored a pair of “too big” charity shop “Twist” insane-dirty- dark- blue jeans to a basic Levi 501 style. Straight and cut on the top of my foot so no crumple. Oh my! The comfort factor! Free at the ankle and to wear with heels or flat shoes or barefoot in the garden! I can sit cross- legged on the couch, bend over and never have to think about yanking them up, checking my bum, ankle/ shoe roll ratio. They feel so free around my legs (not all tight like cling film as someone mentioned) I can now sport all those funky socks with flat lace ups, or even heels with bobby socks! When I read this article I couldn’t believe it’s now a trend. Also you don’t have to spend a cent, convert charity shop jeans, I did mine by hand! And yes agreed, no flare. I surgically removed any hint of the flare left after I shortened them!!! Ah and how stunning they look with my LK Bennett pointy black court shoes. To me, ths is what fashion is all about! It’s art and it’s creative and it’s fun! I now have a pair of jeans that I can wear every day and even throw a weekend bag together with in 5 seconds! And yes of course I will keep my beloved skinnies that have more patches than jean ( skinnies rip and lose shape too) maybe put a few more rips in the knees now! The denimn jean was made to last and be comfortable to boot! Pockets had to hold nugget of gold and diamonds back in the diamond rush days! Thanks all For your comments you ladies are amazing!


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