23 Oct 2015

Are You Afraid Of Snakes?

snakeskin photographed for prada by steven meisel, vickiarcher.com

Are you afraid of snakes? What a silly question. Who isn’t scared?

Irrational fears aside, in the flesh I don’t rush to meet and greet the slippery creatures as beautiful and harmless as the majority of them are.

Except in one circumstance. Faux snakeskin boots.

This season, faux snake is sliding up and winding around the smartest toes.

Because we all love our black and our neutrals, the diamond pattern is the perfect accessory. The most classic and simple of styles can be updated with a patterned boot.

This year the heels are chunkier, 60’s style stacked or blocked; the prints are colourful or classic beige and black neutrals. I am going to wear mine with a mid calf length black dress, overcoat and opaque black tights. For once my all black obsession will be broken by print.

There is nothing new about animal and reptile prints, designers have been embracing them for decades.

It is our turn now. xv

Who Said We Were Afraid Of Snakes?

****midnight snake embossed boot  //  tory burch snakeprint boot  //  isabel marant python stamped boot  //  martin margiella boot

image, steven meisel for prada

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Esther George

Good Morning Vicki, did you say snakes? They terrify me, a few months ago the postman told my husband he saw one in our garden, to my horror, but no sign of the slippery critter, thank god. I know this sounds bad the only snake I want to see is in the form of shoes or bags ( love the Topshop boots). It’s almost bed time over here, thank you for sharing beauty and have a lovely weekend. Regards Esther from Sydney.


I don’t know why the poor creatures terrify us so… it’s almost as if we have a morbid fascination with them..
I am with you Esther … faux snakes are the only ones I am getting up close and personal with… ;)


I have good snake stories :)
My mother has always had a dreadful fear of snakes. I tried not to have it too. When I was living in San Francisco, my roommate and I rented a new apt. It got chilly so we turned on the heat. One evening, we came home from work and walked in the door and there- stretched down the hall was a snake. A very long snake. very long. Apparently the people before us had snakes and this one went somewhere warm in the walls to shed his skin.
We put it in a pillowcase and got on a cable car and went to a pet shop and gave them the snake.
I have a snakeskin purse made by Carlos Falchi from the 80’s … that is the only snake I own anymore :)


Love this story!!
I would have had a meltdown… I think it’s the Aussie in me… snakes are mostly deadly and best to be avoided at all times..
Sticking with the boots… ;)


Did I mention it was some sort of python ? it didn’t bite .. but it would squeeze you to death lol
we were so young and so clueless … oh look, a big snake, put it in a pillowcase and take it to a pet shop ! easy peasy lol These days if I saw that snake, you would hear me screaming from wherever you are !


Even non-poisonous snakes can cause problems if they bite. Many eat rats and other vermin and it is possible to get blood poisoning from the bite of a non-venomous snake.
If your readers lived in Oz where so many snakes are deadly they would be less sanguine about handling them. Best wishes, Pamela


Oh Vicki, those Tory Burch have my name all over them!
I love the texture of snake, in its neutral tones!!!
Have a great day.


The thought of snakes makes me shake in my boots, yuk! However, the faux snakeskin boots are lovely!


What a funny post considering what happened in our household last night! Our sweet cat Lil’ Stripes brought us in a present from the front screened porch – a baby snake. She didn’t hurt it, thank goodness, and my husband was able to pick it up safely and return it to the woods around our house. We don’t know how he made his way on to our porch and we are still trying to figure out what he was, as we have quite a few venomous snakes in our region. Needless to say, we are NOT afraid of snakes in our household :) Love all of the faux snakeskin shoe options out there right now.


Hi Vicki! I LOVE animal print in general, always have. I don’t wear it to excess though, only one garment at a time. Even though I hate snakes (here in Australia, as you know, they are everywhere!) I do like a reptile pattern and I actually have the pair of Prada shoes in the bottom left of your main photo. They are a couple of years old but I will definitely be breaking them out again! Another fashion trend that keeps coming around….:-)))


Years and years ago there was a fellow who would hang out in Central Park by the fountain. He carried a HUGE snake, Python, Boa Constrictor (I don’t remember) around his shoulders. He would let anyone come over and pet it. It seemed quite tame. Then again, I was a very young New Yorker at the time and like Candace above, thought nothing of touching it. Later, I lived in the mountains in Upstate New York and had snakes everywhere in my garden. That early experience kept me from fearing them, but my poor, snake hating husband to be had to overcome his fear to visit me there and court me. I tease him about it to this day!

Snakeskin is a classic. Think I’ll track down a pair in a flat or perhaps a classic low heel.

Mimi Gregor

Not only am I not afraid of snakes, when I come across one in the yard, I pick it up and stroke it. Their skin is SO soft — not slimy or scaly. We all would want skin that felt that soft! My husband loves snakes, but will not handle them. When one is in the driveway and must be moved out of harm’s way, he comes to get me and I will move it. They are beautiful creatures and an important part of the ecosystem.

Anita Rivera

Now this type of snake in my opinion, is the best! Be done with the ghastly creature and make a pair of great shoes!HAHAHHHA!


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