15 May 2020

At-Home And It’s Time

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These sumptuous peonies have nothing whatsoever to do with anything.

How incredible they are? They started life as a deep, deep flamingo shade of pink and went through their coral motions to finish in a buttercup blaze. With heads the size of dinner plates, they bring such joy; I do love them.

About time?

I’m thinking I should be getting back into jeans. The sweats are all well and good but one day, hopefully not too far away, we will be out and about and if I am not careful I may be in for an unwelcome surprise. Despite exercising more than ever, I have also enjoyed a little more sugar than normal. It’s a no, I know, but you do know what I mean?

The jeans are always the true test.

They push our self-confidence to the limits and yet they are some of the most wearable pieces in our wardrobe. White shirt, sneakers and blue denim? Winning all the way. White jeans, black turtleneck and a pair of Nikes – happy for days. The thing about jeans is we have to feel absolutely right in them. I wax and wane; sometimes we adore each other and other times I steer clear.

Finding the right pair – and we all have our favourites – changed for me when I discovered Re/Done. White, blue and black pairs are now my jeans du jour and all the others have been donated away. Many styles took up space and were not quite right. I would squeeze them on, button them up only to decide they weren’t the right fit, looked unflattering or felt uncomfortable. These make me feel pretty good even if I am not feeling pretty good. If you see what I mean?

They are on sale now if you fancy a try. I took my normal size but I like them very tight as I find denim stretches substantially after a few hours of wearing.

Any problems getting them on? Message me and I will share my coat hanger trick ;) xv

It’s Time To Try These On

faded black 95  ||  high rise ankle crop ||  90’s loose fit straight ||  stovepipe blue ||  stovepipe black  ||  original high rise

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Ahhhhh…peonies, The Queen of all flowers I call them! Exquisitely beautiful…


Oh…my nemesis, jeans. I just can’t. I do wear them, but I can never feel confident wearing them with a blouse that goes above my waist. I attract too much attention from people who wonder (and it’s not my imagination, people have actually stopped me to ask me) why I’m so slender and small everywhere but my HIPS are so large? Jeans reveal everything. For some women, they tell a sleek, seductive story. For others like me, jeans spread the unattractive truth of the shape of things. I’d rather keep those little body secrets in my diary of sorts and wear clothing that flatters and uplifts. Jeans? Love them, but they are my tell-all that I am just not willing to reveal!


I am so looking for a perfect-for-me pair of jeans! My last skinny pair is now my gardening garb – all others have been donated. I want to revert to sit-just-above-the-waist (what’s left of a waist when one is this age!) med. blue, with a perfectly straight looser leg ending just above the ankle – like an older style of Levis perhaps? Need to shop though, can’t take a chance with online purchase for jeans – so will be searching as soon as real shopping is permitted, if that ever happens! I’m quite tall (5′ 8″), slim hips/thighs, not much butt, a tummy, and that waistline. . . . . . .OMG, where did it go? Meanwhile wearing black Nike sweatpants which are actually wonderful, loose linen crops (black & grey) as it’s very warm here, and am gardening in those jeans at least a couple of hours a day.

Peonies are perfect – mine in garden are just going over but still awesome and pretty even as they fade. Amazing flowers.


Mary… have a look at this brand… I find them really very flattering in all the right bits… :)


Not even when I was young I didn’t wear jeans.After decades I find they are the most necessary apparel in your closet but yet I didn’t bought one. Do you know the yes/or no -thinking everytime to try one on. I would prefer a high waist with a very soft fabric. Would be so nice when you could recommend some labels. And the peonies which I already commented on Insta are joy pure


Love peonies as well Vicki such beautiful flowers.
But I think I may love my jeans more! I’m not a sweatpants wearer and never have been, I just find them too sloppy, so in lockdown I’ve worn jeans. I’ve got straight slim (I’m far too old for skinny!), high waisted but I adore my bootcut jeans. I’ve worn with turtle necks, silk and linen blouses, a Breton t shirt, and today fine knitted short sleeved crew jumper. There have been surprises with how they fit me better before lockdown but easy to remedy. It maybe good to get back into jeans Vicki although I’ve also worn some chinos and they can tell a story of a little too many snacks!!!

Jennifer Connolly

My jeans and I are not the closest of friends these days through no fault of their own:) I do love your gentle wording about this situation and recognize that I have to get back on track.
Have a wonderful weekend.


Yes, I hear you Jennifer… I am about to go on my walk!! Need it today :)


Eileen Fisher is kind to women in the cut of their jeans. The denim does stretch but the fit is so comfortable. And it’s an environmentally conscious label.
Vicki, have you seen Diane Keaton’s Instagram photo of her wearing the wide legged jeans from ages ago? Darling.


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