27 Jul 2010

Apricots, The French Way


Apricots are at their best in Provence this very moment and I am finding every opportunity I can to enjoy them.

Like all fruits – fresh is best – but if you feel like indulging in a little caramelised fantasy of mine… xv

Apricots, The French Way

wash, split and de-stone the apricots (allow about 4 per person)
slice each half into four lengthways
into a pan melt a good chunk of butter (any amount will do – the more the richer – but always enough so they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan)
add the apricots and mix well
into the bubbling brew pour copious amounts of brown sugar to taste
let simmer away for about ten minutes and then turn off

just before serving….
re-heat and reduce the apricots so they are good and syrupy
serve a generous spoonful over a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and
 a baby meringue for an accompaniment always a good idea.

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I can actually smell them as they simmer on the stove. I love apricots and thanks for sharing this recipe. Must endeavour to try it when our apricots are in.


Oh, yum!! Apricots are past their peak here–but I think that peaches might work just as well. Have a wonderful week–Mary.


I am totally overcome with the desire to just plunge my hands into that photo!!! Apricot season roll round quickly please!


I can do this! The apricots are in season in the Niagara area and your easy recipe sounds like a good way to celebrate their ripeness.

A Thousand Clapping Hands

On my list of things to do…to have the perfect apricot experience. I either get them too ripe or not enough. I'm on a mission. Hope you're having a lovely summer, Vicki.

Laura [What I Like]

How fabulous! I love the flavor of apricots but not always the texture. What a great way to prepare them, as I find that cooking them fixes whatever texture issues I tend to have. And I love just about anything acccompanied by ice cream and/or meringue!

Vicki Lane

Oh yum! We can't grow apricots reliably here and the ones in the store are generally lacking in flavor but much improved by cooking. This sounds perfect!


Mmmm, Apricots area very favorite of mine. The preserves are like candy and yummy on ice cream!

Art by Karena


Oh, wow, does that ever sound and look good. I love apricots. I keep a box of the dried ones on hand just to eat as candy. and yes, those are also good dipped in chocolate


It sounds so delicious that I read it aloud to my husband and he couldn't believe that anyone would post anything so tempting! Sarcasm is his strong point!

Ingrid Mida

Dear Vicki,
Eat a few extra apricots for me. I adore apricots and rarely can find edible fresh ones here! Instead I have apricot jam almost every day.

La Petite Gallery

That sounds and looks so delicious
I remember the best apricots I
ever had were in paris at a market near the flower market.

I am going to try that on top of ice cream. Yummy.

Sonia M

Oooh yes Very Delcious! I need no encouragement to indulge in a little caramel fantasy. Will be trying these soon.


Absolute heaven, Vicki.
My other favourites are greengages. They are in season now too. I love summer fruits the best.Thanks for the recipe. XXXX


Oh this looks heavenly! I will just sit and savour your photo as I am on a strict look better in my bikini regime…so boring!
I hope your summer has been divine,

Blooming Rose Musings

Before even reading one word I just kept looking at that yummy picture. I just bought apricots at the farmers market. I'm going to try this tonight with ice cream.
Thank you for this scrumptious recipe.


I'm relatively new to to the art of the blog and I'm hooked! A friend sent me your details saying she thought I would enjoy your blog and I do! I shall become a follower!
Thank you!


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