5 Jun 2020

At- Home I Will Be Wearing These

At Home I Will Be Wearing These on vickiarcher.com

For the first time in weeks, I want to add a new piece to my wardrobe.

I haven’t had the desire to think fashion in any serious sense. Will that come again? I do know when it does it will be with a different attitude.

Right now I am only interested in dressing for home and I don’t know about you but I am very tired of the look of me in sweats and jeans. I’ve changed tops – added the frilly and pared down with the tee – and sneakers. Sneakers are as varied in my wardrobe as blouses. I like athletic styles and the more simple walking numbers in equal measure.

Once upon a time, I loved a cargo pant.

I wore them in every colour of khaki, sand and grey and they were my go-to everyday outfit. This was before I started to dress-up for meetings and the office and have a more formal approach to my working day. It may be exactly the right time to re-introduce them. My oldies are long gone – so well worn they had splits where they shouldn’t and exposed knees. I wore them well. I wore them with jackets and heels and I wore them with boots and sweaters – they were a serious go-to in my wardrobe. Now I am going to wear them with tees and shirts and the occasional sweatshirt if need be. I’ll dream of a tailored blazer but I don’t see that airing anytime soon – it seems a bit strange sitting on my lonesome in a tailored jacket.

The simple styles are the ones I go for. I don’t need any extra bulk around my middle and I like the pockets to be midway on the thigh so I don’t look disproportionate in the hips. The shirt I wear with them is usually a little shorter in length to give the balance the right proportions. Something like this blouse is perfect with cargo pants.

I wanted to mention I am going to do more short videos on Instagram  – it’s a bit of a push as it is really not my natural habitat but it is a great way of communicating and sharing thoughts. It is not the same as being together by any stretch but somehow speaking out loud has a feeling of connection.  If you would like to follow, you will find me here @vickiarcher

For now, back to cargos. xv

My “New” Sweats Are Called Cargos

wit & wisdom high waist cargo  ||  maje cotton twill  ||  everlane wide crop wear with cotton pique polo  ||  linen notch shirt

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image, whowhatwear via collage vintage

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I too get tired of my “hanging loose” home outfit and had yesterday a reason (even it was only a visit at the doctor) to dress up a little (perhaps camp? Totally unusual for me). Anyway after months of lockdown I felt the desire to do so and if I had this outfit from your photo above I would dare to wear it. The shoes are the icing on the cake and make it so sexy…unfortunatelly I can’t walk with high heels anymore…though back at home in the joggers.??!!!

Linda B

I am wavering about adding new things still, but thinking about it. . . I bought Everlane’s “utility straight leg pant” at the beginning of the stay-at-home time and love them; though they are not a true cargo pant they have a similar vibe. Unfortunately, they took so long to arrive due to the various delays in shipping that have been caused by the pandemic that we were already in hot, summer weather here. So I have only worn them once. (I’m in shorts, skirts and dresses all the time now.) Can’t wait for cooler weather to arrive here (in another 4-5 months!) or even better, maybe we will be able to travel to see our family up north, where it is cooler, before too long! Or. . . I could turn the AC down for a day and revel in my trousers. . . I know you will enjoy yours! I’ll get vicarious satisfaction!


I am really enjoying my Everlane pieces… I like the quality and the fit.. and their styling is practical for our new stay at home life. It’s rarely that hot in London sp right now, I am lucky… the pants are perfect. France might be a different matter!


Good morning Vicki!

I too have made an unexpected shift in my wardrobe, at least my stay-at-home and go to the store wardrobe. I have been inspired by a British Instagrammer, a young woman who is young enough to be my grand daughter! Her simple, flower patterned summer dresses are for me, the perfect dress to wear inside or out when casually strolling (wearing a mask) in a safe place. I never thought I’d do for that style, especially one that you see younger women wear. I like this style however, because it’s not tight-fitting or trendy, but a loose-fitting and airy style. Who would have thought…


Dear Anita, So much has changed… how we dress included .. Dresses are wonderful and enjoy every moment… :)


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